Man commits suicide in church over rape accusation (Graphics photo)

A man has committed suicide in church after he was accused of raping a minor, according to reports.

The man reportedly killed himself by hanging in St Peter’s Anglican Cathedral on Likoma Island in Malawi on Monday, November 12, 2018.

Man commits suicide in church over rape accusation lailasnews 3
Man commits suicide in church over rape accusation

The Likoma Police Station spokesperson, Mcliff Ngulube identified the deceased as Kennedy Malikita, from Chamba Village,Traditional Authority (T.A) Mkumpha on the Island.

It was gathered that on Monday afternoon, one Mr. Charles went in the Cathedral for his usual daily prayers.

According to Ngulube, upon entry, he was surprised to see the deceased hanging from the roof of the Cathedral.

Nigerian photographer leaves "suicide note" on Twitter

He rushed to inform the police who took the body to St Peters Hospital where postmortem result indicates death due to suffocation.

Later on, the police established that the deceased was defilement suspect which was reported to the police the previous day.


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  1. Hanging yourself was not the best way to solve the issue. Well since you haven taken your life yourself other involved in the case will live on

  2. This act could be that he was guilty and ashamed to be found guilty. Why commit suicide when he knows he’s not guilty? This spirit behind suicidal action is really making waves and God will cease power from them. He just died for nothing. What a loss.

  3. The act of taking his life is much evidence that he truly committed the crime he was accused of. The shame of facing the law and the church led him to commuting suicide

  4. If he is innocent of the accusation, he should have faced his trial. Hanging himself in church is not a way to prove his innocence. Now, he’s even going to God and judgement for the act of suicide.

  5. could it be that the man is innocent of the accusation? or could it be that he is actually guilty of the accusation and cant stand the shame? what could be his reason of choosing the church as the right and convenient place for him to hang himself? well, he is dead and the rape victim will just have to take things the way they are, go through proper medical checks and see a psychologist if need be. the family of the deceased will be burdened by his death and so on while hoping to know the truth someday

  6. This is evil. Even of he felt like killing himself to avoid the consequences of his action, it shouldn’t have been in the church. As for me, I will leave worshipping in that church oh.

  7. This really prove that the man is innocent but he took it so far. He actually believe that no one will hear his own story about the defilement. RIP man

  8. My God in church too that so disrespect to God why not go to the bush and do the killing if he so Inger to dye rather than church.respect people respect .

  9. Even if you are accused of rape and you are innocent God knows how to deliver his people. Suicide is also sin. May God forgive your suicidal act. Rest in peace.

  10. Killing yourself is not the best option even if you were guilty or innocent of the crime rather is a punishment . This is a lesson to everyone because no one knows what will happen in the next 30minutes. Never you kill yourself because of anything rest the case to God because only him has the final say. He even do it in church ha na wao ooooo is only baby Christain that do things this way because they just go to church forgoing sake( make he no be like say I no goooooo make I just go) are the once who killed theirself because they don’t know who God is and what he’s capable of doing that is why. And we human we should be very careful because our mouth can destroy and lead souls to hell . Only God knows how this case was even handle that lead to this now Hmmm rest in peace sha

  11. That is not enough reason for him to take his own life, at the end of the day you will still end in hell for talking your own life so what’s the essence

  12. He should have made them understand he didn’t commit the crime…why taking his own life in the process? Rip!

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