Man chops off wife’s hand staying too long at funeral

50-year-old mother of 9, Maria Rioba Musa is seeking for justice after her husband identified as Musa Matiko Gisiri reportedly attacked her using a panga on Thursday night, for overstaying at a funeral function at Tarang’anya village in Kuria West sub-county of Kenya.

Man chops off wife's hand staying too long at funeral lailasnews

“I left for a funeral on Monday at one of our in laws homestead, we thought the burial was to take place on that day but it delayed until Wednesday which caused of the problem,” Maria said.

“When I came back home on Thursday I prepared supper when my husband came back home and started attacking me,” she said.

KNA reports that Maria whose right hand the doctors are trying to save, lost her her left hand as attempts to cut off her right hand failed because the panga did not slice through the middle of her palm.

Rioba who was left bleeding by her husband, his brother and other family members in the homestead, was saved by her relatives in the same village who rushed to the home and took her to hospital, as she was also cut her on her fore head and hurled a spear through her stomach.

“They refused to report the matter to the police, I passed out and only came around to the hospital after my brother’s son took me here,” she said.

She called on police to arrest her husband “and let him also feel the pain I am feeling and the disability I’ll deal with.”

Her daughter, Catherine Musa, a first year student at Msomi TTC said her mother has been the sole bread winner for her eight other siblings, including five who are in high school and colleges.

“My mother had to remain at the funeral until burial because it is our custom, we are now facing a bleak future as she was our main breadwinner,” Catherine said.


Recall also in 2016, a Kenyan woman, Jackline Mwende’s hands were butchered and she was left with injuries to her head after she was brutally attacked by her husband, who blamed her for not being able to conceive any children during their seven-year marriage.

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