Man dressed as woman caught with pants in female hostel in Ogun

A man dressed like a woman caught with pants yesterday at one of the female hostels of the Ogun State College of Health Technology in Ilese-Ijebu.

Man dressed as woman caught with pants in female hostel in Ogun lailasnews 3
Man dressed as woman caught with pants in female hostel in Ogun

He was reportedly nabbed with a bag full of the stolen panties

According to reports, the suspect had gone to the hostel under the guise of selling ice cream. However, when leaving, he was found with more items than he went in with.

This prompted the security guards to demand for a search, only to find a bag full of panties with him.

It was later discovered that he dressed up like a woman to make his operation easier. The suspect has since been handed over to the police for thorough investigation.


  1. Hahahaha this one funny oo. He must express his motive and who sent her. Police begin ur investigation fast

  2. This pant issue is really getting out of hand. Dressing like a woman to steal pants, hmmmm, ladies pls be careful o

  3. Lazy Nigeria youth, so stealing pants is now the most lucrative business in town. Female students would have taking turns in flogging him the number of pants that was seen with him before the security handed him to the police

  4. What is happening with pants nowadays…so the only fast way of raising money now is by using females pants?

  5. Hmm serious $here are these yahoo boy taking the pant to haba let him be beaten by the people there before charging him to police station

  6. A good thing he was searched. Human s can be so wicked. Collecting pants to do what? May God deliver us from them

  7. Stealing of women underwears is really getting out of hand, women should be extremely careful were the keep their undes.

  8. Thank God he was caught, he wanted to use the pants for ritual… God has disgraced him and will disgrace them more.

  9. Lolz, the guy no dey fast abeg. He should have just picked two or four and leave it for another day. But it’s just like the saying, “everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house”. Thank God he was nabbed.

  10. Oh my God what a foolish man,it’s looks funny but that very stupid of him, just all for the sake of money,Thank God they caught him

  11. This pants issues is taking over other crime in Nigeria, the government should please do something about it.

  12. This is the trending thing in town for the ritualists now, female pants. I really hope the government will brace up and curb this nefarious activities

  13. This pant issue is getting out of hand it shouldn’t be taken lightly,he should be severely punished so as to serve as example for others.

  14. Pants issue from corner of Nigeria, this country with difference problems from day. Woman be careful with ur pant.

  15. This pant issue is becoming alarming oooh. But the guy dressed as a woman didn’t even dress accordingly for a lady dressed like that in female hostel, he looks more like a mother than a student.

  16. This pant robbery and issue is getting out of hand. Every one needs to be very careful especially where we spread our panties. Pant thieves are now on rampage.

  17. This is desperation in the highest order. How can a man dress up like a woman just to thief pant. This pant issue is really getting out of hand. Only God will be exposing them.

  18. This is serious this time around even boxer keep ur eyes on all of them wash it inside keep it inside after wash please to avoid tempting them to come for it

  19. He must express his motive and who sent her. Police begin ur investigation he should be severely punished so as to serve as example for others.

  20. Pants news has taken over the news headlines in Nigeria, means must be device to avert people from this act.

  21. What disgraceful act…Oh only in d name of buying Benz and a house in lekki..Thank God he was caught many would have lost their lives.. justice must be served.

  22. Na so he for just sell those girls destiny , thank God he was caught and should be investigated properly

  23. This pants issue is really getting out of hands,the government should please carry out proper investigation.

  24. Oh my God dis trend of selling women’s panties for ritual is becoming alarming could u imagin wat would av happened if he had succeeded

  25. This pant wahala. Lazy Nigerian youths that wants to get rich quick without any hard work. He should tried and jailed in accordance to the law.

  26. I believe he wants to sell them to ritualist, they should arrest him and also AK him to pay for all the pants.

  27. This pant picking is getting more serious everyday, ladies should be very careful especially those living in the dormitory because it is the easiest easy to get pants. May God help us

  28. This pant stealing issues is becoming more viral. He has be beaten before taking him to the police and he must confess

  29. So it has gotten to this, stealing female panties has become the talk of the town, let anyone caught in this act be throughly dealt with, what nonsense! They wanna kill but don’t wanna be killed.

  30. Hey! What is this? What exactly is happening? This stealing of pant story who he help? Cos non has gone Scott free, yet they are still trending. Pant stealers don’t you know God will not allow you hurt is own? Continue trending and being caught.

  31. Hmm very wicked man
    Distroying ladys life bcus of money
    U most be punished
    U don’t have a heart
    May God help and 4give u

  32. Wonders shall never end,why are you people looking for quick wealth,this news about stealing female panties is getting too much.Government please do something

  33. They should have beaten him to death before any other thing, imagine how many peoples destiny in that bag, oh my God

  34. Jesus Christ what is this would turning into
    Stealing of pants is now the talk of the day
    God have mercy on him

  35. Hahaha… Has it gotten to that?
    Maybe he is stealing them to go sale to yahoo boys. May God have mercy on us

  36. This pant issue is really getting out of hand. Dressing like a woman to steal pants, may God help us ladies oo.

  37. Stealing of pants is becoming unbecoming.please the first thing is to ask the man is what they are doing with lady pants before handing him over to the police.

