Man masterminds the gang rape of his girlfriend in Ogun State

The police in Ogun State have launched a manhunt for a man who allegedly set up his girlfriend to be gang-raped by five men.

Three suspects have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping the 22-year-old girl.

Man masterminds the gang rape of his girlfriend in Ogun State lailasnews

The suspects; Ramoni Yusuf, 24, Abiodun Sikiru, 23, and Moses Oluwasegun 23 were arrested following a complaint lodged by the victim at Adatan Divisional Police Headquarters.

The victim reported that she followed her boyfriend, Abass Ramoni, who is now at large, to attend Glorious Guy Carnival on the 3rd of January, 2019 at Elega junction, Abeokuta.

She revealed that shortly after the carnival, at about 2.00am of 4th January 2019, she followed Ramoni to his residence at Osoba Street, Elega, Abeokuta, to pass the night.

However, unknown to her, the boyfriend had arranged four of his friends in his house who suddenly stormed the room and raped her one after the other.

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The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Abimbola Oyeyemi said three out of the five hoodlums have been apprehended.

The victim was quickly taken to the General Hospital for medical treatment and that report confirmed that the she was raped.

The Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, ordered a manhunt for the two suspects at large. He also directed that the case be transferred to the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Labor Unit of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for proper investigation and prosecution of the suspects.


  1. Very wicked boyfriend. How could he be so callous? He and the culprits should be severely punished. May God deliver the girl from the trauma.

  2. This barbarian has all the time to plan to rape a girl which that same effort to make himself financially insignificant in the society.

  3. He’s a wicked fellow. How can he plot evil against his own girlfriend. He should be dealt with very well

  4. This barbarian has all the time to plan to rape a girl which that same effort to make himself financially insignificant in the society. Nuisance

  5. To think that she trusted the so called boyfriend and she got raped
    This can make this girl become a monster just to get back at guys
    I hope she gets better physically and emotionally, because rape is seriously bad.
    And I hope those involved pays bitterly for their actions

  6. This is a call out to ladies who don’t have brains to listen, not every guy is decent , you want to marry your tribe only “he speaks my language and I understand him better” now he calls in four more guys to taste what he tasted, ladies should stop pushing good guys away for bad ones because of tribe

  7. The act is barbaric and act of wickedness. Those on the run should be arrested. And it’s also a lesson for the girls too

  8. He’s really a bad person and you shouldn’t associate yourself with such people. I hope they get jailed for their crime.And I hope the young girl also recover from the trauma

  9. Some ladies don’t even know who to date and not to. They blindly fall in love with wrong guys mostly and blame others for their blindness. All involved should be prosecuted accordingly.

  10. Some guys are very stupid. How can a reasonable man thinks of such evil.
    This is a punishable offence and they must face it

  11. Wicked souls, may God have mercy on them…
    Why rapping a supposedly girlfriend of yours with your friends only for your own satisfaction and fun

  12. T6his is a very bad act. They should be punish for that.
    And i hope some ladies will learn from this..
    Ladies Take Heed.

  13. That is among the rewards of going to carnival she can’t go to her own house but all those culprit should not go free

  14. Some guys are very stupid. How can a reasonable man thinks of such evil.
    This is a punishable offence and they must face it.

  15. So is so inhumane, they should be dealt with severely. Please ladies shine your eyes o not every male you see is a boyfriend/husband material

  16. Nigerian when will we stop all these now punish them as the law said please the should be no favour

  17. This is terribly wicked of the man, he lack true love for the lady and he should be seriously dealt with. He must not go unpunished.

  18. Very wicked boyfriend. How could he be so callous? He and the culprits should be severely punished. May God deliver the girl from the trauma.

  19. ladies we have suffered one, how can my boyfriend team up with people to rape me, they should be punished severely

  20. This is a wicked boyfriend how can he allowed his gangs to raped his girl friend this is wickedness in the highest order. They should punished them in such a way they will be running away from women when they see them coming.

  21. That boyfriend is a very bad boy, and heartless, allowed friends to sleep with his girlfriend, he should be put behind bars.

  22. How kind somebody be this cruel??? What did she do to deserve this rubbish???
    Yu people will never go unpunished

  23. This will sound as a lesson some girl, she should know what her so call boyfriend is doing. Honestly this is wickedness they shound be punished and get what they deserve.

  24. This is very barbaric and insane, surely that so called boyfriend of yours shall not go unpunished, it is well

  25. What’s this world turning into, boyfriend that shuld protect his girlfriend. The police shuld really punish them.

  26. How can someone do that kind of thing, what joy does he have if the girl is raped. Rape is not good

  27. What an evil act,I don’t know why someone can do such to his so called girlfriend and still say he love her,the true punishment should be given to them

  28. Is this really a boyfriend or an animal? He is really callous. He must be apprehend and should undergo deserved punishment like seriously

  29. This is purely cheating, He deserves to be punished and Sentence to prison other should learn from this.

  30. Sometimes we bring calamity upon ourselves. Why did u decide to go over to his residence to sleep. We should learn to comport ourselves. It’s a pity you didn’t see it coming. Girls be careful not trust easily

  31. This man must be seriously punished
    His wicked ,he dont have a heart
    His girlfriend for that matter
    May God 4give u

  32. Trust no one, even the devil was once an angel. This so sad, justice must prevail the guy is so heartless. Wish her a quick recovery.

  33. That is really sad to hear.The lady wanted love and she was gang raped planned by someone she loved.What a wicked world.

