Man explains why he offers rent for sex

It has come to our notice that some landlords offer rent for sex. In a world where anything goes and right is hardly distinguished from wrong anymore, we are barely surprised that there are landlords who demand sex from their intending tenants in exchange for payment of rent.

Shocking, right? Now, one of the landlords who demand sex from potential tenants in lieu of rent has defended the action.

He said that the arrangement doesn’t make him a pervert, since it’s not illegal.

 Man explains why he offers rent for sex. Lailasnews

The man who chose to remain anonymous appeared on, ‘This Morning show’, presented by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. With his back turned to the cameras, he told them,

“it is an honest arrangement between consenting adults.”

According to ‘This Morning special investigation’, his defense is preceded by recent figures which claimed that about 250,000 women in Britain are being offered free or discounted rent in exchange for sexual favours. He said,

“I’m doing nothing wrong. It’s an arrangement between two adult human beings. I’m not looking for a sixteen-year-old, an eighteen-year-old. I want someone of my own age. I’m not looking for somebody that’s vulnerable, and if somebody is vulnerable, I wouldn’t be interested.”

Speaking further, he explained his personal reason for the arrangement:

“I’m seeking an arrangement. I’m very honest in what I say. I’m very forward and honest and don’t tell lies. I have been married and I have a family.

But I find that modern day relationships do not work and if they do they only work for a short period of time. Most females lie. They are working to an agenda.

I offer them a life, more than a fully stocked fridge. They are still in touch with me. I’m not a pervert. It’s an arranged relationship. I have a fantastic life and I just want to share it.”

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