Man beat his wife after she slapped his side chic at Filmhouse Cinemas

There was a mild drama at a cinemas in Lagos after a married man allegedly beat his wife after she confronted him and his side chic at the cinemas.

The man was reported to have taken the young lady to the Cinemas to watch a movie and have fun, but unknown to him, his wife had trailed them right to the cinemas.

The moment she spotted the lady in her husband’s car, she was reported to have asked her to come down from the car, pounced on her and slapped her terribly.

Witnesses at the scene reported that the woman had asked the young lady if she didn’t know that he is a married man with kids at home. The girl was reported to have been dismayed by the assault and couldn’t utter a single word.

the alleged side chic

The man in his reaction, didn’t take the assault on his side chic lightly and instead vented his anger on his wife.

He was reported to have taken off his belt and flogged her terribly. She was reported to have run to her car and was about driving out of the scene when the man blocked the road and asked her to get off the SUV.

The man then asked her to hand over the key to the car as he was the one that bought the car for her and so he had every right to retrieve it.

It took the intervention of the security personnel at the scene with the assistance of the LASTMA officials deployed to the area to stop the husband from beating his wife further.

The alleged side chic was spotted away from the scene while the man was battering the wife. She was reported to have called on a friend to report the incident and requested that the friend come pick her up.


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