Madam Jisola Benson, more grease to your elbows!!!

Madam Jisola Benson has been a victim of malicious Fake News in the past and in recent times, before Donald Trump revealed to the world, its widespread existence and the destruction it causes.

It is really sad to know that a woman with such a big and cheerful heart can be a target of these evil enemies of progress. Their aim was to tarnish her image and hinder her determination to pursue what is right.

Madam Jisola Benson, more grease to your elbows lailasnews

After much investigations, it was discovered that these perpetrators colluded with some people Madam Jisola Benson took to court over her landed properties which they tried to take possession of illegally, in order to bully Madam Jisola Benson into submission.

Ever since the court case started back in 2014 though, Madam Jisola Benson’s well-wishers and beneficiaries of her various charity endeavours have continuously shown up in the courts to give their full support and prayers.

These malicious FAKE NEWS about Madam Jisola Benson have been on some illegitimate social media sites, mainly set up to propagate false and scandalous information aimed at destroying her life and in turn, that of those who rely on her for their subsistence.

Nonetheless, Madam Jisola Benson has magnanimously stood strong, held her head up high, and focused on what she knows to do best – helping the disenfranchised. This woman is a fighter for the underdog, and the extent of her selflessness is beyond measure. Madam Jisola Benson virtually refused to let the shenanigans of the haters deter her resoluteness.

She was spotted yesterday at ‘Oke Aarin’ in the heart of Lagos Island, covertly shopping for variety of items meant for 3 different charities with the Yaba area of Lagos State. Although she declined to reveal which ones, we will definitely be following her progress regards that.

Apparently, she had invited a group of uppity associates she hangs out with in Victoria Island, to dip hands in their pockets in an effort to give back to society via a charitable cause. It paid off amazingly, they willingly obliged, donated handsomely, hence her shopping task.

Much to the bitter chagrin of these evil, fake news mongering perpetrators, their dastardly acts have not stopped Madam Jisola Benson from continuing her relentless service to humanity.

Asked in a recent interview, where Madam Jisola Benson draws her strength from, she said smiling, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I will not be distracted by these enviously spiteful nobodies. Whom God blesses, no man can curse. The Almighty GOD that I serve sees me through ALL obstacles. I can do all things, through HIM who strengthens me”. And then, to our amazement, this posh-spoken but down to earth lady added in Yoruba, “IBAJE ENIYAN, KO DA ISE OLUWA DURO”.

That said it all!

We remain in awe of this woman.

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