Man imprisoned for raping 9-year-old boy in Edo State

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A 24-year-old man identified as Osamudiamen Amayo, has been remanded in prison by Egor Magistrate court in Edo state, for allegedly raping a 9-year-old boy.

Man imprisoned for raping 9-year-old boy in Edo State lailasnews

According to reports, the incident happened around Medical Stores road, Benin City. Luck ran out on the suspect when the mother of the victim started noticing her son’s strange behaviour and rapid loss of weight.

Upon probing, the victim told his mother how Amayo had been raping him with threats to kill him and the mother if he discloses what happens between them to anybody.

The matter was reported to the Edo Civil Society Organisations, who got the suspect arrested and later charged to court. After his arraignment today, Amayo was remanded in prison and the case adjourned till the 6th of December, 2018.

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  1. Going to jail is not enough punishment for rapist, our government should wake up and come up with a very good punishment like execution, cos this thing is getting out of hand.

  2. Using treat to conceal a catastrophe has covered alot of atrocities. For me no need to imprison him, it’s a direct death sentence.

  3. Sodomizing a young boy is child abuse . But sodomy and child abuse are both crime. Don’t indulge in it . That serves him right

  4. Let him die there .raping nine years old wetin she get na breast abi na wetin attract the idiot,only God knows their motives these days for this recent rape of minor

  5. Justice has been administered. But would serving his terms behind prison blocks, ameliorate the situation?

  6. he should be shot in the skull already cos he is of no use being alive. since he cant control he pedophile and homosexual self. a health young man like this left all the ladies out there looking for a man to hold on to, only to defile a little boy. he should be made to suffer for the crime he committed. this kind of people are increasing rapidly in this nation and if proper punishment isnt served to this people, others wont learn from the mistake.

  7. Thank God he was caught. I don’t know what’s up with matured guys assaulting little children. Rot in jail.

  8. This is real wickedness.i think he is lnsane,why on earth will he do that? He really need a big punishment for this..

  9. Despite imprisonment of these paedophiles, cases of defiling minors is still on the increase. Maybe death sentence will be better to curb this despicable and evil act.

  10. Defiling of children is becoming too much. I think the punishment should not just be jail, their manhood should be cut off.

  11. I hate news like this . some people do not deserve life at all because this act is so inhuman imagine if this child was yours

  12. Now that he has been arrested, imprisoned. What is the fate of that little boy….? Because he has damage his mindset the Littl boy need to be take to hospital and after treatment he need rehabilitation

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