Man narrates his ordeal in the hands of Police as he escapes a stray bullet

A man who goes by the name Wale Onigbanjo had narrowly escaped death as a stray bullet was alleged to have entered into his home through the ceiling. He then went further to report the case at the police station, but was confronted with a different case entirely.

The incident was reported to have happened around 2:00pm, on Wednesday, March 14.

According to the man, an officer at Ilupeju police station made fun of him when he went there to report the case.

Onigbanjo on getting to station to report the incident was surprised when an officer identified as  Inspector Fajuyi Obisitan asked him to settle them before he could leave the station.

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POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND!!! That was what i believed until today while attempting to make an incidence report to my FRIEND. �� Around 2pm and 2.45pm today, I heard a loud bang.
Some minutes later i found a stray bullet (pellet), which pierced through the ceiling and landed on a chair in my living room. Thank God my kids where not around when this happened.

No one was hurt. I called my neighbour to witness the incident. I Proceeded to Ilupeju Police station, coker to make a formal report of the incident. I met a certain Inspector Fajuyi Obisitan, at the counter who asked me to explain all that happened.

After my explanation, he laughed and querried my fears of an ordinary bullet of a revolver in the presence of detained fierce-looking suspects at the counter. I told him its not about fear but to officially lodge a report of a stray bullet in my house. After taking my contact details, he asked me to “settle” with a lady inspector.

I was shocked and laughed asking why. Then he threatened and said its either i drop the settlement or i be detained and held as a suspect of a shooting crime. That i would be forced to present the gun i used to shoot. Saying i could have killed someone with a gun in my house then run to him to help me cover up.

I laughed hard as i thought it all a joke. Eventually, i was forced to part with all i had in my pocket (one thousand naira), thank God they didnt lead me to an atm to make cash withdrawal. I dont know if they eventually recorded my incident in their station crime diary because he ordered me to leave after collecting one thousand naira and told me that my report will be entered in serial number 111 of 14th march, 2018 in their station crime diary.

MY FEARS Going to the Ilupeju Police station has made me fear for my safety as my personal details and incident report was lousily discussed in the presence of detained strangers by a seemingly drunk police inspector behing the counter. And obviously if reporting an incident is not FREE, how then shall we claim BAIL IS FREE?

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  1. If say you know, you for jeje Sidon for house thank God for no casualty or go Church do Thanksgiving.. Welcome to our country Naija..

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