Man flogs and chases lady out of his apartment – His reason will shock you

A Nigerian man has flogged and chased a lady out of his apartment just moments after she arrived there.

Man flogs and chases lady out of his apartment - His reason will shock you lailasnews 4
Man flogs and chases lady out of his apartment – His reason will shock you

According to reports by the guy’s friends, the lady left him when he had no money and he invited her to come over to his house now that things are going well for him – not knowing he planned to disgrace her.

The incident which was filmed on camera, saw the young man flogging the lady out of his house as his friends seriously mocked her.

The footage which has gone viral online has drawn different reactions from internet users.

See below.

Watch Video below:


  1. Why will the man call her knowing that she left him when he had no money, just because she want to disgrace her, that guys is heartless to have planned such things for her

  2. Even if he thinks she deserves it, he has no right flogging her, I feel for the lady he will later marry.

  3. If she left him when he had nothing is not a reason for him to flog her because she didn’t go there on her own, he invited her for crying out loud. He should be prosecuted I think

  4. He’s really a child. She left you when u had nothing, now you have something, move on with your life. This is so uncalled for. The girl has every right to take legal actions against him

  5. You should’t have invite her, you should wait and see weather she will come back on his own then you can do these things. Is not fair at all.

  6. The guy is very heartless, he need not tell her to come to his house, with the intention of disgracing her because it is of no benefit for him, may he receive sense!

  7. I will not blame that man, you are not in his shoes, lady are so desperate, especially when their husband or boyfriend didn’t av money.

  8. Its a pity that she couldn’t wait for the manifestation of God’s blessing. Personally, I wouldn’t have invited her over could have let the sleeping dog lie.

  9. Thats nonsense , he should be jailed for doing that. There are other better ways to show her that he is now what she thinks he will never be.

  10. The guy is stupid. She didn’t try to come back probably as he is doing well now. He called her, she respect him and come, why the beating. I wish such will happen to his sister of close female friend, then he will know what it means.

  11. That’s very childish of him besides everyone knows that ladies only identify with success. If he gets broke again I wonder how he would face her

  12. the blame should go to the girl, a man you rejected simply because he is broke invite you because things is now going well with him she foolishly went over, men she is a gold digger.

  13. This is good news,I hope this guy feels bad,the lady will feel bad too but flogging her is not the problem solver,just get a girl and tell her that she is your girlfriend, this is good news

  14. The man did not do well,after all she is not the one that beged the guy for her do come,so the guy should be arrested

  15. The guy that did this is the most stupid person I have ever seen.. Anyways this can only happen here in Nigeria, try the nonsense abroad and you will smell jail rods for awhile.. Infact try this with ladies that knows their right and you will be put away for a while.. Imagine flogging a grown lady.. God forbid. I’m so mad right now.. Mcheew.. How much does he have now? Nonsense and ingredients

  16. The lady has no sense, this same man has been calling her but she bushit the calls because the poor boy has no cash now that the cash is at hand she want to come and embrace vital foam nonsense, the man should have use her for money ritual.

  17. Some people sef… This is wrong Why call her when you knew she left you, you called her just beat, he could be arrested and sue for assault only if the girl knows her right. Foolish and stupid people everywhere

  18. This is not good at all, even though she left you when things are not OK, you shouldn’t have done that for her

  19. Haha guy you have gone too extreme why beat her if you want to embarrass her there are other ways now.

  20. The guy is simply immature.
    She left him wen he had wat?
    Now he has something, y not jst move on..rather his first thought was 2 invite nd den disgrace beating her…
    Very childish…nd stupid if i must say.

  21. The man has no mature mind, if doesn’t need her why not send her out quietly disgracing her isn’t a good idea

  22. The man is not matured at all,and it’s not fair to treat a lady like that maybe her leaving him is the reason for his motivation

  23. What nonsense is this nah,that the girl left him when he has no money those not mean he will invite her just to disgrace and make fun of her,
    Let the girl charge him simple..

  24. Very funny though.. But the man no try sha. Why not let the sleeping dog lie.. Don’t even invite her in d first place.

  25. Well, both behaved childishly; the man shouldn’t have invited her but allow her to see the goodness of God in his life. And to the lady, for the fact that she was invited, she would have maintained her stand of not loving him again. That is what long throat can cause.

