Man arrested for raping 5-year-old girl inside a church in Lagos

A man has been arrested for raping a 5-year-old girl inside a Redeemed Christian Church of God (Redemption Pavilion) in Lagos state.

Man arrested for raping 5-year-old girl inside a church in Lagos lailasnews

The police at MAN Centre Division led by CSP Tanaruno Folashade arrested the church worker identified as, Saviour Udoh, for the despicavble act.

The incident happened at the church in Oshifila Street, Anifowoshe in Ikeja, Lagos where the mother of the victim took her for prayer and protection.

It was gathered that the mother of the victim took her to the church and went to work with the intention that she will be safe there before she will take her back home.

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However, when the mother came to pick the victim, she met Udoh with the victim where they were sleeping and covered themselves with clothes which they used during the romp.

When the mother took the 5-year old victim home, she was busy putting her hand inside her private part because of the sperm drifting from it. The mother then suspected her action and checked her private part only to discover that she had been defiled. She asked her who did it and the victim mentioned Udoh.

The matter was reported to the MAN Centre Police Station and Udoh was arrested. The matter was later transferred to the Gender Section of the State Command for further investigations.

Police source said that Udoh admitted but claimed that it was the devil that pushed him to do so inside the church. The police found him culpable and charged him before Ogba Magistrates Court for defilement.

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The court did not take his plea and did not grant him bail. The prosecutor, Supol E Ayorinde, informed the court that it was a case of defilement which was a capital offence and needed DPP advice.

Thus, the Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. B.O .Osunsanmi, ordered him to be remanded in prison without an option of bail.

The court also directed the prosecutor to duplicate the file and send to DPP for advice.

The matter was adjourned till 6th February, 2019, when the court expected the DPP report to be available.

However, the matter may be transferred to the High Court if the DPP finds him culpable for the alleged offence. He may spend many years in prison if he is tried and found guilty by the court because of the nature of the offence.


  1. This is really an abomination, A man raping a 5 years old girl. Come to think of it how will he feel if they did the same thing to his own sister, seriously he has to face the law

  2. Udoh is the devil himself, he did not even consider that it’s the house of God. He will not go free

  3. This is so wrong. What does a five year old girl know about sex? How can she satisfy a grown man? Please Mr. Udoh should be given a life sentence so that little children that comes to church can be safe.

  4. I don’t know how men feel in raping a minor. What is this world really turning to. Moreover, it’s inside a church. Sigh

  5. God must surely judge him,this is wickedness,how could he did such a thing in fact the church with an innocent child

  6. Useless man in sheep clothes in the church and that is how they will be spoiling people children he will never have peace in his life

  7. Inside the church?….where is our conscience?there r somethings our conscience will not allow us do.definitely udoh’s conscience is dead n he deserved to be purnished……poor girl so sorry for the pain he has caused you.mothers please lets sit up and stop all these “i trust them”thing on earth oh i trust nobody……

  8. The guy must be punished and tortured for him to confess all other person in this act of sexual harassment and aasult

  9. What is wrong with this men. Where there are matured ladies out the they choose to rape an innocent child. Parent should be ware of their kids and be very watchful.

  10. This is a very wicked act this savior should be renamed devil because that is the kingdom he belongs to.

  11. Lord have mercy.I hope the little girl heals from the trauma.Thank God the monster was caught and may he get what he deserve.

  12. It was the girl and Udoh that were alone,The girl would have mentioned the devil if the devil were actually there.Udoh was consumed by lust.The rest of us beware because God has given you po wer to resist the devil.

  13. He is already guilty,cos he admditted that he did it,he shuld go to prison immediately thats what he desrve for defiling the house of God too,if he is truely a man of God,he should pay for hes crime

  14. This is abominable act
    What was he thinking when he was doing it
    A five year old girl for that matter
    He should be sentence to death

  15. Raping a 5yrs old girl,,, that’s unexplainably wicked ,,, I wonder what he found attractive in that small child

  16. He must be ritualist for doing that, thank God he is been caught and let him face his punishment for defiling the house of God

  17. Abomination… How can a man do this to a child in the house of God. Wonders shall never end. It will never be well with him. Put him away for the rest of his miserable life.

  18. Hmhmhhmh I think this rapping stuff is no longer ordinary and something should be done about these….. What on earth even attracted him to these innocent girl….to the extent of raping him inside the church…may God have mercy…..

