Man gets lung infection from sniffing smelly socks

A man developed a lung infection from sniffing his dirty socks, and it was a medical emergency. We can only imagine how smelly the socks was.

Come to think of it, a lot of us sniff our smelly socks.

Man gets lung infection from sniffing smelly socks lailasnews

The unnamed man from China was hospitalised after he was found to have a severe fungal infection in his lungs, which is understood to have been caused by smelling his socks at the end of a long day at work.

According to reports, the man would regularly take off his socks and give them a good sniff. This later led to an infection.

After being admitted to hospital, an x-ray confirmed him to be suffering from a severe lung infection and he has been kept in for treatment.

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Man gets lung infection from sniffing smelly socks lailasnews 1

Seems we all have to be careful on what we sniff.


  1. This seems like an addiction to smelly socks. If not, why will a person want to get a regular whiff of stinking socks….

  2. I still wonder y he does dt, bt is still surprising that a dirty sucks could cause infection of the lungs, maybe cause he does it so often

  3. Hmmmm only God knws hw smelly dat socks is ahhh lung disease.anyway.I.will say am.nt.surprise cuz na China and we all kno dat China things no.dey.last …anything chinko no dey.last

  4. This is surprising.even though it’s a bad tin to smell a sucks
    stl cn believe it will cause such infection

  5. I don’t think that it was the smelling socks that caused his condition. Test should be carried out to know the real cause of the illness

  6. I would rather say Good should help him and get well and also we should be careful with what we sniff because of the dangerous particles that are surrounded in the feet and other part of the body

  7. Sniffing dirty sucks, He might be possessed.we all have to be careful on what we sniff. Quick recovery to him

  8. Wonders shall never end o. Why not sniff a flower, a flavored drink, a fragnance or someones breath. Microorganisms take over a system over time. He must have had nursed the overtime unknown to him. I guess he’s learnt his lessons

  9. Sniffing his socks, is it that coke doesn’t get him high or something
    Well…. wonder what brothers in the north would be diagnosed with

  10. The dirtiest part of man is the feet that matches and inhales all sort of tins on the ground…little wonder it affected his lungs

  11. We all just have to be careful with what we inhale in our nose. Somethings we take for granted some times can turns out to be very important.

  12. Funny u know
    How can a grown man be smelling socks after along day
    This is unbelievable but let God heal him sha

  13. Could smelling of socks really should have caused it ?
    If it’s that have done that many times when I was in school hmm may God help us

  14. Funny but surprising what bad odour can cause to human health, I think we all should seriously avoid things that has unpleasant smell.

  15. This is a great lesson to us if smelling socks can lead to lungs infection. We all should understand that sniffing in any dirty or smell things with our nose can easily cause us a lot of disease. God help us

  16. If he got infected by doing that, then he started the habit a long time ago. Personal hygiene is very important.

  17. There is nothing we can not hear in this world, any where we should learn from his own mistake.

  18. Let me make bold to say that he is the architect of his predicament. Why must he be so daft to the extent of sniffing his socks?

  19. I can’t believe this, not sniffing another person’s socks but his own socks and still get that sickness…May God continue to protect us. I wish him quick recovery

  20. We should all be careful of what we sniff now because no body is aware of this before but this is an eye opener

  21. The smelly socks triggered the infection. It did not just start immediately. There must have been symptoms of lung infection.

  22. Waw it a pitty. Sorry but next time try and be washing your socks to avoid the story that torch the heart.

  23. What was goin on in his mind? If he wants tobacco…he should hav gotten one not sniffing a dirty socks.. get well soon.

  24. This is quit true there are so many things that can cause lung infection one of them is to sniff dirty things

  25. The smell from a socks after putting it on for long can make somebody pass out..lols..we just have to be careful

  26. Who knows the type of fungi that is in the man’s socks and how many years he has been sniffing his socks

  27. I wish him fast recovery,we need to be careful on the things we sniff daily not only sucks,our armpit,snuff also we can contact infection from there too may God save us

  28. Well if there’s one thing we can all agree, it will be that that is no ordinary socks and nobody in their right senses should sniff it by mistake

  29. This is very surprising, it’s you that knows what is in your socks because I do smell my husband own and nothing happens

  30. This is so surprising, how can he become used to sniffing his dirty socks after a long day work, he must explain himself when he gets out of the trauma, wish him good health


  32. I can’t believe this, not sniffing another person’s socks but his own socks and still get that sickness…May God continue to protect us. I wish him quick recovery

  33. It is very difficult to believe,well if it is from expert opinion we do not have option than to believe and take precautions.

