Man narrates how he handled rude passenger who took his reserved seat on a plane

A man took to Twitter to narrate how he handled a rude passenger who attempted bullying out of getting his reserved seat on a plane.

Man narrates how he handled rude passenger who took his reserved seat on a plane

This might just be the most interesting story you might read today. He narrates his story in the most interesting way, read below;

That was how I boarded a flight & one woman was in my seat. I politely told her she was in my seat. Next thing was; “Ehn, look for another seat naaau.” I wan maaad. Mo change e fun everybody. Either you stand the fuck up and look for your assigned seat or we all don’t fly today!

Air hostess came and said, “Sir, there are other seats available”. One look at her and she knew she was yarning dust. “What the fuck is the entire essence of online check-in & seat selection when I can’t get the seat I picked?”, I barked at her. Limaaaau, o ya apologize jejely!

Woman now said; “So, you really want me to stand up for you?” Oh yes B. Stand the entire fuck up. Not gonna inconvenience myself because you failed to obey simple protocol. Go to your assigned seat and sit your sorry ass there. Ko tie tun ni oro ire lenu, bloody damn fool. 😂😂

Next time, reserve your own seat, or appeal politely to the owner of the seat to allow you seat there. Not, come and try to use gbanko or “Am I your mate?” to blackmail me into leaving my seat for you. Like say na you pay for my flight. Ko foken danu soun my dear!

The fact that she was there comfortably in my seat all the while I was standing with no attempt to vacate the seat, wasn’t half as annoying as the entitlement in her voice. Talmbout; “Young people of nowadays…” Pele o, Methuselah aburo Olisa Metuh. Ti ooo ba gedifok! 😂😂😂😭

LMFAOOOoooooooo…. I be nuisance! 😭😭😭

I know she was angry all through the flight because she was just hissing upandan like snake as she reluctantly stood up. As she grudgingly walked past me, I smiled and winked at her. Sweet victory… Teee sinu ishan mi!!!! 💉💉💉😂😂😂

She almost stepped on my leg while leaving the seat. Ma lo temi mole dear, maa change e fun e ni. All the other people that were trying to support her before just faced their front. The look on their face was like; “Omo iranu”. Eyin gaan agbalagba iranu. 1-1 goalless draw! 😂

As soon as I sat my fluffy ass in my sweet loving seat, the man beside me told me that I should have just let her have the seat. “yOu KnOw ShE’s A wOmAn”. Ok, Saburi, brother ile okan, Mr mafilomindasi, Anobi eke is my hobby. Eleke papo bii amukun osan. Gedifok abeg! 😂😂😂

When we landed, we went to the conveyor belt to pick our luggage and I met her there. She eyed me, I eyed her back. Ojoro cancel. If you still want the seat, you can go back and enter the plane to take it dear! LMFAO… Mo petty daku! Nigerian adults need to behave themselves!

Don’t get it twisted. I’m a very respectful person. Omoluabi taa bii ni ile ire but if you think you have madness, then I’ll show that your madness is an apprentice.

Respect is not demanded, it is earned.
Respect is reciprocal.
Respect isn’t age-based.
Everybody deserves it.

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