Man kills friend over sewing machine in Bauchi

A 20-year old man, Sadique Ahmed, has been arrested by the Bauchi State Police Command for killing his friend over a sewing machine.

Man kills friend over sewing machine in Bauchi lailasnews

The man who stabbed his friend and fellow tailor, Babangida Umar, 20, in the neck for using his sewing machine without his permission, reportedly committed the said offence at Zango area within the Bauchi metropolis.

Speaking to a Punch correspondent, the father of the deceased, Umar Mohammed, said he was at the market square when one of his children broke the sad news to him.

“I was sitting with my friends at the market after the Sahur prayers on Saturday, when the younger brother to the deceased ran to meet me and told me that I should come home because Sara Suka (political thugs) had killed Babangida.

“On my way home, I met some people carrying him to the hospital; so, we stopped a tricycle and we rushed him to the hospital. But I believe at that time he had died.

“Honestly, I was not happy at all; I was very sad when I heard the news. My mind was really troubled but I accept it as destiny.

“The boy, who committed this act, is my son’s friend until a misunderstanding happened between them” he said.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kamal Abubabakar, who confirmed the incident which occurred on January 5, 2019, said three suspects, including the prime suspect, had been arrested in connection with the incident. Others arrested in connection with the crime are Mamman Adamu (25) and Adamu Isa (18).


  1. That’s is the sign of poverty in this country, fighting because of sewing machine leading to killing each other.

  2. This murderer must surely be dealt with, what kind of nonsense is this, killing your fellow human being because he used your sewing machine without telling you, look at how people takes away other peoples life just like that, let him never go free.

  3. What wrong this this man
    Killed ur frnd bcus of sewing machine
    N0 b even beta tin o
    Hmmm ahbi nah food or money?
    Its might be he killed his Frnd for anoda reason not machine issue bt
    I don’t tink its ordinary
    Its not right and must be seriously investigated and punished
    Hmm may ur soul rest in peace

  4. What kind of misunderstanding could have led to the killing …,,those northern people see killing another person as nothing

  5. This what all this drugs and solutions they take can cause, no more human feeling what is use of ordinary sowing has to do with once life

  6. It is well with their souls. All because of a misunderstanding? I don’t understand why some people just feel they could kill anybody without consequences? God help us

  7. Why killing someone on cheap things like this? You are not even suppose to kill anyone at all.

  8. That is not the Genesis of the whole matter , he must have had something else against him ,,how can someone kill someone else because of sewing machine??

  9. Very bad . killing this days is so so ramped ordinary sewing machine and you claim he is your friend and yet you kill him! Hmm please let him be hanged so others will learn to stop putting laws in there hand

  10. This is deeper than using a sewing machine without permission. He should be made to confess to the real reason he stabbed them.

  11. I believe this is not all about the sewing machine, I believe their is something else behind it.

  12. Why should someone kill because someone else used his sewing machine
    He should be charge for murder

  13. What is this world turning to,for material things you kill a human and your friend too,the evil days are here

  14. This not a joking matter no nobody is happy again to overlooks anything unlike before using his sowing machine with out informing him so he takes personal guys learn from it everyone is sad this days


  16. Just because of ordinary sewing machine and yhu stabbed yhur fellow human causing his family eternal pains. I think there is more to this issue, its not just about sewing machine
    He must face the consequences and I hope he learnt his lessons

  17. He should be made to face the consequences of his action so that it will be serve as a deterrent to others.

  18. For just sewing machine . this children of nowadays are just too hot temper . now he will face the law.

  19. See wot anger,annoyance,unnecessary conflict on wot does not worth it,may his soul rest in peace, may Allah give his family d fortitude to bear d loss

  20. Oh my God what sort of nonsense is that, just because of sewing machine you killed your friend,may God forgive you

  21. No more value for life, killing everywhere. The sowing machine would be left unused while he remained in prison

  22. This is nothing but pure wickedness, killing someone over a sewing machine not just a stranger but your friend? He would surely pay.

  23. Killing again… This cases of murder over little issues is getting g out of hand ooooo.
    All this ritualist be carried out their functions in a different way so people would not understand.

  24. Dialogue is the best way of resolving issues not by violence, see what he have landed himself into now.

  25. I think there’s more to this than a sewing machine…. He should be made to face the wrath of the law for his actions

  26. Wonders shall never end just because of a sewing machine he killed is friend, that person must be a monster, he should go to jail.

