Man impersonates Atiku’s aide, dupes 50 people

The Nigerian police has arrested one Aminu Ahmed Yerima, a masters degree holder who impersonated former Vice President, Atiku’s aide and further duped 50 people.

Man impersonates Atiku’s aide, dupes 50 people lailasnews

The suspect who was arrested after two of his female victims petitioned the I.G of Police, Ibrahim Idris, about how he defrauded them of the sum of N5million in 6 months, created a Facebook account using pictures of himself and Atiku, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and several other locations.

Yerima who claimed to be Atiku’s aide on his Facebook page, brainwashed his victims into believing that the PDP Presidential Candidate usually gave out financial assistance and contracts to people who were in need and he assured them that he could always help to facilitate it.

He ended up fleecing his female victims, Raliat and Awa Maje of N5million each, promising them that Atiku would give them N15million. The 29-year-old suspect who spoke to newsmen, said he went into fraud after he got duped.

“I went into fraud in 2016 after I could not secure a good job and I was equally duped by someone on facebook who wanted to link me up to a ‘sugar mummy’ who would be paying me for sex. .
The fraudster took N30,000 from me and blocked me from communicating with him on facebook. Then I thought I could do the same thing and make some money for myself since I had no job. .
I uploaded several pictures of myself and Atiku who is very accessible. Whenever he was in town, he allowed people to come around his house and take photographs with him. .
I have snapped several pictures with him over the years. I also learned how to defraud people using fake bank alert and I used it in buying goods in Kano State before I arrested.“


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  1. I don’t blame this man. This is exactly what happened when people graduate without a secured job. He is doing it to earn his living. If the FG has been given graduate jobs after graduating, this wouldn’t have happened.

  2. This guy should be given an award of the best scammer of the year….Government provide more jobs for graduates…. Help make the country great again

  3. My dear, sorry o that you got caught. Na fire dey pursue rat from bush. Frustration can make you do lots of things. But putting your hand in evil is not acceptable

  4. This is do me, I do you, ..but he will be persecuted for it…scammer! Thief ..many days for the thief, 1 day for the owner.

  5. Joblessness is the cause of all this. An idle hand is the devil’s workshop but that should not lead you to duping people.

  6. And u think that is the best thing u can do to help urself out, unemployment is too much in our country that one don’t have to wait on government for work anymore u should have create something for urself them putting ur life in line.

  7. Chai this one will be another problem for nija oo,don’t trust any one on Facebook,, this is now there new method,life of yahoo boys

  8. The ones that were duped got duped because they wanted more money. Its all their fault. The young man went into fraudulent activities because he’d been duped. Its so so bad he’d been caught and apprehended. He should surely face the music and wrath of the law.

  9. this is an incredible scammer mehn,he can lie for Africa by using Atiku pictures.tor he has played his own part what are the going to do with him now? In my scenario he has a reason why he did that, he lost 30mill common Mehn that amount of money is triple much oo.

  10. They should let the go… By the way have thought the reason why a master degree holder will reduce him self in such a way? Because Nigeria has refused to engage him with something meaningful… Let the man go please he has done nothing wrong

  11. Idleness is the cause of all these madness. If he’s been gainfully engaged, he wouldnt be doing that. The situation in this has made everybody in one way or the other to take on criminal acts to survive.

  12. It was very bad of him to impersonate someone in order to dupe people.why did he continue after to dupe 2nd person and so on when he was duped just is true people are suffering,God would have forgiven him if he had de N5m and established a business.

  13. He must be dealt with seriously, what sort of rubbish you don’t even how people are sweating to get earns n yhu are here duping them

  14. Your hands were perfectly OK can’t you get a hand work since certificate no pay you. This is how laziness Dey disgrace people no so you na go Dey see na

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