Man discovers he has a twin, will keep experiencing problems till he finds twin sister

A 33-year-old man who recently discovered he was born a twin, has gone in search of his twin sister as he was told that he will keep experiencing problems in life till he finds her.

Man discovers he has a twin, will keep experiencing problems till he finds twin sister lailasnews

Taiwo Dare Lamidi who realized at some point in life that all was never going as planned,  was told he was born a twin after he sought spiritual help. His mother who had also made her own spiritual consultations and was given the same information as her son, was said to be unconscious after birth and when she regained consciousness, she was presented with only one child.

Taiwo’s mum was told that she had a daughter, but the child was separated from her twin brother at birth. His paternal grandmother who was also confronted by Taiwo who has been searching for his twin, was told that he was so big at birth that he compressed his twin sister. It was further gathered that his paternal grandmother refused disclosing what was done to his sister.

The distraught man who accused the management of the hospital where he was born of conniving and theft of his twin sister, was reportedly told that the only way his life will turn around will be to set eyes on her. He was told that she’s alive and he has to find her.

Speaking to crime puzzle, he said;

My condition has been so precariously despicable that everywhere I go for spiritual cleansing, they always ask after my twin sister. It got to a point that I had to confront my mother with this revelation. She claimed to had been unconscious after delivery, adding that she knew she was filled with joy when I was presented to her hale and hearty, apparently oblivious of the evil done to her.

This prompted my mother to embark on her own fact-finding mission, also in the spiritual way, and the results she got were in tandem with mine.

More worrisome is the revelation from all the spiritualists my mother and I consulted. They all spoke in unison that the only way out of my present quagmire is to set my eyes on my twin sister.

Still confused, I challenged my paternal grandmother with this fact. Her response was shocking. She said I was so big at birth to the extent that my weight compressed my sister. What happened to her, she did not disclose. This apparently suggests that my mother was likely to have been sedated shortly after our delivery, not to know that we were born twins.

Meanwhile, I have been severally told that ‘Kehinde’ is very much alive. I am using this medium to make a passionate plea for assistance to help me look for her. I am from Ile Olu-Oje in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.


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