Oluwatobiloba, little viral photo-bomber features in Olajumoke’s wedding photoshoot

When two photo-bombers meet in a stunning photo-shoot, what you get is simply a wow! experience. Breadseller turned model, Olajumoke and little Oluwatobiloba who went viral after photobombing a wedding photo, are the stars of a new wedding campaign by Nissi Clothiers.

Olajumoke found instant fame when she photobombed Tinnie Tempah’s shoot by photographer, TY Bello in Yaba ,Lagos. And Oluwatobiloba on his on side also photo bombed a wedding photo innocently, not realising the fact that that was his ticket to fame.

The little viral photo-bomber features in Olajumoke's wedding photoshoot Lailasnews 1

After the photos of the little boy went viral, a lot of Nigerians sought to help him as he was said to be an abandoned child. Though he lives with his father, but his mother is said to have left him ever since he was just some few months’ old.

The boy has been getting assistance from well meaning Nigerians with a lot of people offering to sponsor his education. One of these people is notable Nigerian singer, Terry G, who promised to sponsor Oluwatobiloba through his primary education.

Information gathered reveals that Terry G has fulfilled his promise and it is guaranteed that the boy will have a sound foundational education.

At the same time, it has also been revealed that the boy has been signed to a modelling agency as a child model.

The little viral photo-bomber features in Olajumoke's wedding photoshoot Lailasnews 3

Olajumoke, who also found fame, almost in the same manner with Oluwatobiloba was caught in the background of a picture taken by the photographer TY Bello while Bello was photographing the British rapper Tinie Tempah.

While later reviewing and editing the images she had taken, Bello decided that Orisaguna had potential as a model. After posting on Instagram, Bello located Orisaguna and offered to launch her career.

She arranged for Orisaguna’s portrait to appear on the cover of Style magazine and planned to create a documentary about her.

Orisaguna was later offered a modelling contract, internships and work, despite not speaking English.


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