  19. Very bad…raping a lady in the church..nudity an immorality is really gaining ground there in Lagos.

  20. That man is evil if u cannot respect human, while not respect God, in the church this is very bad father have mercy on us

  21. Haaaa devil pushed you, inside the house of God. Why would you do such. This is wickedness. You should be castrated o

  22. Instead of you to be serving God, your there committing atrocity right inside the house of God. Such an abomination, you’re cursed for life.

  23. This is a very wicked act. God will forgive you for this and he will heal the girl’s wound.

  24. Why would this man do such a thing . which kind of spirit enter this man . After you will say it was the devils doing . 90 year imprisonment .

  25. Yhu have no fear for God with the devilish act yhu just behaved. May yhu be punished on this earth and in heaven

  26. Jesus dis is a very big crime. How can one have the mind to rape a 5years old child. Just d cry of d child should have melt ur heart. Man u re truly wicked and should be punished

  27. My anger is dat finally dey will call the devil. How can u as man have the have the heart to look at a 5 true old gal talk more of rape. Truly u re very wicked and deserve to be punished

  28. We mother’s should be careful i don’t know why she will leave her daughter for a stranger because is in the church the mother too acted stupidly thank God the girl was not missing

  29. This is sacrilege. Defiling a 5-year old girl and of all places, in a Church. There is no excuse of the devil pushing him into the act, he should be handled as contained in the law

  30. All these ritualist that their life is hanged in money.. Why raping an innocent 5years old child? Shameless he goat

  31. I wish there were be a law for men that rapes kids to be castrated and sentenced to life imprisonment. Maybe he as been doing this to other kids for him to have the mind to do such. A very big shame on him.

  32. He has no fear of God, he couldn’t even respect the church of God. He should face the consequences of what he has done, shameless man

  33. I don’t know how 5 year old would be so attractive to people and they rape them, how. Maybe the story is a lie

  34. People no longer fear God. They go as far as the house of God to perpetrate their devilish acts. God will visit them

  35. how can a man of 40years raped five years old ylgirl is very bad to raped five years old girl they need to sue an face there jugdement

  36. A girl of five years what was he thinking, he will have to face the judgment, imagine him rapping a 5 years old girl child inside the church, what kind of madness was that?

  37. May God help us human to live upright at all times. Committing this great sin in the church is an abomination

  38. That too bad in this modern world how can you rape someone in church your offence is double and I know you won’t go scoot free

  39. You men filled with evil spirits and that stands in wrong foundation. Yet they claim to children of God frequently church activities yet there is no Christ in them, even in the church.

  40. Omg, a 5year old for that matter. This is evil and disheartening. Don’t know what this world is becoming now. A lot of evil deeds going on day by day without fear. How could people allow themselves to be used by the devil in such an evil way. Good the perpetrator is caught and in custody and hope thorough investigation is carried out for justice to be served. He deserves capital punishment to serve as a lesson to other. I suggest the child be taking to the hospital for medical check up and good counselling to avoid psychological effect on her. God have mercy on this world.

  41. This rape issue is becoming something else, I wonder why it keeps occuring every where this days, he should be jailed for such act

  42. How could you leave your daughter and under age with out a maid in the church and went to to work. Who will look out for her? That man must go to jail straight.

  43. This is really bad. Raping little girl in the house of God and claim that its devil hand work? You will discuss with devil when you re send to prison.

  44. My God, what are they really enjoying raping under aged children, I don’t think it is ordinary, let him be prosecuted and punished severely

  45. Come to think of it how will he feel if they did the same thing to his own sister, seriously he has to face the law

  46. So he said is the devil that used him… So who is the devil? He is the devil oooooo… He should be seriously punished for his act.

  47. This will be a big lesson to other mothers out there they should at list know the kind of person they will put in care of there children

  48. This man should be severely dealt with, he is an agent of darkness, he came into that church for a mission, thank God he has been arrested.

  49. Yes o seriously he need am . Abeg make them get pastor for that man for deliverance o. Why ? where is your wife?

  50. What kind of church worker would that man say he is, if he can even do such a thing inside a church, only God will have mercy on him, he needs to be jailed

  51. The man in question should face the consequences, because this issue of rapist is getting worst everyday.

  52. Wow this is so pathetic inside the church raping a five-year-old girl God where are you is your thunder not working again

  53. This man’s pedophilism
    Pardon me
    Has no bound.
    A 5year old?
    In Church?
    Please just kill that man as this clearly is just one of his many pedophiliac doings

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