Man drinks battery water after catching wife with lover

A man who drank battery water after catching his wife with her lover, is now battling for his life after the sad incident.

Man drinks battery water after catching wife with lover lailasnews

The 40-year-old man who drank battery water was identified as Reggies Chiyanike, and it was gathered that his wife’s cheating is well known to family and friends. A family source who confirmed that Chiyanike is in a critical condition in the hospital, said;

The wife is unfazed by the countless suicide threats by the husband and continues to cheat. In fact, her cheating has become more of a lifestyle than a hobby.

She was first caught in an extramarital affair on her matrimonial bed and the husband drank battery water but he was lucky to survive. This time, she was caught enjoying quality time with a different man prompting the man to take battery water again.

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    • I understand that feelings of betrayal of marital vow but drinking acidic contents is a shade of all wrong. Such a silly thing to do. I pray he survives it.

  1. I guess battery water is like mineral to him, YOLO so if you commit suicide because you suffering another awaits you after death

  2. Shoo this man is not serious o why will you kill yourself and cut your destiny short over nothing? The lady is bent on cheating and may be ending your life so she can move on why not quietly let go of her? Is she the only woman in your area? Abi na jazz? I pray you survive it and come out stronger

  3. Too bad why will you go drink battery water, even if she is cheating on you, you don’t suppose to do that. What if you die in the act that man will take your place.

  4. He is a fool , at forty, on what ground will you want to take ur life, ? A woman whom while your still alive cheat on , when your dead she will make love even in tour grave,

  5. The woman is a dog, she can’t stay without sex, too bad, the man wouldn’t have drank battery water for the sake of a dog called wife, its a pity

  6. Why would he even think of something like that and the wife you are so stupid just pray nothing happened to him

  7. There is nothing new under the earth so it doesn’t worth killing your self it is better to separate your self from her to see if she can change for good.

  8. Killing yourself because of women is nothing to your sittution, you don’t need to add to ur issue,this attribute is to bad.

  9. The man should not have done such thing.
    Your wife cheated in you and you drank battery
    You are loosing in two ways.
    That’s not the next step man.
    May God heal you. But ladies of nowadays can’t do without sex

  10. Why will u do that because of a lady? U should have divorce her and stay on your own or marry again. May God save your life

  11. This is beautiful nonsense, how on earth Wil u Kil ursef bcos of woman? U Shud not av done dat. As u die, thousands of lady will pass on ur grave and the woman Wil continue to wax stronger in the profession

  12. Why must he kill himself because of his wife? And this is not the first time.i sorry for him and if he die now the woman continue with the same man and life continues for her but for him judgement.

  13. Why trying to commit suicide when you know her life style, may be they had blood covenant that no one live each other, that’s why

  14. That woman is foolish and a disgraced to womanhood. .but the husband was really hurt which lead to taking battery water but he should have send the woman out of the house than playing with his own life

  15. Why do you want to kill yourself because of woman, you are still alive she is doing it, if you die she will also do that

  16. Why is he still alive I thought he should be on his way to hell already, shabi he wants to die for a woman that does not regard him…shameless woman I wonder how she will feel if her husband dies cause of her.

  17. This is really serious, Love is causing this man his life..but he shouldn’t have been imensed with it after knowing fully well that the wife is a cheat

  18. He is a foolish man dose he have to kill himself because of the rubbish the wife did mchteeeeeew rip

  19. This is Nonsense! She better pack and go to his father’s house…shameless need for the husband to commit suicide.

  20. Thank God you have not drink it the second just hold yourself as a man if possible divorce your wife and start a new live

  21. Infidelity in marriage has caused lots of people to take steps that are not favourable to their family and love once….making them to be totally hopeless…but there is always hope for the living than the dead…God doesn’t sleep but will surely act…I advice the man to keep himself going..

  22. Hmmm….drinking battery water is not the next step….you just have to move on..wish him quick recovery.

  23. Why go to that length because your wife is cheating. He should just divorced her and continued with his life.

  24. Taking his life is not an option. Marriage is not a do or die affair, he would’ve divorced the cheating wife when he caught her red-handeded and move on.