  26. Arrant nonsense..He shuld be arrested…He doesn’t need to do that to her naw that’s waaaayyyy too much

  27. Is not a new thing for a woman to leave a man when there was nothing, now that God has bless him the next thing is to molest the lady, that is nonsense.

  28. this is serious. but they guy should not have gone too far by beating she is someone’s daughter.

  29. What kind of childish behavior is that, that act is unacceptable. The lady should get justice.

  30. My fellow ladies seriously money is not everything,a truck pusher today can easily make it tomorrow. Let’s be wise

  31. Even if what the lady did isn’t good, he shouldn’t have humiliated her like that. After all, he should have known he was in for d money. Men Sha.

  32. Funny.but it as not gotten to the stage of beating her now,it wrong.but lady’s sha.all is well

  33. Good one for the girl,she only want his money and the guy shouldn’t have called her to disgrace her like that

  34. The act of inviting her just to be disgraced because she left when him had nothing is condemnable and punishable.

  35. The guy shuld have just leave her alone , inviting her over and flogging her is just showing his immaturity in a stupid Way.

  36. Lol…. But there are better ways he should go about that rather than flogging the lady. Well no body knows what he went through in the hands of the girl then.

  37. This is childish and unfair of the man. The man should be careful or he may end up loosing everything.

  38. Why will the man call her knowing that she left him when he had no money, just because she want to disgrace her, that guys is heartless to have planned such things for her

  39. This is a highest display of immaturity, the guy need to be arrested for battery . .nonsense

  40. The action of the man is unfair. Tomorrow the girl can become greater than she is today. Will it be wise if the acts the same way then?

  41. Since she has left him, the guy has no reason to call her and disgrace her like that. Evey body has his other her choice

  42. That is childish if she left him bcos he had noting ,only hearing of his success is whips enough for her.The guy went to the extreme

  43. Why flog a lady just to get back at you for leaving you. Shows you’re so childish and this doesn’t speak well of you

  44. It is a very bad thing when a girl leave a guy because of money. Some commit suicide because of it.

  45. Yes I like that because she be money lover, why can’t she bear with him at the difficulties time.

  46. That guy is not supposed to invite her and then flog her. If you wanted to humiliate her, flaunt your money for her to see and then come begging then you can do your worst

  47. I hope this guy feels bad,the lady will feel bad too but flogging her is not the problem solver,just get a girl and tell her that she is your girlfriend, this is good news

  48. Yes you have made it now why not go on with you life instead of inviting you ex over just to disgrace her. I just pity you women can be dangerous. Just be watching your back from henceforth.

  49. His action is barbaric and unconstitutional though she is a gold digger. He should be arrested for assaulting an helpless lady.

  50. He is a very stupid man. How can you invite her just to make her a disgrace and mock her, paying evil for evil is a very bad thing to do

  51. The guy really didn’t try.. You should have just left her alone and not disgrace her publicly like that

  52. childish! no need to pass through road wasn’t good for you b4.the guy is a funny guy….

  53. In fact,d case must reach police station ,cos u invited her to beat her because she left u wen u are poor ,while beating her if she gave up won’t u rot in jail With d useless money u claim to have now and those stupid friend of urs supporting u will wave to u on ur way to maximum prison, in d story she never called u DAT she want to come back ,u called her urself to come,in fact na God go purnish u for wetin u do DAT babe,DAT money wey u think say u get ,take dey malreat person. If u re not careful ,God fit send u back to square one cos u think u made it without d help of God.rubbish

  54. This man deserves yo be remanded. That is a wicked act. Haven parted why inviting her again. He lacks conscience.

  55. The guy is not man enough to behave like that and that is a sign of in maturity and it’s shows that he is a weak person

  56. That is good for her why on earth will she come back to her vomit l don’t blame the guy though

  57. What kind of childish act is that. .someone left you because you had nothing. .why not forget about her, why disgracing her this way..

  58. This is uncalled for. He stooped so low to carry out such an act. That was immature of him.

  59. This is too much. I know she left you when you had nothing but it doesn’t give you the authority to flog her. So you know that she can sue you for what you just did?? Don’t be proud because it is not an achievement

  60. Though the lady was selfish and short sighted but the man’s action was uncalled for how can he flog a lady that is not his child abeg his actions are wrong.

