Man commits suicide on Abuja railway track

A yet to be identified middle aged man committed suicide on Abuja railway track, as confirmed by eyewitnesses who shared the report.

Man commits suicide on Abuja railway track lailasnews

The incident reportedly occurred today at about 12:45pm, a kilometre away from the Kubwa Railway Station and it was gathered that the man who left a suicide note, was sighted lying down on the rail track waiting for the train, shortly before the train ran over him.

The man who committed suicide on Abuja railway track, left the note in a bag containing some clothes by the side of the railway track and it contained a short message, supposedly to his wife and kid, which reads: “Please forgive me for I do not have funds to take care of you.’’

Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) Spokesperson, Mr Niyi Ali, who confirmed this incident to NAN disclosed that investigation had begun into the incident to unravel the real motive behind the act.

“We will like to find out what will warrant a young man to lay in wait on a train track to take his life.”

A person who commits suicide should be dumped in evil forest - Man


  1. Frustration and hopelessness everywhere… But the fact remains that when there is life, there is hope

  2. Frustration and hopelessness everywhere… But the fact remains that when there is life, there is hope

  3. Oh my God! I feel his pains…the pains and frustration of not being able to provide for your family…….May God forgive our leaders for bringing pains and hardship in this country…..suicide should never be an option

  4. What? How will you lie in wait for train to crush you, so tragic the rate at which people are giving up is alarming o

  5. No conditions is permanent
    He shouldn’t have killed himself but pray to God and am very sure that God will surely do his wonderful in his life

  6. Before anyone commits suicide, there are series of symptoms among which is depression. People should make it their business to talk or counsel such persons. As long as their is life, their is hope.

  7. He shouldn’t have kill him self if der is life der is still hope may his soul rest in perfect peace amen

  8. Why do you do this to yourself killing yourself is nt the best solution, may your soul rest in peace

  9. All these suicide commiters!!! Hmmmm, only if they know it doesn’t just worth it. If you’re not getting the temporary things in life. Let it go cos we will all die someday and have peace.

  10. This is tragic and so bad. Although life might be upside down for anyone but there is always a better tomorrow. If there is life there is hope

  11. So you think killing yourself will change what na, suicide me I don’t know why someone will take the life that was given to him free of charge fa now the family will take him to be a failure and selfish man anyway I hope his soul rest in peace

  12. There Is a saying “wen there is will there is hope” he might have faced many difficulties in life. Rip

  13. He is frustrated with issues of life and he had no option…but that is not the best decision…because once others life theres hope

  14. That shouldn’t be a reason to take his own life, for as long as there is life, hope exists… My dearest sympathy to his family

  15. I know how frustrating it can be to have a family and not be able to cater for the family. But suicide is not the answer. No matter what as a man, you have to stay strong for your family

  16. Did the wife ever complain about him not being able to take care of her n d children 6
    Seriously there’s another reason behind his suicide

  17. Jesus!! suicide is getting more and more in Nigeria and I think this poverty of a thing will be the cause, but it doesn’t worth taking life… Rip

  18. Hmmm even though life is hard . people should voice out what they are going through rather than take their lives

  19. Life is never a bed of roses sometime is good other times is bad so why commit an unforgivable sin by taking ur precious life.

  20. I don’t know why people keep on committing suicide
    God is the final hope when it seems there is no hope. Let’s bear that in mind pls

  21. na wa o for all this people o. so how did they reason things self. so committing suicide is that the best?????

  22. So many depressed heart these days. They should try and ask his wife and kids what bothered him to drop the note and committed suicide

  23. Very unwise decision! Why are people so much in a hurry to go to hell when they still have hope here on earth? Which one is the reason behind his action, when he has already written it in the note he left that he can’t take of his family? He is really a big looser and failure to the core! You don’t have the hope of eternal life and you rushed to Christless eternity.

  24. No situation in life I worth killing yourself for, the worst we can do to ourselves is to commit suicide

  25. What a painful death that will be ! But as long as there is life, there is hope. Rest in peace. May God take care of your wife and children you left behind.

  26. When u can’t feed yourself talk more of a wife and child/children when poverty has become our sleep mate. Why will he not kill himself

  27. May his soul rest in peace, I believe no situation is permanent, but the frustration in Nigeria can make someone misbehave

  28. Now that he has killed himself and left the burden of taking care of the kids on the wife. Will he not push the woman to commit suicide too. Something that he could not do with the help of his wife. He has left for only one person to do

  29. When one is down with depression , the people around need to ne there for them because they struggle everyday to stay alive. May his soul rest in peace

  30. When you are in a country were things happens , evil ones precisely, the rate of suffering and poverty is very high so it can make a depressed man to lose his life

  31. No reason for him to take his life,although things are very bad now in the country,but things will get better, suicide is not an option at all,now you have made your wife and child, widow and fatherless

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