Man dies after jumping into the sea during a random police raid

A young man has lost his life during a police raid in Badagry, Lagos state.

According to reports, the young man jumped into the sea to avoid being caught by the policemen that were chasing them.

A friend who sent his tribu\te to him on social media typed:

Nigeria police pursue my guy till death, they stormed marina at Badagry Lagos on the 27th, all guys ran away because of all the police eveil jobs. Cis of panic my guy had to jump inro th sea. People who tried to help him was stopped and threatened to be killed by the police, they left him to drown, this is goo bad pls. They are kiling us too much for no reason. My guy is gone for real I cant believe this.

There has been no official statement from the Police force about the incident.

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