Make sure you marry a woman who makes money – Opinion

A debate is currently ongoing on a popular Nigerian forum after a user advised men to make sure they marry a woman who makes money.

According to his opinion on Nairaland, the user who goes with the moniker, 2buffagain argued that it is best when the family income is coming in from both partners.

Make sure you marry a woman who makes money – Opinion

He wrote:

Gentlemen. The reality of living in the 20th century has changed, and so must every notion formed from previous days that no longer hold weight today.

Women are not the only ones who should be asking what you do.
You should also be asking her what she does….and guaging her wifeability from her response.
Nobody likes to suffer…yourself included. So why sign up for a lifetime of every financial request of your immediate family (and possibly both your extended families ) coming to just you alone?

Gone are the days where families survived on one income alone. Those days, houses in Nigeria used to cost #5M or less. These same houses now cost well over #30M.

I can bet your income did not also inflate 6x over the same time.

The reality is that you need a wife who also brings something home, and honestly it should hopefully be around the same (or more God willing) of what you pull in.

This way one person’s income can cover the family stuff and the other person’s income goes towardssavings/investments/emergencies/joblessness buffering/ etc. Your family will go farther and you can even both retire earlier if this is done right.

Also Naija guys please, have some respect for yourself.
If you meet a girl and she has the mental configuration of always wanting money from you, just know that she is not the one.

As a sister here once said, “A girl who truly likes you, won’t ask you for money…unless it’s bad and you are her last resort.”
Na woman talk am. Believe that sister. Peep that one game from her, and most of you will be alright.

If a girl really likes you, she’ll be too busy trying to think of ways to be an asset to your life or impress you…not a taker.

Get you a girl who makes her money with a good source of income and who understands that her income is to be included in plans.

You have been told.
You should be done with your broke girl phase right about now (much like how women should be done with their bad boy stage).
It does nothing for your life.

NOTE: I am not saying go and marry an idiot because she makes money…. Obviously.
You are still looking for a good wife, who just ALSO happens to be equipped with income and/or good income prospects and drive.

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