Local Government Chairman kneels down after shouting APC at PDP rally

A Local Government Chairman identified as Francis Ayagah, was spotted kneeling down as an alleged punishment after shouting APC at a PDP rally.

Local Government Chairman kneels down after shouting APC at PDP rally lailasnews

Francis who is said to be the Chairman of Gwer West Local Government council, was elected chairman on the platform of the APC but defected in the new political realignment in Benue to the PDP.

It was learnt that the Local Government Chairman who was spotted kneeling down, goofed at a rally organized by Governor Samuel Ortom’s wife, Eunice, for the reelection of her husband in the local government area. He reportedly shouted Aaaaaa Peeeee Ceeeee (APC) two times after he mounted the podium, but he got no response from the PDP supporters who felt embarrassed.

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Francis who is Chairman of the local government area the Governor’s wife is from, was summoned before the PDP elders to explain the error. He was however found kneeling in a scenario which sources couldn’t confirm as a punishment.


  1. Why will he do such? Why did he attend the rally when he know that he is not supporting PDP. that serve him right.

  2. This politics is a funny game image that,oga because of calling APC you kneel down,you better leave the both party

  3. Omo,this man looks confused, please let forgive him.for shouting APC in PDP rally,there is something wrong somewhere

  4. Na over Sabi dey worry am, you no be PDP, you go dey shout APC for anoda person rally, anyway dat serve him right

  5. Is he alright why shout another APC on PDP rally, is very wrong to do that the bough the punishment is very humiliating

  6. What is he kneeling for,as something enter into him or pDP has tie him down,i dnt kno why some people will have sense in this coming election

  7. He is a new student, as he doesn’t know his left from his right, let him kneel small,a whole local government chairman.

  8. Hahahahahahaha should we say that his village people are after him or what?
    What made him say what he wasn’t supposed to say at the rally in the first place

  9. See his face..lol.. Who does that PDP made you local govt and your shouting APC at their campaign rally. Oga you really need a cain

  10. This guy is wolf in sheep’s clothing,he has gotten what he wanted.
    PDP should expelle him cos he is will sabotaged them.

  11. Lol… Rally goes wrong.. Haha haha… Mr Francis who send you ooo? Shouting APC at PDP rally.. Shame on you, this shows how dubious you people’s mind are.. Saying A and having B in mind.. Serious punishment you deserve for this error..

  12. This is so funny . He obviously forgot he is no longer in APC . The APC supporters will be thrilled to see this

  13. Breaking news. How such is Al this information we receive. Who punishes him scandalous act in the highest order

  14. He is a fool. How can a reasonable man pour fire on his head. This is foolishness. He deserves more than that.

  15. Why will he do such? Why did he attend the rally when he know that he is not supporting PDP. that serve him right.

  16. I can’t stop laughing after reading this. He should be forgiven as its not his fault n.a.. he is still learning to get used to the new name pdp

  17. He wants to be like Judas who betray Jesus .you will see some people you will think they re on your side

  18. This shows that APC is truly the best party if PDP member can even shout it out during there campaign also he’s old enough to be you people father or uncle why did you make the poor man kneel down in public like that PDP shame on you people

  19. Can we see how this country will still be in crisis with these set of people eyeing to take over again, this will be a disaster for nigeria. Youths be wise

  20. Sumtin marvel me is that, the kind face our so called leaders had.. it rily mean sumtin, what wil I used qualified them.. “CRIMINALS”

  21. He has left apc to pdp but his spirit and soul is still in apc. Maybe he was forced to join the pdp, you can’t blame him. If someone force you to change your surname, you can only pretend for sometime one day you’ll still call your father’s name.

  22. They should better do away with him because he was never with them in the first place,his true colour has just manifested

  23. Lolz as old as he is , he still kneel down anyway he still deserve it but he is with pdp spiritually just working for APC

  24. Hahahaha! Such an expensive mistake. Or is it that he is APC at heart, PDP on d flesh. Pls let him tell u ppl his motive.

  25. Well you should not have shouted APC in a PDP organised political event, I want to thing that it was a mistake because he was in APC and he was use to shouting APC but knelling down does not mean it purnishment

  26. They shouldnt blame him much, may be it was a slip of tongues, he joined PDP newly may be he is not used to the slogan yet.

  27. This is so funny I must confess, it might be a slip of tongue.But I will advise you people to be careful because he might be an enemy in disguise

  28. What is wrong with that is that wrong to to call another party in a people democratic party campaign is unfair

  29. That serves him right.He went there without his brains to know he doesn’t belong there anymore. The kneeling down is even a small punishment

  30. why shout another APC on PDP rally, is very wrong to do that the bough the punishment is very humiliating

  31. You people should leave the man alone. Why won’t he be confused, when u are in a confused country like Nigeria

  32. This is funny, It shows his mind is still with APC. PDP members should be careful he might be their enemy

  33. whats politics has turned people into in this country,some have practically lost their souls

  34. Thank God he was only asked to kneel down because he did what is very wrong. He shouldn’t have been there knowing that he is not with PDP. Well, that serves him right

  35. He shouldn’t have been there knowing that he is not with PDP. He should be happy that he was only asked to kneel down and nothing more. Well that serves him right..

  36. oga chairman to PDP rally and shouted APC.they send you.please you people should forgive him.let’s assume it was a split of mouth

  37. All these hungry supporters that are running from one political party to another.. What Do you really expect from them… Supporting many parties just to gain what to eat and not to the betterment of the society……

  38. Goofing around duty is not good. Can you imagine how he destroyed his own image and now faceting Shame and disgrace.

  39. This is unfair No matter what may be you don’t need to kneel down chairman because nobody about mistake

  40. He shouldn’t be blame much, in regards to what is going around the country. It might just be a slip of tongue

  41. Hmmmm this man is after money any one that pays am with them not for the better of the country u should kneel down who cares

  42. This is the major problem our leaders have “confusion” how can he call APC in a rally organized by PDP if it’s not confusion

  43. Its absurd to ask an elderly man like this to kneel down all in the name that he shouted APC in a PDP rally…. Has politics become a secondary school? Just imagine, only in Nigeria

  44. Lolzzzz, this one na correct punishment. He thought he is still in APC. The “punishment” is what I don’t subscribe to.

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