  61. I don’t think it was necessary for him to invite her over to his house and then flogged out of his house. It is God who gives one success and prospers one. Even if he wants to disgrace her, not this way. Agreed some ladies are something else but since God has already blessed him, he didn’t have to disgrace her the way he did. I really pity the lady but shaa she caused it for herself.

  62. This is too bad and he too it to the extreme, there was no need flogging her or even inviting hed over in the first place

  63. That serves her right. Why should she go to the house of a guy whom she must have disgracefully rejected.

  64. Gold digger that serves her right,some ladies are not patient, your boy friend didn’t have today doesn’t mean he won’t have tomorrow.

  65. The man is at fault and just want to he wicked, he called her even when he knew she left her when he was down financially

  66. The guy is simply immature.
    She left him wen he had wat?
    Now he has something, y not jst move on..rather his first thought was 2 invite nd den disgrace beating her…
    Very childish…nd stupid if i must say.

  67. Why wii the girl even go to the guys house in the first place, he should not have flogged her.

  68. That’s good for her. It is a lesson for all the ladies out there, if you can’t endure when he had nothing don’t come to enjoy when he had everything.

  69. Why will the man call her knowing that she left him when he had no money, just because she want to disgrace her, that guys is heartless to have planned such things for her

  70. That is immaturity because you are now OK does that mean you should embarrass her don’t you live someone when you don’t have anything too

  71. This is bad habit because she left you when you don’t have doesn’t mean you should beat her out of your house.God who bless you knows why

  72. He just displayed his immaturity and it is sad, what makes him better than that lady, this is rubbish.

  73. I would say it serves the lady right and to the guy, that was immature. There were more better ways he would have handled it

  74. This is wickedness
    While do you have to call her back when you know she was the one that left you when you have nothing
    While calling her back to disgrace her
    Love is not by fuse

  75. That action is punishable by law, he should be careful, ladies be patient Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  76. This is so childish, why invite her?why flog her?if the lady left you , find another that you think will suit you,let her be.

  77. the guy don’t suppose to flog her out of his apartment! he should have let her see God’s blessing in his life and let her eat part of the blessing and let her go. she herself will be regretting her action in the past as at that moment.

  78. This is not the way to treat her even if she abandoned you when you have nothing.. How will God who blessed you feel.?

  79. Maybe the way the girl left the guy was very annoying and shameful… She might have said things that hurt the guy so he decided to pay her back

  80. So why are people this childish
    How wud he feel if something like this shud happen to his sister??

  81. Imdont like beating female when I see it I dont like it, but sometimes tge males are left with no other option. But thisnis bad and should be done

  82. Some people sef… This is wrong Why call her when you knew she left you, you called her just beat, he could be arrested and sue for assault only if the girl knows her right. Foolish and stupid people everywhere

  83. I totally concur with the last comment, if I was the guy I will not touch her at all.. I will buy things that will attract Her, food, drinks etc. I will be eating and bringing back old memories with her at the same time mocking her, nobody will tell her only her conscience will tell her to run away.. Lol

  84. Most of us may not understand what this guy did is right, that could easily change the girl life style. It’s painful when ladies only involve themselves in any relationship because of money, such a lady cant have settled home because life is full of ups and down, she can’t stay with a man when things are tough but only when things are lively, she should think deeply now for what the now did to her

  85. That is very wrong,why will you flog her because she left you when she is not a baby,if you want to take revenge,you can do it in another way

  86. Such kind of man should be arrested and charged to court for criminal offences. Why would he invite her for the purpose of assaulting her unjustly?

  87. What the guy did was incredibly right, The lady got what she deserve and I am sure she must have learnt her lesson.

  88. Very stupid and immature fellow. How can he disgrace a woman like that? If his sisters or mother was disgraced like this, will he like it? He needs to visit prison for 1week to learn his lesson.

  89. Women and Money issue, it’s not the man’s fault, women can do anything for money especially when their husbands is broke.

