Man meets stranger who shares same father with him

In what can be regarded as a creepy situation, a man has just met another man – a total stranger – who happens to be the son of his father.

Taking to twitter, the man identified as @jackflyboy on the platform wrote that he met the man at an event and felt something unusual about the other man.

Man meets stranger who shares same father with him

As the interacted further, he found out the man shares same surname with him and eventually turned out to also be from same father.

He stated further that the stranger is just 2 months older than he is.

He wrote:

The WEIRDEST thing just happened to me right now

This is shaping up to be one hell of a crazy week

So I’m at VFS yeah and by some crazy stroke of fate, I find myself in the premium lounge sitting next to another young man

We’re making small talk, but I could just feel something. Just couldn’t figure out what it was. Turns out we have the same surname Turns out we have the same FATHER

He’s 2 months older than me

Well, his friends on the platform are already congratulating him on the new addition to his family. We wonder how his family will take the news, especially the ones that were not in the know.

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