  25. This is Wot Infidelity Coz,a man who loves his wife and at d end d wife ends up betrayin his man by sleeping with another man… Dis world slf

  26. The man is alive she is committing d act what if he dies? Ma n please be wise don’t attempt suicide next time if you survive this.

  27. Why did he do that, when there are other beautiful women out there. He killed himself because of an unfaithful woman.

  28. This is nonsense, the man is so foolish, if she can sleep out while you are alive is it when you die she won’t do it, it will freedom for her.

  29. Why should batman try to harm himself cos of a woman if she is worth it she will not be involved in such act

  30. Why will you want to kill yourself because of a cheating partner in a country like Nigeria . It is not worth it please

  31. This man want to die they should help him obtain hell visa fast. Because of a woman you want to kill yourself? Idiot.

  32. He shouldn’t have drank battery water,endangering his life because of a cheating wife. Indeed it hurts to see someone you love cheating on you,but there are other ways this issue can be handled amicably. May God save him

  33. If you kill your self, the woman will still be alive to enjoy her life and married another man

  34. oh my God he’s not suppose to kill himself over a woman who doesn’t care about him because if the woman really cares she wouldn’t have cheated.

  35. Please, please and please everybody should be careful what we do with our life, it took God a lot to created us, whatever we do affects others so live your life for the good of all. Sorry to the man and get well soon

  36. Man if u die because of her,she will still live and continue enjoying her life the best is to dissolved the marriage than going to early grave

  37. That was not necessary, killing oneself over another is not the solution. When another is having fun you are there killing yourself. Forget about her and move on.

  38. That kind of thing is ordinary it is spiritual so the wife need prayers. As for the man nawa for him ooo trying to kill him sef, that kind of word and fear is nt worth it oooo abeg fyn another way

  39. Yoga taking battery water or committing suicide can not change anything, she is possess take her to deliverance or take her home

  40. This cheating problem is getting out of hand. But why take your life because she cheated?, there’s more to life than this.

  41. Das too bad, that man must not go up to that now, because if he die now that woman we still continue enjoying her life with different man so i we advice him to divorce that woman so that he can have rest of maind on her

  42. I pray he gets well,but come oh…The woman you are drinking battery water because of, will continue if you die, so why the headache?

  43. I truly want to apportion blame to the man or woman here ,but this case is beyond the blame game . Bearing in mind that the family and friends of the man are fully aware of the lubricous lifestyle of the woman and the initial suicidal attempt by the man still kept mute while the marriage continued. They should have done everything possible to separate the man from her. If he dies now. ,what would be on their lips …. “Had I known???” Maybe and maybe if they had done something tangible initially this issue won’t have gotten to this extent.

    God save the man’s life I pray.

  44. This is not good at all…its obvious that the man woman cant live all for you so i suggest you take her back to her family and taje your hands off the marriage then you know you wunt have heart breaks any more…all cause of a woman…drinking acid wont solve nothing rather it may kill you this time and all will be a waste..i pray God takes control…

  45. An attempt to end his life won’t stop his wife from cheating. He should just gathered his shattered heart and move on.

  46. Why will you drink battery water for your cheating wife it a sad Case, she should be the one drinking it not you

  47. She us promiscuous and that isn’t your fault. If you know the marriage is unsalvagable, then you can file for a divorce rather than hurting yourself. Your life is too precious

  48. you can’t kill yourself because of a prostitute rather you just chased her away from your house and you save your life now look at what you have done to your self because of useless and hopeless prostitute

  49. This is nonsense, I can’t even believe it, killing yourself because your wife cheats on you. that is a foolish idea, now they will be chance to enjoy themselves.

  50. This is nonsense must he kill himself because of woman, mainwhile the woman will live and make love with another man after his death

  51. Why killing your self because of a woman while there are many out there, I see this as foolishness on the side of the man

  52. In this civilised world who does dat how can u think of killing yourself is d best option if the man die now the wife has full charge to sex around and is death a waste of time instead he should just let the woman be cause a cheating woman can bring death to the husband like she just did

  53. Why not divorce the woman and have peace in your life, killing yourself will give the woman freedom to continue in her detestable act

  54. Is obviously not just about this incident that drove the man to attempt suicide . The man has been frustrated enough and already down with depression .