  38. These pants thieves deserve jungle justice cause the police will set them free once their godfathers come for them

  39. Wonder shall never end,he want to make quick money,thank God the security were smart enough to have noticed him

  40. Benz vendor, wholesale and retail marketer. Your cup has been filled to the brim with your wickedness. You for just take one or two comot, but greed no gree you use your head. Thank God sey dem catch you.

  41. Since they now steal pants for rituals, most people has turned it to something else, he should be dealt with and explain the motives of his action


  43. World end time is here! I am very sure this is a tool for another form of ritualistic activities. Ladies should be very careful not to spread their panties outside. What has the world turning into?

  44. Na wahoo this pants thing is getting to much now its not even safe for you to spread your pant inside your house again Nigeriaaaa its better for the lady’s to go pantless then this guy must be punished for this

  45. That is a good news. God is really exposing those people making polluting our society this year. Nice to our security apparatus

  46. What will, people not do, the poverty level is so high and that makes people want to get out at all cost

  47. This is serious he must be a rituallist, I don’t think anyone will be collecting female pants for pleasure unless if he wants to use it for rituals. The law should handle him properly for him to confess what he intends to do with the pants.

  48. Pant terrorists…. Please more investigation should be made to know who he supplies the stolen pants or his motive of stealing the panties

  49. Ladies aren’t safe any longer with new development of pant stealing.. Please he should be dealt with servely

  50. This pant issue is really getting out of hand, somebody can not wash her pant and keep in peace hmm, everybody wants to buy Benz, with a lady’s pant, nawa ooh, lady’s pls be more careful, thank God he was caught,

  51. This issue of pants again… Like the actress said no more pants… Should we stop wearing pants… Ritualist. God please arrest them always. Oga go to jail…. And remain there

  52. Hahahaha this one funny oo. He must express his motive and who sent her. Police begin ur investigation fast

  53. Pant is now a hot cake. For somebody to go to this extent to get it? Security personnel in that hostel should better sit up. This man succeeded in getting in meaning that the place is very porous.

  54. This panties issue is really getting out of hand,he should be thoroughly investigated to know whom he is working with

  55. This is serious this stealing pants for ritual is getting out of hand. He should be killed. He is a ritualistic.

  56. Wonders will soon end oooo, what these stealing of panties will cause is only God that will save us

  57. I can’t just stop laughing, this is serious oooo, I initially thought pant thing is just a joke. Women have to be extra careful now ooo

  58. Hahaha pant keee so funy BT that serves him right he should give his reasons and must b punish if he is mentally ok

  59. with events like this on the rise,ladies are in for turbulent times,especially the careless one

  60. Even as it looks funny but, God has said your cup is full. Desperate people everywhere u want to make money either by hook or crook…

  61. this pant of a thing is getting out of hand.this thing needs to be taken serious now. ladies u should be careful of who allow inside ur room cos nobody is to be trusted.

  62. Yahoo boys at it again,stealing of pants is now their work,They shd start enforcing the law on pants stealers pls,it really getting out of hand

  63. What in the name is going on with panties now? Females can’t wear them in peace again because of those ritualists. Thank God the evil man was caught red handed

  64. Police should not spare them,since they decided to suffer their follow humans and God exposed them, let them suffer first.

  65. This is very ridiculous. The man has something very bad to do with those pants and he should be punished for doing g such thing

  66. Mystery of pants stealing is just all over, May God help us…
    this one should receive his judgement and serve as an example for those others looking for a strange money.

  67. I am not understanding again o.
    I thought this was a joke before but now, it seems to be pretty serious.
    It’s like we will stop wearing pants to save our lives

  68. Thank God his caught wicked people God will always protect us for the hand of this wicked people ooo..

  69. This matter is really getting out of hand. People will soon start sleeping and going about with there panties

  70. Thank God you were caught, you want to steal someone’s panties to make money. What a wicked word!! I pray you don’t come out alive

  71. Na like that God they catch enemies one by one..God will continue to expose them..Somebody cannot wear pant in peace

  72. See the humiliation he has to go to just to carry out a devilish plan. ThankGod he was caught. These are the people that are supposed to be sentenced to death because that is ur intentions as well

  73. Nice job from the security Guy’s. This man should be Locked up and interrogated to get more information from him

  74. Hhahahaha. nothing we no go see for our country . dressing as girls to steal pants . this is serious o

  75. May God continue to reveal them, kudos to the security officer, ladies should be very careful with their under wears this days

  76. This pant stealing of a thing is seriously on the 8ncrease, it appears on the news everyday from one state to another

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