  34. These guys are wicked. Her boyfriend have to suffer for what he did to his girlfriend. What a wicked generation!

  35. Oh My God! Someone She Trust and Call her Boyfriend, What Is this world turning into? Big Punishment awaits them

  36. She wants to lose her life for someone who has not even established his future. I really don’t know how some girls reason

  37. God will punish all of them. Why gang raping her what has she done to you? They must never go unpunished.

  38. Haaa.they have to be really dealt with,even with the boyfriend.i pray for quick recovery for the girlfriend. May you be heal

  39. Very wicked boyfriend. How could he be so callous? He and the culprits should be severely punished. May God deliver the girl from the trauma.

  40. This is total wickedness, everywhere fake love, the suspect and his friends should be severely punished, so no one to trust again

  41. Some people hav hearts nd yet are heartless..
    Wonder wat d so called boyfriend jas gained frm dis act..
    I Pray d lady gets better…especially psychologically.

  42. there is nothing you will not see in this world, anyways is not a surprise because it has been prophecies that many will be betrayal. Propped investigation need to be carried out bcos as for me I don’t believe the guy is her boyfriend, because if he is he wouldn’t do such a thing

  43. That’s what Nigeria relationship is all about lies and deceits if he truly love the lady he won’t even let a bug touch her talkless of a man this can never be forgive they must be punished for their crime

  44. Police should make sure they catch everyone of them and punish them according to the law,and the boyfriend should receive bigger punishment for his wickedness

  45. GOD what can of people are tin this life your own girlfriend that is pure wickedness they must be caught and face justice

  46. Look at what men do, wickedness. How can a man arrange for the rape of his girl friend? Ladies should be conscious of who they hang out with, it is very important. Most of these guys you stay with are not what they try to portray to the public.

  47. This one is no longer called love. How can you arrange with your friends to rape your own girlfriend. Stupidity and wickedness in the highest order. May God help this generation with the way is going.

  48. Wickedness of a man.when u he kno he is tired of the girl he should have break up with her…that guy should rot in jail

  49. why would a boyfriend do that we wey no get girl friends we dey find his you carry yours and share

  50. The heart of man is wicked noone can see or know what is in there how will a suppose boyfriend do that to someone he claim he love,they should be punished for that act

  51. What is this world turning to please fake everything everywhere haba people you make some people to rape your girlfriend for what reason people

  52. The heart of a man is desperately wicked. What could she have done for him to do such a thing to her? No reason whatsoever is good enough for this terrible act. They all must pay big time for this.

  53. ladies with their sense of reasoning some times,followed a guy to his house only to be gang raped,a place she shouldn’t be in the first place

  54. what was her boy friend thinking, why will he plan such a thing to the girl that loves you. if he were to caught her cheating with another man, people will say she is wicked.. let the law do their thing

  55. STOP nailing the boys to the cross.
    i didn’t pity her she really deserve it
    what da heck in carnival and 2:00am in boy friend house,she couldn’t shout,allowed the four guys to go round.some women are devil incarnate.she should follow them to jail.

  56. That guy didn’t love her. He was just pretending to her that’s why he get the mind to be the one inviting people in his own house to rape his girlfriend.. Not that is only one or two guys but up to four. This is on fair

  57. Can you imagine someone who claims to love finally turned a devil by arranging his friends to rape you, sorry girl

  58. They shouldn’t go unpunished… Gang raping is not good… I pray God grants the girl healing both of mind and body


  60. This nonsense people must be delt with and the rape must stop in our country before it to late ooooooo

  61. That one is not boyfriend. I think maybe the girlfriend offended him but no matter the level of the offence, setimg ybe girlfriend up to be raped by his friend is not the solution. See where they have end up themselves.
    Sorry to the girlfriend

  62. What could she have done to deserve such evil from her own bf hmm girls needs to be extremely careful the days are evil and as for the boy he eould be csught no matter how far ge tries to run i just ferl gor the girl

  63. Wickedness of the highest order. He should be jailed for at least 30 years. Girls please becareful about who you befriend

  64. What is this earth turning to?? Boyfriend set up his girl to be raped? May God deliver us from all these evil man

  65. This is pure wickedness! That man and his gang should not go unpunished for his wicked act. What he’s reasons for such a wicked act. Trully the heart of man is wicked.

  66. Is love still existing?setting up a girl you claim to love to be raped,pls they should all be apprehended

  67. Am interested in knowing what was his intention for such act, the police should make sure he is arrested to face the law

  68. This is a wicked boyfriend indeed, what on earth would made him do this… he should face the consequences as required.

  69. He is a very wicked man how can u just ploit evil on ur girlfriend to be sincerely speaking u dont love her

  70. What a sad ordeal. Someone you called your boyfriend did such to his girlfriend. Was he under drugs or what. That’s evil and pure wickedness

  71. To me is mean he doesn’t love her or he is trying to get back her her for a mistake she has made before..let them be seriously punished and I hope the other two are found soon

  72. What kind of a boyfriend is that? Ordinary he probably gets sex from her so what was the need for what he did? Him and his accomplices should rot in jail

  73. What a world your own guy , my dear so sorry good enough , they will be all arrested and brought to book.

  74. Young women should be careful who they accept as boy friend. Thes boys are mean.Its either they have it when they need it or they force it

  75. Man masterminds rape of his girlfried,this is bad of him,how can he do this to someone he claim to love

  76. Young generation living a dirty life. They should not go unpunished. Ladies has to be careful with those they call their boyfriends

  77. I Wii blame the girl for expending a night in boys house . In other hand those boy should punished well

  78. This is wickedness her boyfriend and his friends should never go unpunished they should be severely be punished.

  79. Wonders shall never end, boyfriend mastermind his girlfriend rape.. Ladies be careful with whom you are dating

  80. I don’t know what the youths of this generation are turning into. Whi can one trust again if a boyfriend can go to this length. God help us

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