Mama Gee who sells drugs to tie men down and make the v*gina sweeter arrested

Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority and Police have detained Elizabeth Torgbor widely known as Mama Gee,who is into selling aphrodisiac and other drugs claimed to be charms to make the ‘v*gina sweeter’ and also make men gives out whatever women request from them.

After being arrested, she claims she’s an advocate of good union and what she does as a good christian is to buikd relationships and marriages.

Mama Gee while denyting her drug as charms, however says her drugs attract men as soon as any woman prays over it and applies it on her forehead. The drugs are said not to be registered nor approved by Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority.

“Mama Gee was arrested on Wednesday 10th July, 2019 at her shop at Madina near Rawlings Park in Accra. The FDA wishes to advise the general public not to patronize such products from Mama Gee since it has not been approved by the Authority and the claims cannot be substantiated”, the statement read in parts.

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