Male student arrested for stealing ladies’ panties

A randy male student of the Midlands State University, Zimbabwe has been arrested for stealing ladies’ panties from the washing lines of the female students.

The Police were called to a house in Nehosho, a neighborhood of Gweru popular with students, on Sunday after two female students reported the bizarre incident.

Male student arrested for stealing ladies' panties lailasnews 3
Male student arrested for stealing ladies’ panties

Police raided Prince Danda’s room and found him with a stash of women’s underwear.

Police were able to locate the owners of four pairs, belonging to the two female students who saw him take their panties.

Danda, a journalism student, was arrested and is due to appear before a Gweru magistrate on Tuesday, charged with theft.

Sources at the university told ZimLive the two students told police that after they had confronted Danda, he still went ahead and took the panties.

“He told the two girls that he was going to do something to the panties and when he’s done, they will both want to sleep with him and they won’t be able to turn down his advances,” said a fellow student familiar with the matter.

Another source says Danda was asked by the police why he steals panties and his response was that he uses them for masturbation.

On his Facebook page, there is evidence that Danda regularly entertains sexual thoughts.

In September and November last year, he posted passages from Eleven Minutes, a 2003 novel by Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho that recounts the experiences of a young Brazilian prostitute and her journey to self-realisation through sexual experience.

A passage from the book he quoted in September said:

“After a while, she began to enter a kind of paradise, the feelings grew in intensity, until she noticed that she could no longer see or hear clearly, everything appeared to be tinged with yellow, and then she moaned with pleasure and had her first orgasm. Orgasm! It was like floating up to heaven and then parachuting slowly down to earth again…”


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