Male escort who has slept with 150 men, now wants to be straight and date women

A former male escort who has slept with over 150 men, now has a new resolution and it is becoming straight and dating women.

Male escort who has slept with 150 men, now wants to be straight and date women lailasnews

27-year-old Dominic Hilton who came opened up about being gay to his family he was 14, made a New Year’s resolution to abstain from sex for the whole of 2018 after breaking up with his boyfriend. The former gay man who had no doubt that he would one day marry a man, however went on to discover that he was straight.

The former male escort who is a model and mental health worker from Bournemouth, came to realize that he was straight after his sexual attraction to men disappeared and is now looking forward to being with a woman.

Sex is always something I enjoyed, but this past year, that sexual attraction to men has just gone.

‘If you’d have asked me in the past if a person can change their sexuality, I’d have said no – but I’m living proof that you can.

‘It was a gradual thing – not like someone flicked a switch and I was straight – but now I am actively seeking a girl to settle down with.

‘I’ve had sex with men, but not women, so want to find an open-minded girl I can lose my virginity to’ he said.

Male escort who has slept with 150 men, now wants to be straight and date women lailasnews 1

On celibacy, Dominic said:

‘To get over someone, a lot of people go and get under someone else, but I didn’t want to do that.

‘I started reading up on celibacy and saw people talk about how it had helped their self-esteem, lessened their anxieties, given them more energy and generally taught them more about who they were.

‘At that point, I was still feeling down about my break up, so I just wanted to do something to make me happy. I never imagined celibacy would change my life as much as it has.’

‘It was really liberating not having anything to commit to. Taking myself away from all that meant that the only person I needed approval from was me.

‘There was no worrying about what to wear, whether dates would go well and what it meant if you hadn’t heard from them.

‘In the past, I struggled with anxiety, which was what inspired me to go into mental health work, but being celibate meant I wasn’t looking to impress anyone – I was putting myself first and getting to know myself in a different way, which worked wonders for my anxiety.’

Male escort who has slept with 150 men, now wants to be straight and date women lailasnews 2

On when he started getting attracted to women, he said:

‘My male friend and I were on holiday in Alicante, Spain in October, and where I’d usually be chatting about guys we could see, and if I thought they were attractive, I just couldn’t join in,’ he said.

‘Then my friend turned to me and said, ‘You really are straight, aren’t you?’

‘I’d been wondering if perhaps I was bisexual, and attracted to both men and women, but now, I just don’t find men attractive anymore. I have no intention of sleeping with a man again.

‘Telling everyone I was straight was like coming out all over again, but my loved ones were supportive and just want me to be happy.’


  1. What a story after 150men you were never a gay it was just a delusion and anxiety as you have said. Thank God for you I guess many will read your story and have a change of mind as well. Happy for you.


  3. Good for you. I believe God have arrest you and we will keep praying for Him to keep on arresting all the gays and lesbian one by one.

  4. Wow wonderful shall never end, am happy for you because it have not late before you realise what you are up to, ride on with new life dude.

  5. This true confession, first step you need to go for prayer and seek God as about to go for the right way of marriage.

  6. Good one I thank God for you coming out of gay to settle and date ladies good one. May God provide you with a good and understanding lady to date

  7. This is the best newyear resolution I have encountered. But make sure you dont go back to the vomit

  8. This is serious….
    Wish you good and best luck in your new change of mind to settle down with a girl.

  9. Lol. Why will people be deceiving themselves claiming gay and lesbian? Its a simple thing just say you wanna practice same sex. No one is born a gay or lesbian its your choice so STOP making it sound natural.

  10. Thank God for the change of heart and praying he stays true to his new mindset and May he find a good lady who they will both share forever

  11. But this is amazing 150 men and 27 year old, so if he has not decided to do resolution it would have been 300 men for 54 year. Thank God he made the best decision.

  12. After 150 men which virginity u want loss again ooo. Anyway, I am happy that you are straight. Keep it up.

  13. Good for you. Welcome to light, heaven rejoice s over a soul that is won. May your heart desires come through for you. Please don’t go back to your vomit

  14. Its High time, thank God for the rethink but do u think you can ever be satisfied with being straight?

  15. Damn!!! This guy started having sex with his fellow guys at the age of 14! Now he’s 27 years old. What a waste of sperm. So for good 13years of his life he has been sleeping with guys. Anyway, thank God you are now straight. But please bear it in mind that you are not a virgin!!!

  16. So you still call yourself a virgin just because you have not slept with a woman? This is strange.

  17. I thank God for your life, but I only hope you ll find the grace and strength to continue in being straight

  18. There is no body that God can not change. You take good decision may God help you and give you your own woman.

  19. Good has started a process of helping you so allowed him to work on you and HE will finish work on you soon

  20. Good that you found your way out of gay club. Hope this new path of yours is going to be your final sexuality stop

  21. I pray you remain straight cos that’s how God meant it to be. Satan and his deceitful ways.

  22. You said you need someone whom u will loss ur virginity to, pls all those men you where making love with how come you are still a virgin.