  27. This guy is heartless….. just becos of sewing machine he had to kill what a wicked world, he must be punished severely

  28. May the soul of the Deceased rest in peace.And as for the murderer may he be punished according to law.

  29. People can be wicked o, the murderer must not go unpunished, he must go to jail for killing a person just because of sewing machine, may the souls of the lost rest in peace

  30. eeeeeyyyyaaaahhh, some people really have to learn how to exercise patients and control their anger, how could you kill the person you called your friend because he use your sewing machine without your consent, that is really bad.
    May the soul of the deceased rest in perfect peace.

  31. The murderer is so heartless. How could he do such a thing to a friend. He obviously doesn’t know the sacrifices involved in a friendship

  32. Just because he uses his sewing machine without informing him. That man is too temperament. They should lock him up Joor

  33. God, what could have trigger the man’s anger to have killed his friend, mere using your friends sewing machine without his knowledge, what are they friends for then?

  34. God, what could have trigger the man’s anger to have killed his friend, mere using your friends sewing machine without his knowledge, what are they friends for then?

    God heal our land

  35. This is hatred and it is very bad now that you killed him what is your gain. May his soul rest in peace

  36. Because he used your sewing machine?what wickedness, seriously this is not fair at all.This guy should be face the law

  37. Maybe there’s more to this apart from the sewing machine. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace

  38. The heart of men is wicked just because of a mere sewing machine he should be taught a lesson so that next time he will learn to control his anger

  39. I know he wil blame the devil for the offense only him committed.. what is the world turning into,may God delivered us from unfriendly friends

  40. Stabbing your friend for using your sewing machine without your permission,people should pls learn how to control their hanger

  41. This is bad, just because of an ordinary sewing machine. Why not just over look what happened instead of killing him? Now you will get to use it in jail. Lord rest the soul of the poor boy

  42. This is as a result of vexation and bad temper. Ahmed will cool it down in jail soon. Cool down when in anger

  43. This is terrible he could have address the issue maturely not the way he went about it now he will face the law and be punished

  44. Just for ordinary sewing machine that guy should be punish for that act and for the deceased may is soul rest in peace

  45. Because the friend use his sewing machine without his permission. Just like that. I think there is something more to it. Proper investigation should still be carried out

  46. Just because of sewing machine nawa ooo may his soul rest in peace and the guy that killed him should be jail

  47. Killing over a sewing machine is a little over it. Was he unknowingly agree with Jim for something else because this is hard to believe. Rest in peace

  48. Some people can b so ruthless
    Ordinary sowing machine o
    Let’s try to keep our temper in check so that we don’t do something we will regret

  49. How much is the machine compared to a human life. I believe it’s more than the machine, opportunity just came for him and he use the machine to cover up.

  50. The man is very wicked and heartless. Just because your friend didn’t take permission from you that made you to kill your friend. He should face the law and the consequences of his violence act

  51. He is not a good friend at all,just because of common ordinary sewing machine he stabbed his friend to death ? God have mercy on us . We hope he would be charge to court and kill him too

  52. So sad that is what happens when u can bog control ur anger see what u did to ur friend u will pay for it.

  53. Because sewing machine u killed and shade blood ur friend for that matter, please this guy should be sentenced to life inprisoment,no visitation no billing

  54. Devil at work. How can you kill your own friend because he used your sewing machine. May God not allow us to be used by devil.
    May the departed soul rest in peace

  55. This is completely inhumane. and he must be forced to face the wrath of the law. Soulless people everywhere. God have on us

  56. Why take a life you cannot create? I believe there are many ways in resolving issues now he would face the law squarly

  57. Taking a life because of sewing machine is actually an offense that is only punishable by death.

  58. What kind of wickedness is that,no love in the environment again because your Friend used your sewing machine without your consent you stab him

  59. This is deeper than using a sewing machine without permission. He should be made to confess to the real reason he stabbed

  60. What meaning of this and what can we call this how can you kill someone because he use your sewing machine you must not go scoot free

  61. What a world! Killing a fellow being for ordinary sewing machine. Man’s inhumanity to man. May his soul rest in peace

  62. Most times people act strange because they have psychological problem and we really neglect it in this part of the world though anger is a terrible one abs also cause this, may his soul rest in peace

  63. This northerners don’t hesitate to stab someone at the slightest provocation. Imagine stabbing someone over the use of common sewing machine. He offender should be made to face the law.

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