Man fights IKEDC official with cutlass over power disconnection in Lagos

A man has been captured on video fighting an Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, IKEDC official, with cutlass over the latter’s attempt to disconnect power supply to his house.

Man fights IKEDC official with cutlass over power disconnection in Lagos lailasnews 3

In the video which has gone viral on Facebook, the man and the IKEDC official can be seen engaging in a serious fight before the resident rushed to his house to get a machete.

Despite being begged by residents to stop the fight, the young man descended on the official with the weapon.

In a similar incident just some few weeks ago, some residents of a particular apartment in Ikeja, Lagos also tested their powers fighting with IKEDC officials over disconnection of power supply into their home.

Watch the Video:


  1. This is serious, I think this power distribution personnel should start moving with security as this kind of case is becoming rampant

  2. It will be nice if IKDC will provide prepaid meters for her consumers. It will prevent such Case’s.

  3. Why are some behaviors been allowed to go unpunished for their neglected altitudes…. Most you fight an official to such extend of using a weapon…

  4. some times most reaction from residents are reflex actions. people don’t see what they are paying for at the end of the month. they will bring crazy bill. I will not pay, then the disconnection team will carry ladder and come. no one will be happy.. they should satisfy us then see see if people will owe bills or not

  5. Any thing that must have happened can’t make you carry a weapon on men doing their jobs or acting understand instructions.

  6. If that’s the case they should issue a prepaid meter for each individuals to avoid all these embarrassment

  7. Serves them right, for light that is not consistent and stable!
    At end of the day you bring outrageous bills to the people.
    Abeg where the light when them use reach that amount???
    Go disconnect, your fada!!!

  8. This IKDEC didn’t favour us at all…they don’t give constant power supply and they bring outrageous bill they deserved any actions taking on them whenever they try to disconnect power supply.

  9. This is bad it’s for the good of you and you’re fighting with the official they should have settled everything

  10. Haahaahaaha! Someone finally did this. These people can mess up. I sometimes wish o could just cause electric to shock them or something

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