Man calls off engagement after fiancee declared she’ll never cook for him

Nigerian journalist and activist, Gimba Kakanda, has shared an interesting story of how one of his friends ended his engagement to his fiancee.

Man calls off engagement after fiancee declared she'll never cook for him lailasnews

According to Gimba, his friend’s fiancee told her man she wasn’t going to bear his name after they were married and she wasn’t going to cook either. As if that wasn’t enough, she also refused her fiancé’s request to let a relative cook for him, since she wasn’t going to cook for him.

Read Gimba’s tweets below:

My friend explained why he broke up with his fiancée and I’m confused. She said she won’t adopt his name after marriage, he said it’s OK. Then she said she’s also not going to cook. To this he said he had a plan. His cousin would live with them, and cook. She opposed the idea.

That she preferred a non-relative as cook. And he said he didn’t like the idea of a stranger being in charge of what he would eat. They held on to their positions, and finally ended it this week.

Those sudden withdrawals are often triggered by the little things we choose not to address while they accumulate, and poor communication. You reach a certain point and then say to yourself: no, I deserve a better deal in life.

Lol! As if everyone is Muslim. The subject of my tweet is actually a Christian. And I’m sure that tweet was shared by someone who doesn’t know or adhere to the ways of the women listed.

They say it’s for equality. A boss once teased that his wife refused to adopt his name until he declared interest to run for Governor.

Man breaks up with fiancée over a cooking disagreement lailasnews 1


Nigerian journalist reveals how his friend broke up with his fiancée lailasnews 2


Some followers of the Nigerian journalist who reacted to the tweets, made feminists the scape goat of the incident. Feminists were accused of influencing the ‘un-African’ decision’ of most women across the globe, with their equality demand.

However some who also reacted to the tweet, said some people carry scars from past experiences and family upbringing. They further stated that they don’t think the cook issue might be the deal breaker, as there must have been other unspoken issues that all added up to the breakup.

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