  90. All of you blaming the man, why will the gal just tink that a guy she abandoned will just happily call ha back…longer throat, love of money.I know that why she went there

  91. If leaving him when he was broke was the problem then I done see any reason why he should be beating her…’s very imature to bear a lady

  92. The man is very silly for behaving like a kid,he shouldn’t have done that at all even if the lady has disgraced him

  93. Inviting her and flog her that ridiculous,I hope the ledy is wise enough to report him to the law authority

  94. The guy is a fool for this,I hope this will teach the lazy and hungry ladies that wouldn’t date a guy if he’s not rich. She’s also foolish for accepting his invite, serves her right.

  95. what was the need for that instead of him to move on with his life and thanked God for changing his situation he is now showing off

  96. That’s a bad way to pay her back for living him. Why didn’t he wait for the girl to come on her own. This is wickedness. Would never do that to my ex gf.

  97. Smile. Is funny that not all men deserved to be rich self. Such individual should go spend time in jail so that he can know which one is more important between money and human being. Am not saying what the lady actually did was good but the man did worse

  98. This is not maturity at all.
    Since she has gone nd gone for good,why calling her to come over just to disgrace her by flogging her.?
    I hope she will get u arrested cos this is an asault on her.
    Best thing to do is to let go nd let her be hearing it from people.

  99. I think he purposely called that lady for a showoff, then flogged her out in vengeance and resentment. This is no wisdom and maturity in display but folly and childishness.
    No sane man should lift his hands to hit a lady.

  100. He was wrong to have done that. That’s why God is refusing to bless some of us because of the pain we may inflict on others using the same wealth

  101. Even though violent against women is unacceptable, this incident,should serve as great lesson to thoughtless Ladies out there.

  102. That is a childish behaviour, love is free from God, if you buy yours with money you will soon sale it when there is no money. Abandoned you when you don’t have money simply means her love for you is not genuine, then leave her and look for another person.

  103. the guy is a disgrace to humanity, if things are turning around for good for him for now,it doesn’t mean there won’t be bad days at all, and what give him the assurance that the lady won’t make it too

  104. The lady has the right to leave in the first place, if I were in her shoes right now, I’m suing

  105. He shouldn’t have gone to the extent of beating her up… She deserves a more wicked but calm treatment than that

  106. Long throat is the cause, she’s greedy and deserves what she’s got, I pray her present lover see this too

  107. He just displayed his immaturity.I hope she will get u arrested cos this is an asault on her. More over she didn’t come to beg you and even if she beg you, why will you flog her

  108. That’s not a very good idea the guy is suppose to be punished for this act when he know he wants to revenge why inviting her in the first place the lady is not aware if not she wouldn’t grant his invites this is so bad

  109. This guy together with his friends are immature. Why did he disturb her from he comfort so as to disgrace her?

  110. If his sisters or mother was disgraced like this, will he like it? He needs to visit prison for 1week to learn his lesson.

  111. The guy is heartless for doing such thing, and why ll the girl come back after leaving him. This just assault.

  112. Hahaha so after leaving when he did not have money what made her come to his house this time around she is the foolish one here

  113. He shouldn’t have flogged her. Showing off his expensive stuffs would have been a better option

  114. Both of them are wicked why would she left him simply because he was broke, and since she left he should not call her just to disgrace her

  115. This is a childish act, he should just have let go of her and move on, women are like earthworm they love soft ground.

  116. This is exactly what magic system played in his music ”pramie gawoo” my man remember if he fill suit against you power may change hand

  117. That’s a lesson for the ladies; stay with your man even if there’s no money, things will soon turn out well for good.
    But seriously the guy is a bad guy

  118. He shouldn’t have done that. I think he should have just allowed her to be hearing stories of his success out there and know what she had missed. And clearly, she has to be a fair weather, greedy friend for going back there.

  119. She was shameless for accepting his invitation, that serves her right. Leaving someone in his hard times and coming back when things are going well.

  120. Wrong move bro. You shouldn’t have done that. Just let her get the news of your success and see how her conscience will prick on her. What’s your gain now?

  121. ?this. Guy is correct Guy. Ladies don’t like workin. Heard with guys anymore only to com. And eat

  122. That is very bad of the guy, since she left you when you have nothing so why call her now only to flog her and disgrace her. That was mean.

