Love portion turns woman to sex addict, sleeps with 47 men

A 36-year-old Zimbabwean woman Cynthia Mvhuma, who took a love portion to get back her husband who left her, has now become a sex addict.

Love portion turns woman to sex addict, sleeps with 47 men lailasnews

The Zimbabwean woman was given the love portion, after she was dumped by her husband Douglas Nyoni (46) six years ago after being married for five years. The love portion took a different twist by turning her into a sex addict, instead of getting her husband back.

Speaking wit B-Metro, Cynthia Mvhuma disclosed that she now sleeps with every man that comes her way, because she can’t reverse the ‘curse’ as the native doctor who gave her the love portion, is dead.

“I always feel the urge for sex every time. A few years back when my husband left me I went to see a traditional healer who gave me juju to help win him back.

I poured it all over my body as instructed and waited for the miracle to happen. After two days I started feeling weird and my private parts were wet,” she said.

“He said everything would be fine, it was just part of the process. In the first week I slept with three different men from my area. I thought it was normal for me because I was going through a hard time,’’ she added.

“I can’t help myself for feeling this way. I just want to have sex all the time,’’ said Mvhuma.

She further disclosed that she has slept with 47 men so far, and is even scared of testing for HIV.

‘‘I have slept with many men and I stopped counting when I had slept with 47 men. Now I just sleep with them and not feel any emotional connection like before.

“Sometimes I sleep with two men at the same time,’’ Mvhuma added. I am afraid to get tested because I don’t want more stress,” she said.

It was further gathered that her ex-husband has since left the country.

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