Man escapes lynching after stealing 58 panties in Anambra

A middle-aged man escaped being lynched by the whiskers yesterday after he was caught stealing female panties in Anambra state.

Man escapes lynching after stealing 58 panties in Anambra lailasnews

The man simply identified as Ifeanyi was caught at a student residential quarters at Mgbakwu, Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

It was gathered that the suspect who hails from Umuneke in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State confessed that he had already stolen over 58 women pants before luck ran out on him as he was caught red-handed by a woman in the early hours of that Wednesday.

A witness to the melodrama said that Ifeanyi had broken into the house around 2 am and headed straight to the rope where some pants were hung and was harvesting the underwears when the unidentified woman who came out to urinate saw him and raised alarm.

“The woman raised an alarm and he was caught; his cloth tore as he was beaten mercilessly by an angry mob,” the source revealed.

It was learnt that the suspect was once caught in the act at one white colour painted storey building where both students and non-students live at Amaezike village in Mgbakwu.

Ifeanyi had earlier confessed that he had been in the business of stealing ladies pants, washed and spread by the owners at their respective homes and that he usually sold them to a man known as Emeka Ofor at the rate of N500.

“I steal them (pants) from women hostels. I used to sell them to Emeka Ofor, who also hails from Umuneke Udi LGA at the rate of N500 per piece,” he confessed.

He equally urged youths still in the business of stealing ladies pants or other criminal activities to repent and give their lives to Christ. It was gathered that after making a passionate appeal for clemency, the suspect was later forgiven by the mob and allowed to walk away.

A source later confided that he later fled the area at night after being handed a shirt and shot.


  1. My God! They would have killed him, so that in his next world he will never think of stealing female underwear.

  2. God save ur women. This man should not have gone like that. At least hand him over to the police

  3. I think such a person must not be allowed to live because he has been doing that since. Who knows what those panties were used for

  4. Yet to understand what this stealing of payment t is all about. They should have handed him over to the police than allowing him to go

  5. This issue if pants stealing now is not getting funny anymore pls our ladies should be careful now you never can tell who is who anymore.

  6. Stealing people’s pants to sale for #500 only and killing their destiny. God will judge you people. Wickedness

  7. They should look for emeka ofor and punish two of them because they Wont stop except they are dealth with.

  8. ladies should learn from that not to be leaving their underwear outside
    cause the would is no longer a safe place to dwell

  9. Hi could they release him like that. It’s very risky. They should have handed him over to the police

  10. Hmmm he was very lucky. If he had lost his life he would have told Satan he stole panties abi when others are robbing banks and kidnapping people?

  11. I think its high time we ladies stop wearing This is really outrageous!!! It’s terrible how desperate people have become in order to get rich.

  12. Why is he stealing the ladies pant now? I hope is not for ritual purpose, in fact Eneka Ofor need to be question, what is he doing with the panties sell to him

  13. They should have killed him because those pants he stole was to destroy the females. So he deserves to die

  14. The shouldn’t have allow that man until they took him that man that’s buying the panties and arrest him, investigate what he is doing with it

  15. Students should stop hanging there underwears outsyd the room,it’s not safe at all,things are bad this days

  16. Comment*this evil must stop if the government in power start send persons caught in the act to life in prison

  17. Things are happening, girls should be careful on how they keep their things especially their underwears

  18. Why will you be stealing pant all for the sake of money, please lets stop this pant stuff is becoming to much in this country..

  19. My God, how can human being be so heartless, since he escape lynching, he should face the consequences because it’s an attempted murder, he should be sentence to death

  20. You are very lucky else you would have been killed through beating or being burn. God has saved you so go and sin no more. You may not be so lucky next time

  21. This one job na to dey steal pants.. What is this country turning into. Who knows what they are even using the pant to do sef. Ladies should be mindful of where they hang their undies

  22. Ritualists oo,they shshould not have allowed him to walk away just like that,his buyer should be tracked down and caught

  23. They shouldn’t have allowed him go like that they should have handed him over to the police so he can be prosecuted with emeka

  24. Hmmmm, pants! pants!! pants!!!
    By the way, who gave the the clothes he wore? He deserve to be paraded naked and afterwards handed over to the police

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