Don’t lose yourself when healing from a hurt – Seyi Law

Comedian Seyi Law has taken to social media with a word of advice to people out there who are trying to heal from a hurt they must have faced.

Seyi Law: Don't lose yourself when healing from a hurt

According to the comedian, one must ensure he doesn’t lose himself in the process of healing from a hurt.

Seyi Law wrote:

Can I talk to you?
I am not a preacher, but I have had my experiences. One of the most difficult things to help anybody do is HEALING.
It is a great deal to HEAL, but it comes with it’s price of compromise. Sometimes, the most difficult HURTS to heal from are those inflicted by those we truly LOVE. There’s no amount of paybacks that truly SATISFY our desire of equal PUNISHMENT.
Your heart is calm today and tomorrow, the memories come flooding and the BLEEDING is like a burst ARTERY. You keep in the pain and smile yet, your imagination is a dagger to their throat when they smile back. Often times, you are quiet because you carry your BAGS of SECRETS so you don’t want to dive in DIRTY, but their CALMNESS stirs your UGLY DEMONS to just burn it all done.
It is not a CRIME to hurt and never is it a SIN to let it out, but you must understand that whatever way you choose to deal with it, the most important thing is that, YOU MUST NOT LOSE YOURSELF even if you lose everyone.
May God HEAL every HURTING HEART and give us GRACE to keep a HOLD of OURSELVES while we pass through the HEALING PROCESS.

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