Man brags about infecting partner with HIV in video

A video making rounds on social media, shows a man bragging about having HIV as well as infecting his estranged girlfriend with the deadly virus.

Man brags about infecting partner with HIV in video lailasnews

MTO alleged in their report that the 23-year-old man from Savannah, Georgia is bisexual and he contracted the virus during a gay encounter. Taking to Facebook live to brag about infecting his partner with the deadly virus, the man said;

‘The b*tch is nasty. The b*tch might even have HIV, I’m going to be real with the b*tch.

I’ve been messing with tha b*tch every day, knowing that I’m HIV positive. I don’t give a f*ck about that b*tch.
B*tch now you have HIV. – and you have Gonorhea, Genital Herpes, and Chlamidya.’

Here is the video.

This follows up report of an Italian man who was sentenced to 24 years in prison, for infecting more than 30 women with the HIV virus, after having deliberately having unprotected sex with them.

Valentino Talluto, a 33-year-old accountant, seduced dozens of women via social networks for a decade before his arrest in November 2015. Police believe he had sex with at least 53 women during that time, passing on the virus to 32 of them.

The male partners of three of the women subsequently contracted the potentially fatal illness, as did the eight-month-old infant of a fourth woman.

Throughout the trial, which opened in March in Rome, the women described how Talluto had wined and dined them and claimed to have fallen in love with them before persuading them to have unprotected sex.

The women who had asked him to wear a condom said he told them he was allergic or had just been tested for HIV.

When some of the the women discovered they were HIV positive – by chance, due to health problems or after other women he dated raised the alarm – they said he said it had nothing to do with him. Others only discovered they had HIV after they heard of Talluto’s arrest.

Many of the victims were students, some mothers. The youngest was 14 at the beginning of their relationship, the oldest around 40. Each described the horrors of HIV, including the stigma, which distanced even family members, and the ordeal of treatment.


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