Man commits suicide in Lagos state

A yet-to-be-identified man has committed suicide by hanging, this morning, in Lagos. The middle aged man was found dead in Lagos Island.

Man commits suicide in Lagos state lailasnews

There was confusion in the early hours of today on Catholic Mission Road, opposite the Court of Appeal in Lagos Island, as a result of the incident.

The man, clad in Ankara native attire, was found hanging on a rope which looked like a braided long scarf, tied to a fruit tree.

According to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Policemen at the scene of the incident confirmed the happening, but told NAN that they were not allowed to comment on the issue yet until proper investigation was carried out.

They said they would not loosen the noose around the man’s neck or search his pockets for identification purposes until doctors arrived to confirm him officially dead.

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There was confusion at the scene as one bMr Ige Adedoja, a resident of the area, who was at the scene of the incident, said that traditional rites needed to be performed before anyone could loosen the noose from the man’s neck.

He said that he met many people at the scene and that no-one but doctors could confirm the actual time of death.

The man was still hanging from the tree as at 9am, when this report was filed.


  1. Hmmmmmmmm
    Committing suicide has turned to the order of the day for depreesed people
    May God save us all

  2. Suicide everywhere, may God not make us experience a situation that will make suicide be a choice. Only God knows what the man was going through

  3. That’s akward, sucide has turned the order of the day. I pray we never see any situation that will makw us commit such crime. ‘amen’

  4. Must they resort to committing suicide…have they forgotten that when there is life there is hope…rest in peace

  5. Commuting suicide hmmm that is the last option one should think of but let sit back and wait for investigations made.

  6. Only God knows what and why he committed suicide. People should please learn how to chill we will all die one day, the life we are leaving is not ours, it belongs to the Almighty, taking it by yourself is a serious sin. May his soul rest in peace. Amen

  7. End of time Jesus said many things will be happening n that is what we seening now,God v Marcy on him

  8. The situation of this country is just making people depressed… That’s why they are killing themselves
    I’ll blame buhari

  9. Nothing is permanent in this life not even your problems. Now he took his own life. Rip to him.

  10. The General public has to be sensitized about suicide of a thing , the rate at which people are committing suicide is too much

  11. This is completely outageous! No matter how tough life seems to be, taking ones life has never been the best option and will never.
    May his soul rest in peace

  12. The rate at which suicide is been committed in this country is becoming worrisome,no matter the situation or the hardship is not a reason for anyone to commit suicide

  13. The rate at which people commits suicide in this country is becoming worrisome,no matter the situations or hardship is not a reason for anyone to commits suicide

  14. Please a proper invesgation should be made,y will anyone take his or her life eh may his soul rest in peace thou

  15. What could have led him to this? Or is it murder and the murderer is trying to fram it to be a murder

  16. Very bad indeed. whatever may have happened shouldn’t warrant one taking his life by hanging.. Rest in peace.

  17. That’s akward, sucide has turned the order of the day. I pray we never see any situation that will makw us commit such crime. ‘amen

  18. Only in this PMB’s administration that Nigeria has recorded the highest number of suicide.
    It’s true that things are hard these days but committing suicide is not the best option.
    As far as Nigeria is concern everyone has a problem bothering him or her

  19. what a terrible news.Hardship must have made this man to take his own life.Rest in peace to him.The doctors need to go and do the needful so that the man can br brought and necessary actions taken

  20. The rate at which people are taking their own lives nowadays is alarming. Depression is an issue that needs to be tackled urgently before it get out of hand. What am I even saying?…its already out of hand!
    May God help us and comfort his loved ones that is if he has any.

  21. Drepression is real, who said committing sucide is the end of a problem?. People should find ways of solving their problems

  22. This not good enough what could happen that he have to commit suicide police should investigate the issue

  23. , it belongs to the Almighty, taking it by yourself is a serious sin. May his soul rest in peace. Amen

  24. Why the suicide? Killing his self Is Not the best option, Unless He Is manipulated. May his soul Rest in peace

  25. Suicide is never the answer . No to suicide . No matter what the situation might be . Commuting suicide is never an answer

  26. A yah that is too bad of him o because no matter the amount of challenges you are facing in life that shouldn’t have make you to do that

  27. The rate of suicide is becoming too much and I think the FG should do something about it,Nigerians are going through a lot

  28. That was how someone from my state committed suicide too. Na wa, what is this world turning to

  29. Depression is one of the causes of suicide. Suicide is never an option because when you commit suicide your blood is on your head together with the sins you have committed. It’s a double punishment. Woe to those who choose suicide as an option.

  30. What might be the real reason behind this man suicidal death, is depression or been controlled by some satanic spirits only God in heaven knows. May his rest in peace.

  31. This should be investigated because it might not really be suicide, may be someone killed him and made it look suicide.

  32. Whatever the issue was it that made him commit this suicide never worth it. He’s way too precious for that. Hell fire calls his soul.

