Man arrested for using ex-girlfriend’s card to book flight for new girlfriend

A man has been arrested at the airport after using his ex-girlfriend’s card he stole from her to book for Holiday flight to Paris with his new girlfriend.

Angel Exford, 29, dated Michael Fehsenfeld, 26, for a few months before their relationship broke down in September.

Man arrested for using ex-girlfriend's card to book flight for new girlfriend lailasnews 7
Man arrested for using ex-girlfriend’s card to book flight for new girlfriend

On a date before the break-up he claimed he had lost his wallet so she gave him her purse to pay for their meal.

He used the chance to take her card details and after blocking her on social media, money started to mysteriously leave her account.

Her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend intercepted by police at Gatwick Airport

From flowers to hotel rooms the final straw came when flights and accommodation to Paris were paid for with her card.

She realised he was showering another girlfriend with gifts and a romantic getaway – so she decided to get revenge.

Miss Exford found out when Mr Fehsenfeld was due to fly to Paris and turned up at Gatwick Airport to catch him on October 5, where police were ready to arrest him.

The dental hygienist, from south London, shared the story on Twitter where it has gone viral with the hashtag #fraudbae.

Mr Fehsenfeld pleaded guilty to fraud at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court on October 22 and was later sentenced to a 26-week sentence suspended for two years, as well as 150 hours of supervised community service.

Miss Exford received compensation, while her ex-lover was left with fraud on his record for taking her card details and using them with intent.

The new girlfriend

Dental hygienist Miss Exford, from Lambeth, south London, said:

‘We’d only been dating for two or three months and I was starting to really like him. We’d met at an event over summer and it was physical attraction initially. He seemed like a nice normal guy and we were getting on well.

‘But in July, on a date to a Camden nightclub, he told me he’d lost his wallet. I agreed to pay for the date and he took my card up to pay.  It didn’t even cross my mind that he would then steal my details and use my money to spoil his real girlfriend.

‘After that date he blocked me on all social media which I thought was odd. Then a month later, I noticed money disappearing from my account.

‘I couldn’t believe it, flowers and flights to Paris were just some of the things he bought.’

Miss Exford was unable to see her ex’s posts, so got her friends to follow him on social media to find out what he was doing.

Miss Exford

Then when an easyJet transaction showed up on her account, it had a flight reference on it, which she used to track his details – exposing him and his other girlfriend as the people who were booked in to travel to France.

She added:

‘Thanks to my friends who helped assemble all the evidence from Twitter where he’d written he was going to Paris, I was able to go to the police.

‘I cancelled all my cards and as my card had been used for the flights I was able to access his boarding passes, one for him and one for his girl.

‘We then decided to confront Michael with police at Gatwick Airport and he was arrested.’

As well as flowers and the trip to Paris, the fraudster had used Miss Exford’s money to pay for a Sky TV subscription, council and parking ticket bills – as well as buying likes on his Instagram account – totalling £1,200.

She decided to publicly expose her love-rat on social media, and her post has since gone viral with thousands of likes and re-tweets.

Writing on a long Twitter thread, she posted:

‘I was a bit hesitant about exposing Michael Fehsenfeld as I didn’t want my business out like that and I just couldn’t deal with the stress of it.

‘However he really took the p*** out of my life and disrespected me to a whole new level when I was nothing but kind to him.

‘Now I’m like f*** this humble, be the better person c***.

‘This is why people feel the need to walk all over me! I’m so over it. I wanna make sure he doesn’t do this to anyone else.’

Mr Fehsenfeld’s social media accounts are also at the centre of the scandal, facing an onslaught from angry girls fuming at his actions.


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  1. How can he think of doing this to his girlfriend, and am sure she trusted him,,and she felt so less concern well your God is tightly behind you girl,nothing can be hidden under a sun

  2. Heartless fool…he left this girl friend for a new one…so, he should be ready to take care of the new gfrnd with his hard earned money…shameless guy…bursted…hahahahahaha.

  3. He is a thief. meaning he has never loved her in d first place nd I think d Paris gf in question is not just a new chick

  4. Hmmmm, this young man has just disgrace himself, after getting such a lucky woman, educated and beautiful, rich also, government should make sure he complete those punishment

  5. How can he think of doing this to his girlfriend, and am sure she trusted him,,and she felt so less concern well your God is tightly behind you girl,nothing can be hidden under a sun

  6. He broke up with the lady, as if that wasn’t enough he has the guts to steal her passport for another lady. He should face the consequences

  7. What! The man is a fraudulent and needs to be arrested for his actions. Let the new girlfriend run away quickly before it’s too late for her.

  8. He is a fraudulent on nature, good a thing you were able to rest him, had it been they succeeded in getting to Paris it would have been a different music all together. Is good that he is going to face the law

  9. Cheapskate! Thief!Deceiver!….looking for other words to qualify this low life con man,99 days for the thief,one day for the owner……you’ll serve your time and never try this nonsense again…efulefu!

  10. Gigolo, thief, heartless man, he must be punished for this, thank God he has been caught, 26 weeks is not enough to punish him

  11. lets simply tag this as robbing peter to pay paul…Lol this shit is funny though. who knows the closeness and trust that made her reveal it all to the guy, now he is using it against her. hope she gets justice though if it is all legit anyways

  12. Guy you did not try, you should have not spent her money, if the lady jail you she as done the right thing broke. You own her apology.

  13. It’s annoying and shameful for the guy, you stole your girlfriend cards to settle your new girlfriend flights,its serious thanks to God that he was sharp.

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