Man arrested for robbery in Bayelsa 3 weeks after winning N4million lottery

2 men have been arrested for robbery in Bayelsa State during the Christmas celebrations in Yenagoa the state capital.

One of the suspects was said to have won a jackpot of N4m from a popular football lottery firm about three weeks earlier, before he was arrested over his involvement in armed robbery.

Man arrested for robbery in Bayelsa 3 weeks after winning N4million lottery lailasnews 2
Man arrested for robbery in Bayelsa 3 weeks after winning N4million lottery

According to sources, the suspect was also a popular member of a cult in the area, Punch metro reports.

The sources, who said they were surprised by the development, noted that they were expecting the young man to use the money he had won to start a business or trade.

They added that they were surprised that his N4m was already gone.

The two robbers were arrested on Christmas Eve at Swali, a suburb of Yenagoa, near a popular new generation bank in the area.

The two robbers waited for customers to withdraw money from the bank before attacking them.

They were, however, unlucky as they were apprehended while they were committing the crime.

Spokesperson for the Bayelsa State Police Command, Asinim Butswat, said the suspected robbers were in police custody.

He added that they were helping the police in their efforts to nab other members of the group, who were still at large.

Butswat said,

“On December 24, 2018, at about 7pm, two notorious armed robbers were arrested at Swali by UBA Bank, while waiting to rob unsuspecting members of the public of their money after withdrawals.

“The suspects are Henry Kingsley, 28, from Nembe Local Government Area, Bayelsa State and one Moses Roland, 25, from Ughelli South Local Government Area, Delta State.

“They were arrested in possession of one locally made pistol with 9mm live ammunition and one locally made pistol with AA live ammunition. The suspects are in custody and are undergoing interrogation.”

The police spokesperson advised members of the public to report any suspicious movement of persons in their neighbourhood to the police.


    • Just can’t get enough of money my people. Since he saw 4 million naira. He wanted to know what it feels like to have extra million to it. Too bad for him, he has to spend his time cooling off in our Nigerian condensed prison, instead of enjoying his millions.

  1. This is serious oo because of money this is greedness and am sure his 4M is still remaining but out of greed it’s good that he his caught his gonna learn lesson

  2. You need to check your existence very well, you still go into robbery after winning four million in your life. You squandered four million like that and then go into robbery. Your existence is doomed.

  3. Is a pity, after win such an amount of money but still greedy enough to rob people, it serve him a right justice

  4. This is bad robbing people of their possession after claiming you won #4 million naira. Thank God you were apprehended

  5. Could you Imagine, this is pure greediness, somebody that just won 4 million and still went to steal again nawaoooo for people.

  6. I dont knw y some pple can wait jst for a moment becos of want u wanr chop u don spoil wat he go be in future

  7. Hmmmm a well done job and the thief that won lottery is really disappointing hr did nothing with that money

  8. Criminal and very selfish. people after winning lottery of 4million naira you still came out to dube innocent people, God will never allowed you ,let them be punished for their crime

  9. He won #4m instead of him to use it wisely,he went into robbery, this is very bad and he deserved serious punishment

  10. This is selfishness and greed after winning #4,000,000, is not enough for you to start your life, thank God they were caught, they must face the wrath of the law.

  11. Thief will always be thief. And greediness is not far front them. You can invest four million naira

  12. Haha! What happened to the #4m lottery that he won? With this amount of money you are still going to steal?. Kay that old women in your family is after you

  13. This is redicurious Hw can someone go to rob after winning 4m in not less than a month, they deserve torture

  14. All in the name of money,is 4million not enough for you to make it in life?.that shows he is not contented with what he has.He must be punished so well for that

  15. This is serious, they are greedy, despite winning such an amount of money they are not satisfied. They need to be punished

  16. The police should deal with them seriously.that’s an act of selfishness,is the 4 million naira not enough for him

  17. Haba, God have bless him with football lottery what is he looking for again? both of them should face the law

  18. If he can do something beneficial with 4million naire, that means he has a big problem, he has now been found stealing, they will face the consequences of their crime

  19. This real foolishness, after winning 4million instead of you to deceit from your bad ways and start up business you useless the money and want to rob innocent people of their hard earn money

  20. This thieves are fools
    What happened to 4million lottery they won
    They have wasted all the money
    They want to come and steal another money
    They should deal with them and torture them

  21. Sorry man, you loose. Eventually you get to spend the 4million on your case in court and that is if murder is not involved.

  22. Looking at it critically, the 4million has been spent already, so to make up the shame He went out to rob. Guys Beware of people who you call your friends.

  23. Greediness have kill this one finish. How will you win 4million and still involve yourself in robbery. They are really doing him from his village.

