Linda Ikeji writes on what she’ll do to people who don’t care about her

Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji has stated in her 2020 resolution that people who don’t care about her will get the same treatment.

While stating that she intends to stay happy throughout out the year, she also mentioned that there are no plans to waste her time and energy on the activities she can’t control.

Linda Ikeji writes on what she’ll do to people who don’t care about her

Read her full post below:

My moto this year and going forward is to stay happy and enjoy life no matter what! I’m not giving anyone the power to take away my joy! And you know what they say about ‘you only live once’. . .

I have no plans to waste energy on things I can’t control. People can do or say whatever they want, but I’m just going to concentrate on my life, my dreams and my blessings. I am not thinking of anyone who’s not thinking of me and I’m not loving anyone who’s not loving

If you’re kind to me, I’ll be more kind to you, if you’re unkind, then I’ll let the universe handle you. I plan to move on fast from bad situations and stay away from negative people and bad energy. If I cancel you, you will stay cancelled.

I plan to laugh more, dance more, see the world more and take more chances. I hope to be more humble, more prayerful, more grateful. And although I’ve achieved quite a bit, I plan to keep my hunger for more and my hustling spirit alive.

I also plan to stay loyal to those who are loyal to me, help those who deserve it, and make more dreams come through. Oh, and I definitely plan to be sexier going forward more than ever before . This is a new decade. I’m doing me, my own way! What about you? What’s your moto, your plans? Any new decade resolutions?”.

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