    Thank God ur soul is save.

  23. That’s really great news, I hope this new leaf is a permanent structure you have chosen in life, am happy for you

  24. Thank God that you have finally changed from your bad way of life to find love towards your opposite sex not the same sex.

  25. Thank God you’ve realized your mistake and for coming out of darkness into the marvelous light of God, may God help you.

  26. This is a good decision taken by this guy. Is a good thing he has discovered he’s true sex status. And I hope he enjoys been straight and don’t go back to been gay.

  27. This a good news thank God that you have realise everything..please always remain a straight forward person and God will help you as you do so.

  28. God this is unbelievable….. Hundred and fifty men…. Hmm but I pray for your change

  29. May God have mercy on you and help you to come out of gay of a thing. Let ur resolution be true and stand by it and allow God to guide you.

  30. Hmmm wonders would never stop happening sex with 150 men!!
    But thank God you are about been normal.

  31. Very dirty ti hear
    God has really interfered in ur case
    I wonder why gay topic is making so much trend
    Repent bro

  32. Lol! Did he just say he needs a girl he can lose his virginity to? Is he still a virgin after having sex with 150 men? Well, it is a good resolution you’ve made. I wish u well.

  33. I pray all other guys practicing gay will do same one. That God you saw the light and followed it. God will grant you the desires of your heart with a good woman for marriage.

  34. Wow…. Its nice yhu make up yhur mind one and for all
    Its a new year and may God help yhu with yhur resolution

  35. I don’t like hearing anything gay, but it actually that he has repented God will forgive him the past, “if any man be in Christ he is a new creature”

  36. well, since you made up your mind to settle down and you have changed, I pray that God will help you not to go back to your gay life, I pray that God will sustain your marriage. Amen

  37. It’s a good resolution and bold step he took this year… God will guide you not to go back anymore

  38. 150 men,!!! guy we need to kill cow for you, I swear,. if you have truly made up your mind not to go back to that gay life again, I think you have made a good decision

  39. You can see a responsible Girl to settle down with my advice is don’t go back after married because is forbidden

  40. A repented gay. We are not sure of your repentance yet. Though Congratulations if you have finally changed to quit it

  41. It’s a very good thing. But did I just hear him say he wants to lose his virginity. Abeg which one is he referring to?

  42. Well he is handsome enough to have as much ladies as he wants a brother like this will always be welcomed back.

  43. 27years and 150 men! God have mercy on you and forgive you if truely you want to change

  44. Wow!!!
    This is a great step, I’m really happy for you and thank God you realize when there is still hope. I pray you did not go back to your old life. Congratulations…

  45. Did I hear you say a girl you will loose your virginity to after sleeping with 150 men, my brother ur not a virgin. I hope you find the gal ur heart desire and one that will understand you. Thank God for your life

  46. It is good he has come back to his senses and changed from his old life of being gay after the break up.

  47. Una sure say thus guy don change? Nor b by talking o na by actions too. Anyways make God continue to change his life. Amen.

  48. I keep saying it that these people are living in devil’s deception. He said he is gay and now discovered he is straight and wants to date women. Guy you need salvation.

  49. That’s a very good thing, whatever one set his heart to he can achieve it. It’s a good thing he has turn straight from being gay.

  50. Thank God, you made the right decision. May this change remain permanent in his life in Jesus name. But may I ask, how will women taste to him ?

  51. Lols what nonsense… It’s good you have changed such an handsome man… I pray you find the right woman because what you sow is what you will reap

  52. Thank God that his right sense has been restored I pray you don’t go back to your former inhumanity act

  53. Guy it’s the only the grace of Almighty God can save you because one thing with homosexual is that once you enter you’ve entered.
    May God help you.

  54. All these gay men self. Are you for real? Just turn a new leaf and desist from your evil ways

  55. It’s good as you have realized your mistakes. You can still find a lady who will love you for who you are but you must never go back to that act again. Never

  56. Hmmm. Good for you. Make sure you are straight and not claiming to be just because the males didn’t work out for you.

  57. That is disgusting. He should be ashamed of himself. But thanks to God he has corrected himself.

  58. Where’s is the world going too 27 year of age have slept with 150 men thank say u don’t realize to b a real man again sha

  59. It’s really a good thing when you read an article this good.. Knowing how he constructed Thd fact that he didn’t need another person to help him get rid of his depression…… But on the account of 150 men …that is very surprising . But nonetheless I am still happy he is a changed man

  60. Nice he realize his mistake and hope he follow the good steps not going back to the previous evil ways

  61. What shock me or should I say surprise me is that they know for being gay means you’re not straight and yet go on in doing that bad habit. Good that he as changed sha

  62. Hmm. That is a nice move. I but i think he still need to under some psychological reconfiguration to fit properly in the normal human relationships especially the one involving women. Women are not men

  63. No matter how far one has gone in doing bad there is always an opportunity to make corrections. I salute your courage.