  24. Who was the Own of the money may it can be their best friend that is why them try to robbery him the money is for the Christmas celebration

  25. He has some personal problems to still engage in robbery after winning N4m, he and his colleague will pay dearly for their crime

  26. Very unfortunate he should have used the money to start a legitimate business but greed did not allow him let him face the consequences

  27. Go and cool your hills in jail cus that is where people like you belong, you belong to the society, cultists and robbers what more can they be to take away from the innocent people in the society.. Crime does not pay

  28. What I controlling him, after winning such huge amount of money why will he invlove himself in robbing , he is not just contempt with what he has already

  29. Heyyyyyyy,a whooping sum of 4 squandered within a month? Heyyyyyyyy, he is greedy and lack self control,let him b punished

  30. For someone that won up to 4 million naira to be caught in the act of robbery after 3 weeks, that man should be locked up for life because he has no future here.

  31. Just imagine, if only he was patient not to join armed robbery or any bad gang. He would have been a big boy now. Anyways he should face the consequences.

  32. That this a serious offense and should be punished, someone that already has 4m.God save your people from greed,young boy like him.

  33. He has to be punished for not being contented with what he has. I believe with 4million naira in Nigeria today you can start a business and be successful in it

  34. What do you expect when he didn’t work for the money. He’s a greedy man.All the criminals should have their day in court.

  35. Nigerians too like quick money. We no longer work for money always want to get free money by all means. May God help us.

  36. May God have mecry ooooooo robbery hw can it help this is adding curse to ur life becos u are collecting another person sweat by force

  37. What a kind of stupidity is that u got 4million as a wining lottery ….and again u went for robbery that what we called greedy and thief he should be punished honesty.

  38. This is very serious the guy is so greedy. I think he needs deliverance if at his will come back alive.

  39. He should face the consequences, the greediness we are talking about in our government. Yet you are not a politician and you are this greedy?something must have wrong with you even with 4million!

  40. Why are people not comfortable with what God have given them, imaging he won a jackpot some weeks ago now his involved in robbery

  41. Caught in the act, he may have spend all the money he won, then after he thinks of replacing it by robbing from people his cup was filled up.

  42. I commend the police officers for the good work, we urging to ensure the other suspect should get arrested

  43. Imagine things people do for money. The man that won 4million lottery is a very greedy man. Imagine what they have caused for themselves. Lazy men that don’t want to work hard and wants quick money. They should be punished accordingly.

  44. This tells us that stealing is in the blood , so even with winning such amount of money , he still embarks on stealing

  45. This what greedy caused,God just show you mercy by making you win 4million lottery but you just want to rot in jail.

  46. You need to check your existence very well, you still go into robbery after winning four million in your life. You squandered four million like that and then go into robbery. Your existence is doomed…when your village people is at work for you never to progress

  47. Our people are so desperate to get money these days, thank God he has been docked for the Robbery.

  48. This boy is cursed , he won 4million and went robbing . Ahhh village people are real. So where is the 4million he won?

  49. After winning N4 million? Did he use the money to start armed robbery business? Haaba some people will remain foolish for ever

  50. Upon the disarmament programme people still posess fire arms because even if they have it mind to useit for self defence it usually turns out to hurt innocent people

  51. After winning a lottery of N4million, what esle do you want? He needs deliverances! His village people are pursing him.

  52. Nemesis just caught up with them, an armed robber us always an armed robber, if not with the amount of money he won he should have used it to start up something but he squandered it and still went back to robbery, the must face their punishment

  53. 3 weeks after winning 4m he was caught in robbery
    What did he do with the money
    People can’t get satisfied

  54. This is bad robbing people of their possession after claiming you won #4 million naira. Thank God you were apprehended

  55. influence of friends is really bad, it is frnd that will advice him wrongly, if not he should have use that 4m to invest well instead of lavish it

  56. The law should please take it place at these criminals. They should be dealt with in accordance with the law.

  57. People will never be satisfy with what they have, 4m is gone just like that. Na free money when he did not struggle for it, let them be punish.

  58. How unlucky they were, if they had calmed down they wouldn’t have robbed and they would have been happy with the lottery money won. Thank God they were caught.

  59. Someone once said that lotteries, are a cause in disguise sometimes because its free money and most people hardly do something good with it

  60. It is Man’s insatiable quest to acquire all the riches of this world that lands most people into such disspeackable act

  61. I guess all this thing is their quest to make quick cash.God save us.. If someone fan do all this money, what more will he not do?

  62. Some people can never be contended with wat dey have, how can u win 4 million and still b caught in robery

  63. I wonder what they did with 4million in 3weeks…
    Why did they think of robbing. They’re such an ingrate… Were they owing someone that he couldn’t invest atall…. Their act is so not sensible

  64. Greediness is bad it has lead him to trouble.everyone needs to be contented wit what he or she has, he should face the law nd punishement.

  65. Its save to say I everyone can not make it
    4million in 3 weeks and he was got robbing
    That’s really bad

  66. People are not contented anymore you went to robbery after you had won 4million. This is pure greediness.

  67. The man that won 4million naira lottery is a very stupid and greedy man. These men are lazy Nigerians that want quick money without working hard. Imagine what they have done to themselves. They should pay for their crime.

  68. This is serious ooooo. Won 4 million naira weeks ago and then went ahead to rob. That man is not serious at all. He just wasted a wonderful opportunity to make his life better and great. Wasted a very wonderful opportunity to become useful to himself and his family. What a pity!