  55. I always tell both men and women(single)that there is no need to get married when you know that you are not ready to settle down. As for the man battling with his life, if he dies he will go and face his maker and tell him that he killed himself because of a woman. Nobody has the right to take the life he did not created.

  56. Mumu. Instead of you to kill your wife and the man and kill yourself you went ahead to kill yourself only. Wet in you gain now

  57. Mr Reggie’s should stop drinking battery water if he survived it this time, since he knows that his wife’s cheating has become more of lifestyle than hobby. Better pray that God will interfere in his wife’s matter.

  58. I’m just laughing as I read through. I just Pity the man, keep drinking batter water while your woman will keep enjoying cum from those men. Fool

  59. Mr Reggie’s should stop drinking battery water if he survived it this time, since he knows that his wife’s cheating has become more of lifestyle than hobby. Better pray that God will interfere in his wife’s matter.

  60. I pity the guy in the sense that if he died 1,000 of girls will walk on his grave, he should not have done that.

  61. So pathetic_., there I nothing a woman will do to me dat will warrant to trying to take my life, u did it before, yet she didn’t repent, nd with that u didn’t realize that she doesn’t love you again_, nd u want to take ur life the second time,, I pity u shaa

  62. Chiyinike had better take the chill pill and look after himself. That his wife isn’t worth it. He is in the hospital now groaning in pain while the woman might be with another man enjoying herself. Rather he should let her go her way and try to enjoy his life without her. If he dies the so called wife won’t mourn him

  63. You want to take your life because of a woman that does not value you. Does that stop her from being infidel. That’s total rubbish

  64. Why will he act in anger is always dangerous ,Killing yourself because of women is nothing to your situation, you don’t need to add to ur issue, is of no use

  65. You just want to kill yourself is not the first time you will caught him and you are still living together you should have divorce her if you kill yourself she will continue enjoying life.

  66. A woman whom while your still alive cheat on , when your dead she will make love even in tour grave,
    Killing yourself because of women is nothing to your sittution, you don’t need to add to ur issue,

  67. This man is not in his right senses while drink such water when there are other ways to address such issues,all this Nigeria men and their low mentality

  68. It’s obvious his wife doesn’t care about him for her to continue cheating on him, knowing fully well the suicidal attempts carried out.
    The man should just let her go…divorce
    Or better still, pray for a better home

  69. This is a stupid act. the finishing point is death, of which the woman we have total freedom to do whatever she wants to.

  70. the man that drank battery water is a full and stupid. he should have ignore them and drive the woman back t her mother quietly. then marry another lady

  71. Something is really wrong with that guy, why does he want to commit suicide because of a woman instead of him getting another woman for himself. women are not worth dying for

    • Very correct and very simple why mush he know of killing him self while she’s already having fun with ur friend or another man u better wise up

  72. The man is a total fool
    And he is very free to die and go to hell
    Total nonsense
    If she’s a cheat
    You send her packing why kill yourself
    I hope he dies this time

  73. It’s so sad of the man to end up with this lady .wel it’s not worth it though..thats why psychologist are required they Help you coup with such situations and give you possibly means if living with pain and gradually healing

  74. He should had handled the situation like a man which to me the best is divorce instead of trying to kill himself

  75. Just because he got his wife with another man on bed those not mean he should now take battery water.. If he eventually died his wife will continue her life

  76. This man acted foolishly and irrational. Is it possible for someone to remain inside a burning fire for too long without being burnt to death? I don’t think so. Your wife is the fire you are into and best come out from that fire before you get burnt to death. Is words for the wise.

  77. That’s sounds insanity. So because his wife is cheating that’s why he want to kill himself ha! Man if u die that’s the end of u ooo buh for her, she will nah start afresh with her actions

  78. That man can’t be serious, how can I kill myself over a child of darkness? She has made her decision and you drinking your battery water will only give her the space she desires to continue doing what she does. God please give your children the knowledge to make the right decisions when such temptations come our way. Amen.

