Man marries his late fiancee at her funeral (Video)

A footage which has long gone viral on social media, shows a yet to be identified man marrying his late fiancee.

Man marries his late fiancee at her funeral (Video) lailasnews

Though where the marriage took place last week is still not known, however the video shows the man’s beautiful fiancee – freshly embalmed and in her casket – wearing a beautiful red dress. Her husband is also seen wearing all white as he walked down the aisle with another lady.

Here is the video below;

Though posthumous wedding may seem strange, it is legal in France and similar forms are practiced in Sudan and China. Since World War I, France has had hundreds of requests each year from people to wed their late fiancee/fiance, of which many have been accepted.

Recall that few months ago, we reported that the family of late Confidence Nwanma, the girl that was allegedly killed by her boyfriend, Saliu Ladayo, declared that the killer boyfriend must marry the corpse of the deceased in line with the tradition of the family.

Nwanma was allegedly stabbed to death last week in Ladayo in the Oshinle area of Akure, the Ondo State capital, following a disagreement that ensued between them. The alleged killer was arrested by the men of the Ondo State Police Command.

The deceased’s father, Mr. Jude Nwanma, told our correspondent at his residence at Oke Aro, Akure, that the custom must be observed in their home town in the Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State before his late daughter was buried. Nwanma explained that failure to perform the traditional rite would cause calamity to befall the family of Ladayo.

He said, “In our place, it is mandatory that the man must marry the corpse of our daughter. We must observe the custom by taking the corpse to our village where the marriage would take place.

“It is mandatory that he pays the dowry in double because he brought our daughter dead for marriage.

“He would observe all the dictates of the custom before our family would let him go. Without this, every young person from the family of the man will never get to the age of our daughter. They will die a sudden death just like our daughter.

” This is not our making; it is the way our ancestors put it down even before we were born. Our people all over the world are waiting for the court judgment. Whichever way it goes, the boy must perform the marital rite to our daughter’s corpse.”


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