Linda Ikeji shares picture of the three most important people in her life

Celebrity bloggerblogger, Linda Ikeji has shared a picture showing the three most important people in her life. Seen in the picture are her mother, father and son Jayce.

Linda Ikeji shares picture of the three most important people in her life

According to Linda Ikeji, such people are never to be neglected as advised by the Bible.

She shared:

The three most important people in my life! Papa, mama and Jayce.

To everyone who still have their parents alive, please take care of them. It’s 100% your responsibility. Never ever neglect them no matter what. Even the bible tells us in the 4th commandment to ‘Honor our fathers and mothers, so that our days may be long’.

Be there for them. Do all you can to give them a happy life. To take care of people who once took care of us is one of the highest honours. Give your mum or dad a big hug for me.



  1. @ Efee,this is too harsh and how could you say that?No one is above temptation and your remark sound very brash.

  2. @ Efee,I just remembered something now , we sometime think that we are standing strong,when we are actually standing in our pride and determination.Then,we will soon fall but when we lean on GOD and HIS strength,He is faithful to help us to walk right on by any temptations that threaten us.Don’t call a child a bastard as you won’t like if someone calls you or your chils one.

  3. thats nice everybody has the people he or she cant toy with in life its a normal life process there are some class of people in your life you take so close and personal than others…i pray to God to keep their closeness and union flourishing

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