  79. The man is a fool oo
    You want to kill ur self bcoz of woman
    You will die
    The woman will continue to enjoy herself
    Nawa oo
    This man is very funny oo

  80. This is madness of the highest order, how would want to kill yourself because of a woman? Why dont you just let her go instead of you try to kill yourself? May be you will learn your lesson if you survive it

  81. This husband has problem. So he wants to die because his wife is cheating on him why won’t he just send her away. There is more to it

  82. Why did the man want to kill herself because of his wife, if he die now the wife will have free access to cheat more

  83. Suicide threats obviously did’nt move the cheating wife, is it suicide that will make her stop? The husband will just be setting her free to tango with other men. He should get rid of his toxic wife if he wants to live.

  84. The wife is not really a helping one, why should she be jumping from one man to another? What does she really want and what does she really stand to gain by doing so?

  85. Ladies and Gentleman! Let’s not judge this case one sided, have you ask yourself if this man do satisfy his wife during sex or have you ask yourself if this man gives his wife sex at demand. Is he among the men that will always tell their wife DARLING PLEASE AM NOT IN THE MOOD, if this is the case I don’t think the woman did anything wrong. But the angle I will say she got it wrong is the aspect of bring the men home, OH! I CAN’T SUPPORT THAT….. And for the man who drank acidic content is very stupid…..

  86. This man is stupid, we want to kill himself because of a woman, why can’t he divorce her and marry another one

  87. You want to kill your self over woman?, you are too young to die over these issue when your future is big with a lot of goodies.

  88. Too bad. Drinking battery water for the second time just for a woman that does not worth it. Since your family is knowns her character why still keeping her in your house instead of sending her parking now she is sending you to early grave. I pray you will survive it oh or else na hell fire straight

  89. The man is funny to have drunk battery water because he caught his wife cheating. He should have just divorce or break up with her instead of committing suicide

  90. He is a fool. With this kind of woman you move on and go ahead to start a new life elsewhere or if he must take life he should first take hers before his…

  91. Guy if you die that woman will continue to enjoy her life but on the other hand I think that guy is slipping into depression, he needs help and people by his side always

  92. No situation in life should make one take his/ her life cos those things have been happening if it happened in your family know that is not the first place.

  93. Oh my God,I understand the emotional trauma you are passing through man but please don’t kill your self because of it ,learn to ignore her.

  94. U want to kill urself because of a woman, Nna people get mind o..u know the woman has a promiscous lifestyle, why not let her go. if u kill urself will that stop her from cheating? No

  95. Want to kill yourself because of a woman who doesn’t give a hutt about you.
    You will end up in hell fire and the woman will continue with her life

  96. It’s tragically, the husband was really hurt which lead to taking battery water but he should have send the woman out of the house than playing with his own life.

  97. Too bad why will you go drink battery water, even if she is cheating on you, you don’t suppose to do that. What if you die in the act that man will take your place
    Life is easy! U don’t have to kill yourself over a woman and vice versa

  98. this man just wants to kill himself for nothing. a woman who is even telling you to kill yourself, you should know is not your wife. But your death trap.

  99. Drinking battery water doesn’t solve anything rather putting your life in danger…
    I suggest the woman should go for deliverance

  100. He is a stupid man may his soul die with him too, instead of giving the man he caught the acid to drink or give the wife his there drinking it himself he dosnt have Brian’s at all

  101. Infidelity is ranpad this days what is happening? Does it mean people don’t have police dog (conscience) in their heart anymore. I he survived it

  102. Killing yourself because of your wife’s promiscuity is not the solution. She will definitely continue her promiscuous lifestyle after the husband’s death


  104. D man z stupid…. Z he nt d head of d FAM..he shd HV send dat shameless slut home…y committing suicide?

  105. Why will he be drinking battery water because of a cheating wife, the only solution is to divorce her and ride on with your life than dying for her

  106. You should nt av drink DT bcos of a woman,leave d wowan to God to judge,u knw d consequence of adultery

  107. is unfair why is the woman continuously cheating on his wife. Other women and men as well should try to be faithful to there partners

  108. i hope he didn’t die,the unfortunate for him is that after his death,she’ll yet continues to flint around

  109. This wife is a big disgrace to womanhood. Is now her lifestyle. The husband is an unwise and foolish man for taking battery water. If he dies, she will continue full time! Is better he seperate from her than to kill himself.