  34. Maybe the socks have never been washed since it was purchased, meanwhile we should all to be neat at all time and be careful with our surroundings.

  35. It a pity oo ,socks and shoes smells bad especially when it is worn for a very long time, so stop sniffing them wishing you quick recovery

  36. Like seriously this is kinda weird why is he doing that in the first instance ,perfect healing are my prayer for you man

  37. I’m guessing he sniffs it everyday after work, then the germs accumulated and gave way to this infection he’s suffering from.

  38. I guess this will go a long way to teach all those who will usually smell their socks at the end of a long day

  39. Nawaaa oooo,but we all should be careful in what we do,most especially those we take for granted. Wishing you quick recovery.

  40. That funny, imagine someone we be smelling his or her socks, it a bad habit and it racy. But, god will give him quickly recover.

  41. This man must be a very dirty man, if not, why would he have been determining the dirtiness of his socks from smelling it? Imagine how his pant could be smelling. You wash your socks after use not necessarily when it smell like corpse.

  42. Why would someone sniff his socks after a long day?, of course it would ooze, well, hope he gets better following his treatment.

  43. We need to careful what we inhale. Off course the feet are usually dirty due to sweat and bacteria can grow there. Quite unfortunate

  44. God please save us from all this toxic we inhales everyday and I hope he gets healed of the infection

  45. I’m sure he has been doing that for a long time and maybe the socks are really smelly.. I pray you have a speedy recovery. Please stop smelling your socks it’s a bad habit..

  46. Ooh.God..this is outrageous. .just sniffing Rocks got him into something like this..God have mercy on her

  47. Definitely that socks has not been wash for once??? Infection from sniffing smelly socks??? God have mercy ooo

  48. It’s impossible to believe that momentary sniffing of socks could all of a sudden cause lung infection
    There must be something else
    Other wise I’d say the socks is cursed

  49. When last did the man even watch the the socks, smelling of dirty socks must be very dangerous if it can land the man in the hospital

  50. We should just be more prayerful this days because unexpected things we do now became something serious for we.

  51. Good should help him and get well and also we should be careful with what we sniff because of the dangerous particles that are surrounded in the feet and other part of the body

  52. Who knows the last time he washed it before sniffing. All the same I wish you quick recovery

  53. Nawa ooo, quite a pity Sha. But lung infection is really too much to suffer just from sniffing dirty socks

  54. There is nothing we wont hear in this world.How can someone come hack from work,pull of his socks and start sniffing it.Wonders shall never end.

  55. Sniffing socks now causes health complication that resulted to critical lungs infection.cleaniness can do something.

  56. Wao, can’t believe this, sniffing his own socks now leads to lung infection,Good will heal him

  57. I can’t imagine how smelly the sock was but honestly, we have always sniffed more of our smelly sock most times.

  58. Dirty boy
    As a microbiologist in the making this is 100% possible and wait……yh….it has happened

  59. Ah maybe the stinky socks only made him discovered about the lungs infection he had it before… Get well soon

  60. I can’t believe this but by the look of the socks the way it appears in the above picture am beginning to to believe it lol.

  61. For real? This is an eye opener. This is always common among us and we take it for granted. Wish him quick recovery and hope we now know the danger of sniffing smelly socks and shoes too ooo…

  62. It is really good to be aware about this. It’s hightime we stopped sniffing socks before wearing them or washing them

  63. I believe this guy’s case is a case of addiction. He is addicted to this dirty habit and it end up infecting his lungs. A lesson to desist from bad habits.

  64. This habit is common with men take off their socks sniff at it and do face like soft pawpaw,, better stop it before death come knocking on your door

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