  64. I don’t know if you will believe it or not, but it’s like God loves you and doesn’t want you to perish, hence he touches your mind and changes your thinking

  65. The only good advise one can get is the one he gives himself so if u think u have totally changed I think u will still a girl that will love u

  66. That’s a very good decision… Its never too late to turn a new leave.. Especially in a positive way.

  67. What a terrible brother you slept with over 150 men and now trying to date a woman i can’t believe you

  68. I congratulate your insanity,Thank God for you I guess many will read your story and have a change of mind as well. Happy for you.

  69. Be straight with your decision and stand firm to get married to a lady and never go back to your vomit.God helping you

  70. This guy is a chronic gay g-a-y hope now that he’s willing to take a new turn that he did it for christ not for another pleasure in destruction

  71. Thank goodness you have realized that sexuality could be changed and all that matters is that you are now straight

  72. Thank God for chasing the the devil outa you.. You are freed bro the devil almost ruined you but the Almighty Lord in his infinite mercies has a plan for you.. Enjoy your straight life bro, say no to homosexuality

  73. He has been able to realise that there is no pleasure in been a gay and after wasting precious moment of his life, he is now thinking straight to be straight person.

  74. The best decision you have ever made. Man can never be wiser than their creator. Say No To Homosexuality

  75. I pray he will be able to do that because it is not easy at all. Easier said than done

  76. Guy God will see you through at least you have realised your mistakes. Welcome to the world of God

  77. It is a good thing he changed
    I just pray he won’t go back to it after getting married and giving birth to children

  78. Anyway, that’s the best decision to make. It’s a gradual process and you will finally find a good lady to settle for.

  79. Virgin after one several men??
    I pray you find a girl that will love you and your past, you made a good decision.

  80. I think he was never a gay in the first place. But thank God you have been delivered from gay without you knowing.

  81. Good to know you hav changed for good ,deliverance from every spirit of homosexual..what a cute guy,girls are out there looking for a handsom guy like him to date..

  82. Well, I’d like to say change is constant, and best of its in the right direction. I think settling down will do the trick.

  83. With all the sweet girls around a man will ignore and be craving for his fellow mans buttocks , thank God he has turned a new leaf and may God forgive him

  84. Thank God for your new resolution and I pray you won’t go back to the old way of life, congratulations for that

  85. Thank God for changing you this year…since you have decided to change God will give you a good woman that will love you and be your peace.

  86. This guy is a chronic gay g-a-y hope now that he’s willing to take a new turn that he did it for christ not for another pleasure in destruction…

  87. I belive your going the right path now. It’s for the greater good I hope you won’t go have to the wrong path again

  88. How are we sure the resolution will go through the first quarter of 2019. It’s a pity because certain spirits are in control of that kind of lifestyle.

  89. This is rubbish and shameful, a man having sex with his fellow man. Thank God for your new decision

  90. 150 men? That’s a lot. Well, thank God for the breakup that has led to you turning a new leaf.

  91. Thank God for your life now that you are thinking straight God help you never to go back to that act again…you just finally realized that you have been insulting God calling God a fool ever since for creating Eve after Adam….all thesame our God is a merciful God your sins are forgiven…

  92. the good thing is that he has realized his mistake and reserved his gay nature God has delivered him from being gay.

  93. Which virginity? So you have not loosed your virginity after sleeping with 150 men? Hmmm,anyway thank God for your life.

  94. I can’t believe this man, having slept with one hundred and fifty people, what kind of life is that?

  95. So what’s the passion and fun in homosexuality? Maybe you could break it open to the world.

  96. Thank God for this new you. It’s a welcome development. Keep being straight, you will enjoy the new you

  97. You really serious about this change, because it seems very unbelievable ,been you at 27years slept with 150 men. You are not different from. Agent of the devil. I think God for your change.

  98. It never too late to choose the right pat and u just demostrated that. Bravo. Still can’t imagine how men find their fellow men attrative sha

  99. I thank God who has changed your life to see that having sex with the same sex is absurd, now you are a human being but before now you are not different from animal, animal is even better than you when you were still having sex with the same sex. Lucky you

  100. That is Good for you, you may find a lady and marry, if you are truely a change person. God will help you.

  101. It a good thing you realize that you being doing stupid thing since you where 14,I wonder how it got to you to the extent of you sleeping with a fellow man like better don’t go back to that useless life style and any girl that will agree to date or marry you because me I can’t marry or date you shd be showered with love and care

  102. Bless God you rediscovered yourself and realised the normal ways of life.Get marry and enjoy the good things of marriage and never go back to your vomit

  103. May God forgive you for your past life, thank God you have finally decide to turn a new leaf on your own

  104. This guy was sp perverted that he slept with 150 men. I pray that you will hold on to your promise and not go back to your vomit again.

  105. Chisos!!!!! 150 men?… Mr. Man may God forgive you…please oo no go back to that irritating stuff called doesn’t pay oo

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