  110. Some women are stupid instead of you to calm down in your husband place she became a prostitute if he dies she is the course

  111. Sit her down n talk face to face with her, if at all u can’t bear anymore you both should split cos Nothing in this world is worth dying for except Jesus

  112. But suicide is not the solution because if he die the wife will cry for atleast 2 weeks and park to the so called concubine after mourning instead the man should take the piece and continue with life.

  113. You can’t kill yourself for some one who don’t care.. better stay alive. May God help us not to marry our enemy.

  114. OK your wife cheated on you and you went and drank battery water, why not eat the battery also. hope you have tested what some women go through in the hands of a cheating man. I reserve my comments

  115. If you kill yourself.. One year from now, you’ll be a forgotten story and she’ll probably go back to the same guy afterwards. Love your life

  116. Why killing yourself Mr man over your wife’s cheating hmm even if you die she will not be remorseful and she will continue with it

  117. Thank God you have not drink it the second just hold yourself as a man if possible divorce your wife and start a new live

  118. Killing urself won’t help matter instead u just divorce her, she’s a shameless women a disgrace to womanhood

  119. Sorry to say man,you lack ethic. The woman will still continue with her life, even with your property

  120. Y not just leave d woman….now u are battling for ur life and for all I know she might be somewhere cheating right now without any form of remorse…..some women are just heartless,shameless and wicked….later dey blame their misfortune and cause of behaviorial change to Men…. meanwhile most of Dem are just damaged goods

  121. After your death, she’ll become so comfortable doing the same thing. Life’s too short to worry over cheating partner. Get yourself a loyal partner and live a happy life.

  122. The woman should better go back to her father’s house, as for the man stop trying to take your life it’s of God and not yours though it hurts.

  123. You are a very stupid man to kill yourself because of a woman. When there are women everywhere in this world can’t you just get yourself another wife you’re there drinking battery water please men don’t let any woman cause your death.

  124. It’s very painful catching your partner in that act. The man is very stupid, for trying harming himself several time, finally he did. Wish him quick recovery. The wife too should pity the husband and stop the act.

  125. Battery water! If you living didn’t stop her from cheating neither will your death. May he recover quickly.

  126. Why will he drink battery because of woman…God have mercy on him,let him devious his wife instead of him killing himself.

  127. It is absolutely wrong for the man to kill himself via drinking battery water because killing himself is giving the woman the license to continue misbehaving rather the best thing to do is to educate the wife on the dangers of infidelity in marriage believing that one day she will come back to her senses like the prodigal son

  128. What an unfaithful wicked and cheating wife is that, the man shouldn’t have attempted to take his life, he would die and the woman would continue living her life, i pity that man, God help save his life in Jesus name Amen

  129. it is as if u do not love urself…. As for Me sleep with who ever u wanna sleep with… First to do no de pain but second to do na e dey pain pass

  130. The wife action is unpleasant, but nevertheless, drinking battery water is t the next thing, now that the man is going to the point of death, won’t the woman marry whosoever she wishes, definitely the man is indeed in great loss…. I pray God heal you sha

  131. This man is very funny you want to kill your self because of this stupid woman you are calling ur wife well she has started having fun while you are still alive so if u kill ur self am sure she will do it right on top of your grave so u better wake up from this your slumber move on with your dear life

  132. suicidal behaviour, its not advised in issues like please, people should learn from some nonsenses to avoid repeatation

  133. OK your wife cheated on you and you went and drank battery water, why not eat the battery also. hope you have tested what some women go through in the hands of a cheating man. I reserve my comments

  134. Killing yourself because of woman that is rubbish while there so many lady out, is very simple to devoured her and move on with your life, do you know that if you die at the process you are going to hell fire straight? May God help you and give you sense of reasoning, wish you quick recovering shai.

