Nigerian man blocks friend’s plan to travel to Zambia for supporting Buhari

A man’s plan to travel to Zambia has been blocked by his friend who took to social media to reveal on how he carried out his plot, all because his friend supported President Muhammadu Buhari in the last presidential election.

In his post, the man said he sent a email to the Zambia Interior Minister and notified him of a potential terrorist’s visit to their country, while giving him the details of his friend.

Nigerian man blocks friend's plan to travel to Zambia for supporting Buhari lailasnews 4

His friend, not aware of his plans, made the move to travel to Zambia, but was deported immediately after landing in the country.

Read his 1st post he made while reacting to a discussion Nigerians leaving the country in search for greener pastures:

You can say that again. Surprisingly a close friend who always block my ear with how much @MBuhari is the best thing that had happen to Nigeria since 17th Century wish to relocate to Zambia but I emailed Zambia interior Minister with his full detail as a terrorist. He is on.


He then posted on the communications he had with his friend after he was deported:

So my friend thought that I was joking and he attempted to run away from Nigeria to Zambia but guess what ?

I don’t use eyes drops in my ears. You can’t claim next level and want to run away. I am meeting him at the weekend of buy him beer.


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