  33. No matter his conditions, committing suicide is never the solution. I think he committed suicide due to depression.

  34. No Mata the level of depression or anger life may offer I don’t think it worth taking away your own life for these life wey sweet like this…… Hmhmhmhmh….. God please save us

  35. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Almighty God will forgive him his sins as we don’t know why he decided to take his life.

  36. This is so Pathetic and sorrowful, God have mercy at us in this country and save our sole from evil act. May his sole rest in peace.

  37. Who knows what led him to do that,suicide is not the option,i pray God to forgive and accept your soul

  38. No matter the situation.. You don’t have to kill your self…she shouldn’t have killed herself.

  39. How sure are will that the man hang himself there or someone else hang the man and leave it so that people will think he commit suicide the doctor are suppose to know the time he hang himself is there any prove that shows the man killed himself

  40. No matter the situation you are facing it must end one-day, anything that has a beginning must surely have ending…… God have a plan for you

  41. No rip for you cos you don’t have the right to terminate what you can’t create. For no reason should you take your life

  42. Very sad and disappointing. How can one think if ending his life over what I don’t know. Depression or lack or anger. What ever may be the case it’s unheard off.

  43. This is scary ooo, committing suicide is bad. No matter what you should have been brave to face it na.

  44. What could lead a young man to commit suicide. There is no rest in peace for him because it is a sin to hang oneself

  45. Oh My God!!!!…..They’ve started again this year oooo!!….Suicide is not the answer, Depression is real but suicide is not the way out.

  46. Committing sucide is never a solution to problems infact it sends them to hell fire it’s unfortunate for that fellow

  47. I don’t know what judgment he is going to face for taking his life….. It is against the teaching of the scriptures….

  48. This might be as a result of depression or life challenges but no matter what yhu are facing… Committing suicide ain’t the best option

  49. oh God what will made him did so to him self I thought people no longer commit suicide oo ash too bad

  50. Why do people resort to suicide as if that will solve their problems. It rather creates more problems for the people left behind. Rest in peace as u have chosen ur date of death.

  51. Proper investigation should be carried out,,,, who knows, this may be murder in disguise instead of suicide

  52. I wish people will know that they are not suppose to kill and that when you commite sucide younare a killer and God will ask you for that blood you waste

  53. Poor man. I want to say that taking your life for the fact that things is not going as plan is not the option for sucide

  54. only God knows tomorrow so you don’t ave to die by handing that a very big sin to your self,may your soul rest in perfect peace

  55. Taking his own life is out of his jurisdiction. He does not v the right to do that. Has killing himself help stop or solve the problem that propelled him in the first place

  56. He who commit suicide facing times 1000000 of it in God hand because you not the 1 that have the soul the soul just kept in your hand for you to take care of it

  57. Committing suicide is never a good option or solution no matter the problem or situation. There’s always for the living. Sad he had to take his own life for whatever reason.

  58. Bad things are happening. Depression everywhere Poverty ruling the land. In all these problems is not worth taking ones life.

  59. Poverty and hardship is to much in Nigeria that why depression and suicide has become other of the day, but then suicides is never the end of any situations because he has just created another problem for his family now. The family should take heart may their souls rest in peace

  60. Only God knows what led to that action the truth of the matter is depression these days is causing a lot in this country Nigeria seem to be tiring


  62. This committing of suicide they mad me because things is hard in our country and people is forced to die so that them can get rest

  63. I don’t know why one would commit suicide. Dat problem has a way it can be solved. Suicide is not an option

  64. What on earth will make someone commit suicide. People tend to forget that when there is life there is hope

  65. Committing suicide is highly unusual in Africa. Only God knows what really happened to the young man.

  66. Ha, does it mean that people are tired of this world and decide to end it all through succide, God pls we need your intervention, this evil

  67. So sad but how did commiting suicide become Rampant like this hmm the don’t know what is there that’s why

  68. Depression is really causing a lot of suicide deaths we are seeing today in the world. The pressure, the hardship and expectations are major causes of this depression today. The awareness must be done now to keep people at alert and watch out for one another and observe when ones behavior changes. Many people needs help because it affects both the rich and poor among us. My condolence to the family.

  69. I always said that suicide is never the solution to any problem, let try as much as possible to orientate our young upcoming generation to desist from the act of suicide

  70. May his soul rest in peace and I pray God forgive him for his sins but I don’t think God will forgive him for the suicide he committed

  71. . People should please learn how to chill we will all die one day, the life we are leaving is not ours, it belongs to the Almighty, taking it by yourself is a serious sin. May his soul rest in peace. Amen

  72. So is this new year starting with suicide everywhere? God help us ooo . May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  73. Why will someone take his life ?I can’t just predict,nawa oo.May thr Lord forgives him and grant him eternity.

  74. This committing suicide is becoming too rampant.

    May God continue to help us not to give up

  75. He felt the world was not a place for him forgetting there is only one who can make life comfortable for him

  76. They should cut him loose and dig anywhere to dump him in
    What’s about ascertaining the time of death
    He is not fit to live as that’s his decision
    And so be it

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