  135. Bro you better wise up, you want to kill yourself because of a woman, you will be the one to cry when you get to hell.

  136. You don’t have to kill yourself because of a useless woman na,because she’s indeed a useless human





  138. You be ldiot man you killed yourself not her because she will be now put on the car air conditioner to move on the car with very speed unlimited

  139. Now that he killed himself , his wife will continue to enjoy her life …the woman was soo foolish

  140. I understand man’s pain. But he shouldn’t have tried taking his life. As for the wife, that one needs God’s intervention because it seems more like a lifestyle.

  141. What sort of cheating is this,countless times she was caught , instead of you to leave the marriage,than disgracing yourself this way, quick recovery to the man

  142. It is not easy to keep quite when such thing happens but it is obvious that he couldn’t control himself. The wife is a very Carlos and unfaithful human being

  143. Why should he have done that…he should have just moved on with his life and God will give him a better and faithful woman as wife

  144. I wonder why you tried to kill yourself over a woman that doesn’t love you cuz if she does love you, she’d never think of cheating on you, there are many woman out there man

  145. Do you really think it’s best to take your own life because of a woman. She doesn’t deserve you simple

  146. Killing oneself because of a woman is the foolish thing nobody worth taking life for wish him quick recovery

  147. What a foolish act by the husband. Killing himself will even givve the woman the leverage to continue in her evil ways.

  148. Nothing worth dieing for .I understand that feelings of betrayal of marital vow but drinking acidic contents is a shade of all wrong. Such a silly thing to do. I pray he survives it.

  149. May his soul rest in perfect peace, love at first sight, you should not have killed yourself now

  150. Suicide attempt is s serious sin before the Almighty creator so my dear, learn to take things the way they are.

  151. So funny, may God guide us and protect us from devil. As for me I hope so that it not his wish death but all what we should pray is that “god should protect us from devil”.

  152. Because of ordinary woman, I pity you o, is there no better woman in this world again, anyway, God will lay his hand upon your life o.

  153. I really pray and hope you get out of this situation because that will not stop the woman from cheating

  154. If he eventually dies, he killed himself, if a woman don’t care of her pride then it is worthless, u can file a divorce, this is not true love is death

  155. It’s quite painful indeed and discouraging. But that is not enough going to that extent to commit suicide. There is nothing more than life

  156. Oh lord please safe his life…. I understand how that can be so hurtful and once u can’t handle it it can lead to this.

  157. All because of a woman, don’t you know that if you die,she will do more than this.why thinking like a baby sir

  158. Some women! They are not worthy to die over. But you need not to kill urself over her. The solution is right their for u

  159. The woman that is cheating to your face, is it when you die that she will stop. Receive sense, that’s if you live.

  160. I wonder why someone would want to take his own life because of a cheating wife.. Why not divorce her and move on with your life. If you kill yourself will that stop her from cheating or are you giving her full licence to flirt.. Life is too precious and beautiful, don’t waste it crying over people that don’t appreciate you… I pray you survive this..

  161. drinking battery water is not a solution, the husband should have seek for separation instead of killing himself.

  162. Hah must he be married to that woman forever? Then he should find better women out there and not committing a suicide

  163. Maybe he sat on his sense that day. So stupid of him. After you die. The man will fully take over. And you will end up in hell

  164. Divorce the bitch jhoor, how can u possibly take ur own life over a bitch who will still cheat even d day u will be buried without thinking. Moreover get urself a decent woman, there are a lot of fishes in the ocean

  165. He drank the battery water now he is dear or near death. And the wife has continued wat he was doing. Who loose??

  166. The man is at fault when he have already caught her before then he should leave the lady alone,if that Lady truly love the man he wouldn’t have do such a thing again,I prayed the man should survive it

  167. Seriously! This man is just suicidal. This is not the first time she is cheating, yet he is still in the relationship, waiting for her to cheat again so that he can have an excuse to drink battery water again. If he survives this time, he should get out of the relationship and go for therapy.

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