  69. I think the man that won #4m is under spell because I don’t see any reason for him to rob people of their money and properties. The case should be approached with justice

  70. This is greed. He was not satisfied with the money he won or what? He got himself involved in armed robbery. He has now lost in every way. Good for him

  71. Is not his fault, that’s what our governor’s, senator’s and house of representatives are teaching us. They are never satisfied

  72. When something is like this you don’t know what to say cause i can’t see what really make him to go and robbed after winning so much that can change someone life, may God save him o

  73. That is too bad for him, what have he used the money that he had win for, he must be jail for what he has done

  74. It was so greedy of him after winning 4m he still went ahead to rob people of their money. He should be punished for his crime.

  75. Thanks to the police for arresting this hoodlums, they have succeeded in making Yenagoa unsafe for the people in it.. Imagine after winning 4 million naira he still went ahead to be stealing

  76. Hmmm if that is true that’s very bad of them
    All bcoz of money involving yourself in robbery
    How are we sure he did not rob the 4million he got

  77. After winning four million naira, I don’t believe you should be this daft, only you cult, robbery lotto, well I hope you don’t rot in jail

  78. I’m very sure this guy is having serious family problem. How could involved your self in robbery after winning 4million naira already, may God deliver you.

  79. Maybe his village is using is brain….. How can you win 4m and go into robbery…… Is that how you squander money!!

  80. a criminal does not save plan ahead but spend everything without thinking of tomorrow, thank God nemesis catches up with them

  81. Look at their face! Greedy people, after winning #4million still want to rub, that Is greediness, They should face the law

  82. How on earth did he squander 4 million naira within weeks and then he has started robbing people of their hard earned money, it is well.

  83. That’s greed after winning huge some of money yet it’s not enough you had to go and Robb again that serves you right

  84. Wonders they say will never cease! Imagine the life of bondage and agony, he is obviously under a strong spell!

  85. Ah ah,wonder sha never end oo.You won a 4million jackpot and you couldn’t utilized the money for something goodand you also went ahead robbed people withdrawing in the bank.Your village peoples are doing you oo.Let them face justice.

  86. The lottery lifestyle is one that can lead to other vices. Probably he finished the 3million and wanted more quick cash.

  87. People instead of him to use his 4m to start a business he involved himself in robbery nawa o you have the face your punishment

  88. Am I the only one who doesn’t believe the story 100%? Why would u rob when you won 4m? How stupid would you be to spend it all so soon?

  89. When u are criminally minded, this is what happens. It doesn’t matter how much he has, he would always try to steal more.

  90. A thief is always a thief whether you him million dollars or not if not what will he be doing with robbery after winning 4 Million

  91. This is to tell u that stealing is in the guys DNA. I wonder what will make someone who won 4m to still rob people. He could have used the money to start a good business buh i guess u can take the boy out of the street but u cant take the street out of the boy

  92. That’s not funny at all, may be his family was after him spiritually. How would someone hit #4m in this current world and spent it all in 3weeks?

  93. This is greedness! How on Earth will you win 4m and still involve yourself in such a dirt act.. God help you.

  94. Many people with not be content with what they have…. Despite the fact that he had won 4million naira, he still went to rob. Let them face the law

  95. It is not the amount of money you get that really changes ones life but your attitude when you get the money

  96. this is a bad ones despite the huge sum he won from lottery he still went to still tanks God he was caught

  97. Some people do realise that money has wings, if you don’t put it into something good it will be gone. Wasted money wasted life.

  98. That is to tell you that no matter the effort to empower someone not to engage vices, those who have stealing running in their blood will still become a robber. Imagine someone winning N4 Million naira found in armed robbery the following week. How are we sure the N 4m was from betting and not robbery?

  99. Thats the spirit of money it’s never enough but this guy really surprised me… I really want to see the end of this he should provide other people related to the crimes and they should all be made to face the law squarely

  100. 4million naira I don’t want to believe that you spent all that money,you are greedy may God have mercy on you

  101. N4m gone within three weeks. Hmmmmmmm no wonder they take to robbery. I hope they will be made to face the full wrath of the law.

  102. I can imagine someone who just won N4m 3 weeks ago will still go into robbery. This person must have a major problem that is not known to people.

  103. This is impatient. It has lead to something else. That is why they would always say the patient dog eat the fatest bone. Let’s wait for God’s time and it shall be well with us.

  104. It has lead to something else. That is why they would always say the patient dog eat the fatest bone. Let’s wait for God’s time and it shall be well with us. This is impatient.

  105. Stealing is in his blood, After winning four million naira, he still went into robbery.
    Good they were caught, let them rot in jail

  106. Bloody people. They have vowed not to allow people to have peace. They should not be release Let them be prosecuted

  107. We young guys dont wont to hustle clean again..after winning lottery fine which one is arm robbery again

  108. that is good for them.. see plenty money that you won you still have the mind to do robbery… Greedy person

  109. Instead of him to use the money to do something meaningful may he used part of the money to buy guns for robbery.

  110. This guy won a lottery of N4m 3 weeks ago and yet went to rob! This is unimaginable and I find it difficult to understand. I believe he is cursed or under a spell.

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