Stop listening to pastors if you want to become rich – Daddy Freeze

OAP Daddy Freeze has advised his followers to stop listening to pastors if they want to become rich. The leader of the Free the Sheeple Movement made this known in an Instagram post where he made reference to China, a non-religious nation which is doing well economically.

Stop listening to pastors if you want to become rich - Daddy Freeze

According to Daddy Freeze, the best thing to do to attain riches is to go to a business school to learn instead of listening to pastors.

Daddy Freeze wrote:

”The Chinese people that built this train (look out for China civil on the coachwork), have the world’s largest number of billionaires in dollars, a total of 819 billionaires and have eradicated extreme poverty.

In China 90% of the population does not believe in, or practice ANY religion. Of the 10% left, majority are Buddhist.

Practicing a religion or worshipping God does NOT guarantee wealth, if it did, Nigeria with 5 churches on every street will have the highest number of billionaires, instead we have only 5 billionaires in dollars and the world’s largest number of poor people living in extreme poverty, visit

If you want to be rich stop listening to any pastor or religious leader, instead go to business school, or try to emulate the Chinese. ~FRZ”



  1. Its a free world, we choose what we want to. God is the all sufficient and he alone has the final say. You can only confuse those that wants you to.

  2. Been rich is totally different from listening to pastors, to be rich you have to have a mind set work hard torwards it.and listening to pastor is to know the right things and way to go in life, we know some pastors can be very demanding and fraudulent but that’s doesn’t mean we should stop listening to them because nobody knows the true and real man of God.

  3. Stop listing to men of God is not good. When u met with the right men of God they will built u up spiritually.

  4. Is good to go to business School or to learn from the Chinese,correct idea, I the other hand wrong to encourage people not to listen to Pastor, Pastor preach the world of God,I do not think if any of them are against riches except being rich in a wrong way. The Bible said it the will of God that we prosper.

  5. Listening to real men of God helps u to get a better understanding of Gods word. And with the help of the word, u will understand what God is saying about riches

  6. There is a very thick line between listening to pastors and been rich, it is God that giveth thee power to make wealth, don’t think its by your knowledge of business school or human idea, mr man, everything you can boost of in this life is given to you by God. Be careful of what you say.

  7. China is a counter born to to excel in almond everything they do so as well Nigeria.China has good government but Nigeria has not.
    It’s not all about listening to pastors speak,it’s all an having gone government.

  8. Thank you my brother because most of them are leading us astray and doing we are not supposed to do

  9. Pastors except fake ones say it the way the word of God directed us to save God.That doesn’t stop anyone from being rich. Serve your God genuinely and make your money too.

  10. You are a liar!Listening to a pastor can never make you rich or poor rather it is you putting into practise what you have learnt with diligence that will make you rich.If you are lazy no matter how you pray,you cannot go far.So stop discouraging people from listening to pastors.I know many who are great today because they listened to a pastor

  11. What has listening to pastors got to do with poverty? This man sometimes sounds confused in the bid to tackle Christianity. U will be fine jare

  12. I don’t think that your point is making any sense here because being rich or poor doesn’t have anything to do with listening to pastors. Pastors preach about the kingdom of God and how to make heaven not riches, to be rich is based on individual mindset and only them can decide what to do to be rich.

  13. The Church needs money so do the members. I don’t think any good church will want to just tax their members. there are needs to be met and they can only be met by members. the church should be begging people from outside for financial support. Let them pray that God should bless their members to bless the church. And the purpose of collecting any of the church be properly utilised and accounted for by the church council and church finance committee.

  14. true churches needs money and many things also needs money..
    but that doesnt mean that the pastor will continue suck out the whole penny from his members to satisfy his selfish gain

  15. How does listening to pastors contribute to being rich? This daddy freeze is becoming something else, riches without God is vanity

  16. daddy freeze the pastors did not tell them that being rich is a sin . china that is rich today did not achieve that by not listening to their pastors

  17. This man with his Walhalla see pastors has nothing to do with our life’s been rich or poor is not by listening to pastor fine we no there are many fake pastors

  18. You can’t mix the two Daddy Freeze, Prayers and hard work is what brings about success to some point. What I think of Religious leaders is for them to lay emphasis on their worshippers and followers to do good, show love ,shun violence, and be a beautiful mirror or be an exemplary to their community, tribes and sub-tribes and so on. Whosoever do good, do it for his own soul and whosoever do evil will also be rewarded. Pastors, Imams and so on needs to urge their people to do good always.

  19. Religion is one of the basics in humans life
    All riches without faith or religion is useless because you will leave all the worldy things you acquire in the world & your faith is what guarantees you to eternity

  20. Daddy freeze is just an embodiment of discouragement to people. He should not be coming out to the public and be saying all manners of things that is worth disgusting

  21. I think the point is not to listing to fake religious leaders who do not have conciance but are inhuman.

  22. Your mindset contribute to your riches….. That’s it how u tend to manage the little you have added with with your hard work. Riches itself will locate u

  23. The wisdom to make sustainable wealth cannot be taught in any business school. You can learn all the ways to make money but without the help of God you cannot go anywhere.

  24. Hmm. You have made your point. But I want to let you know that the world is all about the choice you make, no one is against you becoming rich… Whether you listen to the pastors or not.

  25. being rich doesn’t basically depend on listening to pastors or not. if God actually want to bless you, he will. but you can’t do without God

  26. I honestly believe you are doing the church more harm than good. Anyways, i am not God. All man shall be judged

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