Makeup artist Buntricia Bastian is dead

Makeup artist Buntricia Bastian is dead, from cancer complications, nine months after she said her final goodbyes on Instagram as her health deteriorated.

Makeup artist Buntricia Bastian is dead lailasnews

She however fought on, got better at some point but eventually died this morning. Her daughter, Roxanne Nicole Crayton confirmed her death in a Instagram video saying,

‘today at 9:45am, my mother passed away’.

She had nine months ago said her goodbyes on Instagram in a heartbreaking Instagram post, she said that her “lungs are gone” and her “heart is only working at 30%”.

She wrote;

It is with deep sorrow and much regret that I must say goodbye to all. My lungs are gone and my heart is only working at 30%. I for the first time have ran out of words to say other than I love you and I already miss you. IF I could put all the love that I feel right this minute from the people that I have already said my goodbyes to I would live to be 150 years. Nigeria my husband is bringing my ashes home so welcome him. It has been my honor and I am truly humbled to have touched so many of yours lives. To be honest me calling you to say goodbye to you is quite selfish on my part this way I leave you better than I came full of your love. I love ?? you more than you will ever know. Talk Soon Buntricia


  1. Is really obvious so had to feel such and go through such before her dead… May her soul rest in peace and found unblamed…

  2. May her gentle soul rest in peace, so she finally could not fight cancer, the family must be in great pain by now, my condolences to them

  3. What a way to go,An Amazon in a field where the world stood still…Adieu Ma’am Buntricia

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