  123. That’s totally Child Abuse behavior, how come someone mature will do this to human being of each other, she Was not disgrace the lady but himself.

  124. This guy is a complete idiot and immature. You invited her yourself not that she came on her own. That girl needs to sue that guy and his friends. It shows they are not mature at all

  125. Nigerian ladies self… When this guy had nothing, you left him… Now that he’s something , you think you will win his heart. Weldone.

  126. To ladies , the biggest mistake u can make is to underestimate a man
    Well that serves her right
    She want to enjoy where didn’t sow
    Contribute to the success of ur man and be proud u did

  127. This immaturity of the highest level. What did he now gain from embarrassing her? Yes, she left him when he had nothing but that doesn’t give him any right to embarrass her. He’s a boy for acting the way he acted.

  128. The man lacks maturity, there was no need beating or shaming her. What if she was his sister? There are better ways to make her feel bad.

  129. The guy is wrong by besting her… Very soon now another storyline will appear on this same matter

  130. This is a very stupid thing to do,you were the one that invited her she did not come on her own,so why beating her and so on??The guy needs to be punished.

  131. he stooped low doing this and this is rather uncalled for.The woman should go report him at the police station and can even use this video displayed for everyone as her evidence…lobatan!

  132. Flogging and chasing her out of your apartment is uncalled for,it shows that your not matured at all

  133. They raised alarm and a search party was immediately initiated, but unfortunately the little was not found yesterday.

  134. That’s not fair, you must not flog her to show what she did to you. Just tell her openly and let her go, if she doesn’t see you when you had nothing, I don’t think she should have anything to do with you now.

  135. I think the man is insane, and that a great crime he should be punish so our security agent should interfere with this

  136. He shouldn’t have gone that far just because she left him when he had no money. This is just too bad, would he have accepted such for his sister

  137. This is rubbish to me. If u made it then keep to yourself. Don’t go and embarrass people for stupid reasons.

  138. She wants reap where she did now sow. But the man shouldn’t have done that…he should have let the sleeping dog lie.

  139. Is foolish pple that act like know when a man buys you television or rent apartment for you, when things doesn’t work out again he came asking for those things

  140. That’s too foolish and wicked l wonder those of his friends couldn’t have advised him not to do such

  141. She deserved even more than chasing her out of the house . Such ladies don’t deserve to be part of the success story

  142. Maybe she deserved it but there was no need for him to flog her abi na him Wife or pikin

  143. Teaching her a lesson should not be in this manner .Just leave her to Carry herself and go. If her conscience is clear, she will learn her lesson

  144. This is so hilarious! But no matter how funny it is, the guy over stepped his boundaries. It’s pure physical and emotional assault.

  145. Hmm that was very inmatured of him jawe
    There are many ways to punish a lady
    Not that way…
    What he did is not making sense at all

  146. This is total rubbish, this guy is an idiot. Why invite her when is was already over between the both of them, why do he have to even flog her. If I were the girl I’ll take legal action

  147. That is too bad of him he didn’t play maturity at all he behaved without him inviting her she definitely regret it.

  148. Wow.. I really kind of like that idea.. The foolish girl fall into the trap.. Girls be wise and always think twise when you are rejecting someone because they are broke. You never can tell.. Honestly no one knows tomorrow..

  149. It was a stupid act to invite her just to disgrace her. He should know that he is not in any competition with anyone.

  150. This is a wicked act, but its the ladies fault she insulted herself by going to a man’s house serves as a lesson to others.

  151. The guy is not matured enough and he is not a real man he should know it’s a very common act of human being to stay with you when facing challenge regardless of their love for you and only the extraminded people could stay with you,so beating her is not good at all

  152. There are lot of things he would have done that will make the lady regret her actions. Beating is not the solution. Infact, that makes him look childish

  153. The guy is not matured at all. He doesn’t have any right to flog her no matter what. He would have taught her a lesson through other ways. The girl should report him to the police.

  154. That guy don’t do a right thing at all he shouldn’t have beat her when he knows that he wanted to disgrace her.

  155. The guy has time on his hands to play with. So what if she left you when you had nothing? Simply move on and do better. You will find yours. Haba.

