Man brutalizes his fiancée 3 months to their wedding (Photos)

A Nigerian man allegedly brutalizes his fiancee just 3 months to their wedding. A twitter user, Obayinde has called out his cousin’s fiance for beating her to a pulp just a few months to their brutalizes fiancée 3 months to their wedding (Photos) - lailasnews

In a tweet thread, @Obayinde recounted how his cousin suffered domestic violence in the hands of the man she was going to married to in August. He shared pictures of his cousin brutalized saying she was not involved in a motor bike accident but domestic violence.

According to him, this is not the first time he is doing this to her but she has apparently been covering up for him. Read below the story of the man, Prince Adelufosi Adelekan Lawrence who brutalizes his fiancee 3 months to their wedding.

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His last word of advice to ladies, he wrote;

Ladies, God cherishes your life more than he cherishes “marriage” don’t kill yourself in an attempt to keep a man.

The reason for the fight or what led to this brutality was not revealed and Nigerians who have been reacting to the story on twitter say there is no reason good enough for a man to lay his hands on a woman. Especially not one he intends spending the rest of his life with.  Many others are just thankful she will not end up marrying him anymore but called for his immediate arrest.

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  1. The man who did this to the woman he intends to marry is not only a fool and a coward but also a beast who is incapable of being a husband.I advise the lady to run for her dear life before she is sent to an early grave in the name of marriage. Thank God they are not yet married. He cannot change but will continue with his sadistic act.

  2. This man is a devil, this is not domestic violence, it is a demonic devil, the lady go to court and put a restrain order ASAP

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