Domestic Violence: Man brutalises his pregnant wife over gambling issues

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A 4 month pregnant woman is currently suffering from domestic violence in her home. The husband is alleged to have beaten and brutalized her over his gambling habits.

According to the woman, she has been in the marriage for about 3 years now and the abuse started immediately after the marriage. The worst came jut yesterday evening when she tried to cold him about his addition to gambling and the man wouldn’t take any of that.

Man brutalises his pregnant wife over gambling issues Lailasnews 9

He resorted to another round of battering and the woman who sustained injuries in various parts of her body has cried out for help.

In her conversation she had with a human rights activist identified as Emeka Ugwuonye, she even mentioned that the husband tried to kick her twice in her stomach, with the intent to destroy her pregnancy. But fortunately for her, she was able to dodge the kick.

She even showed off the knife which he allegedly used on her.

The human right activist however assured her that the man will be arrested by police this morning, but she seemed to be scared about her life and asked what will happen if he killed her before the next morning.

Below are the screenshots of the conversation she had with Human Rights activist, Emeka Ugwuonye‎.


While domestic violence is a global problem, it has literarily taken residence in Africa with endless stories of pains and sorrow following it. In Nigeria particularly, the epidemic has assumed a disturbing dimension that even current penalties have not been able to serve as deterrent.
Although described as any violent confrontation between family or household members such as spouses/partners, relatives, children or wards, involving physical harm, wilful intimidation, sexual assault, psychological or emotional assault, women have remained the chief sufferers of domestic violence in Nigeria, with perpetrators claiming to be acting in accordance with tradition.




  1. What an inhumane act
    Wickedness in the highest order
    A pregnant woman?
    for Christ sake, what’s wrong with this motherfuckers called men

    Why must a woman go through this kind of hell

    Madam, please leave that house immediately
    Better still, go to your parent’s house, that’s if they are still alive

    Your life and that of your unborn child is very important to your loved ones


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