  156. Craze dey some guys head….. How will you because she didn’t stay with you when you are broke beat her

  157. This guy dey vex oh. Please take it easy… No matter what you should have just told her to leave without assaulting.

  158. This clearly shows that she does notblike the guy from the beginning so i do not see any reason why the guy called her back just to show off his wealth

  159. He shouldn’t have done that and this is against the law
    It is so bad to beat a lady
    And to the lady may God give you quick recovery and this will teach other ladies out there a lesson

  160. Very funny ,but that’s act was not really necessary by the guy ,the girl leaving him before should show that she doesn’t love him so no need for that he should have just move on.

  161. What he did was so wrong. After all, he called her to his place,she did not own her go to him, so why must he flog her. This is so unfair

  162. Nawa o bros if she leaves u wen u don’t have anything that’s shows shows she was never meant for u u don’t have to disgrace her with that

  163. You where wrong for calling her to come over just to flog her.. Even the lady is looking for already made if not why will she even eat back her vomit by going to his house..

  164. Why will he disgrace that
    How much has he made that will make him disgrace her like that
    Besides it’s wrong to hit a woman

  165. If it was your sister how would you feel that somebody else did this kind of a thing to her,for me I will say go and apologize

  166. That is a lesson for young girl who lives a man when he don’t have money and come back when he gets

  167. What he did to her is bad, it is not good atall, when he know that he we not tender his help to her why did he invite her to his house

  168. Oh good. Your are full of wisdom my guy. I thank you for making guys like us to know how to treat those girls from now.

  169. If it was an advice he has yielded to the wrong one why that he did not need to behave like that now

  170. Why flogging her? That’s cruel, irrespective of what he has no right to do that, I will sue the idiot to court with the help of human right.

  171. The grl is also shameless, u left d guy wen he was broke,nd nw wen he called u, u came running bck to him

  172. To me the guy is foolish for acting in such manner. What’s the point of calling your ex over just to disgrace her because she left him when he was broke… How would he feel if it had been his sister


  174. The guy’s actions barbaric and the lady should report to the police for assault. Since they have parted why inviting her when he has hammered to disgraced her. I believed there are a more matured ways to let her know that the rejected cornerstone is now a GOLD

  175. This is rubbish joor. The guy and his friends are crazy for doing that.
    What right did they have to treat a lady like that. If I was a brother to that girl, I swear I’ll get them arrested. In fact I will make life a living hell for them

  176. That’s serves her right. She want to come and enjoy what she did not labour for. That should serve as a lesson to all those girl leaving their poor boyfriends to the rich one, no one knows tomorrow.

  177. A friend in need is a friend indeed I like walking the guy did is just to teach others something

  178. Flogging her
    Was uncalled fit
    And a totally foolish act
    It’s okay inviting her but the dude messed up by flogging
    Legal action could be taken against him

  179. What that man did isn’t matured atall, though he might have done that based on how she treated him before, so bad for her, that guy was too mean

  180. Sometimes, some ladies are stupid a guy you abandon because he is broke and later ask you to visit him and you go, what are you thinking. Sorry for the flog dear.

  181. This stinker should be arrested, if the lady came to your house uninvited having heard that things is going on well for you, You could do that to her but inviting her over to your house just because you want to disgrace her and beat her join, then she should take legal acagainst you. You provide the evidence for her to use.

  182. This act is totally immature! She reserves the right to choose to date him or not not withstanding circumstances.

  183. That’s immature act, you don’t need that, everyone has the right to decide his/her life. You are an idiot for doing that.

  184. Its so wrong of the guy ooo..and he has sisters at home ooo.. What if someone did this to his sisters

  185. Well to me this thing doesn’t make any sense whatsoever…. she didn’t come to your house on her own volition, you called her to come and you now social media shamed her and that makes you happy… Lol… You’re just a kid…. That’s all I can say

  186. He acted so immature and childish. There are other ways to mock a woman that rejected you when you had nothing. Through your success you have shamed her and you could still invite her and tell her see how you made it and how she motivated you to make it. I think is more mature than acting that way. Would he be happy if his sister was treated that way. This is someone’s family and sister. You did wrong man.

  187. That is nonsense, how much does he have that gave him the right to humiliate this lady. He should have moved on andleave the lady.

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