Man narrates domestic violence experience in the hand of ex-girlfriend

A man has taken to social media to give an narration on his domestic violence experience in the hands of his former girlfriend.

The man identified as @taiwanesebby took to his handle to share the story of how his girlfriend who he had known since childhood, inflicted serious injuries on him during one of their fights, before they eventually called it quit.

Man narrates domestic violence experience in the hand of ex-girlfriend lailasnews 3
Man narrates domestic violence experience in the hand of ex-girlfriend


This was last year when my ex girlfriend burned me. No one gave a shit. I want to have a conversation about domestic violence towards males, if anyone’s ready.

Fast forward years later, we reunited in high school. We did the usual catching up and grew close over the weeks. Eventually after some months I asked her. I thought she had calmed down as a person, but boy was I wrong..

She accused me of hooking up with my coworker who was like 20 years older than me all because we were laughing and talking on the phone for a while. She told me laughing with other females means I’m showing interested. I said my coworker is like a sister and then-

She started crying and accusing me of treating her like she’s dumb. I tried to apologize (For nothing) and hug her, but I kept getting shoved back. So when I left her alone, I was then accused of not caring about her.

Few weeks later we were at a group outing with some friends and I was with a girl. My ex got jealous but the reason I was hanging around the girl is because she was Taiwanese too and I could relate to her about a lot. My ex then came to me crying and pulled me over.

I asked her whats wrong and she told me her period’s been missing and she believed she was pregnant. So I told her to take a test and she said no, then I said let’s go to the hospital and she said no. I told her we should talk to our parents and again, she said no.

Days later I truthfully told her that I don’t want to be with her anymore because she’s always treating me badly and putting the blame on me. I wasn’t allowed to talk to any girls, had to send her pictures of me when I was on the bus to make sure I wasn’t sitting next to girls-

And couldn’t post pictures of myself shirtless even though she knew I was updating people on my weight loss at the time. She’s an emancipated minor so she texted me as soon as I got home asking me to come to her apartment because she wanted to fix things. I said okay.

As soon as I get there, she’s hitting me and cursing at me for apparently causing her to want to kill herself. She said she wanted to hurt me like I hurt her. I never in my life grabbed a pair of scissors and tried to jab it into her thigh, but that’s what she did to me.

I never in my life backed her up in the kitchen, forcefully grabbed her arm and held it down on a stove that was set on high, but thats what she did to me. She played victim after this incident. And of course people believed her story over mines, her story about self defense

And how I tried to strike her first. I wasn’t raised like that though. Even through everything, I was the one to keep my chill. I went back to school humiliated because I thought I was weak. But to have such self restraint at my young age has only showed me I’m so damn strong.

And a lot of guys have been sharing their stories and I sympathize with you all. Even though we aren’t listened to, do know that everything you went through has made you even stronger.

I also want to add the girl is now a freshman in college (She’s 2 years older) and was suspended for reportedly threatening to poison her roommate. So there’s that.



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