Linda Ikeji denies slandering baby mamas

Linda Ikeji has denied slandering baby mamas, in an exchange with some of her followers on Instagram who maintained that she did.

Linda Ikeji denies slandering baby mamas lailasnews

Linda Ikeji who claimed that reports of her slandering baby mamas, stated that she has dedicated her ‘real life’ to helping women without husbands than those with husbands. Here is screen shot of her exchange below;

Linda Ikeji denies slandering baby mamas lailasnews 4 Linda Ikeji denies slandering baby mamas lailasnews 2

Linda Ikeji denies slandering baby mamas lailasnews 3 Linda Ikeji denies slandering baby mamas lailasnews 4

Recall that few days ago, it was reported that 38-year-old blogger in a statement she personally released, confirmed that Jeremi was the father of her son, Jayce.

In the statement, Ikeji also confirmed that the billionaire businessman dumped her after she got pregnant. Her recent revelation stirred divergent reactions from Nigerians criticizing her for having a baby out of wedlock despite her alleged backlash at ‘Baby Mamas’.


  1. Linda ikeji actually blogs on every little thing and on persons whose personality is known publicly, howbeit whether she blogged on other ladies been baby mamas or not I’m just trying to imagine what she did to Tonto dikeh

  2. Linda just allowed herself to be a hunter who is now being hunted. I feel silence over this issue should have been her weapon.

  3. it’s her life if she has chosen to help single mothers more than the married that should npot bother anyone

  4. It’s good to be careful on how you judge others because the same judgment shall be meted unto you someday. Anyway, defend yourself if you can.

  5. If she really do that to Anna then now the pointer is at her. Linda you’re use to bashing people, if the public is now after your head then u deserve the punishment.

  6. I love Nigerians for creativity. The word baby mama’s. In thing that will illegality become legal Nigerians go for it. How she slam baby mamas when she’s one

  7. Let her just the good things she can and leave the rest to God if truely what she does is from her heart. Live and let’s live.

  8. Whether she slandered baby mamas or not the one thing that sweets me in all this is that she’s now one herself.

  9. That’s good of her, like they always say what goes around comes around, she is among the baby mama intact has dedicated herself in helping them

  10. Replying people concerning this issue shows you really have time and that you’re allowing what people are saying to be getting at you.Move on baby geh.people must talk

  11. And that is why the BIBLES says that the TONGUE is the smallest part of our body but capable of destroying nations, Linda! What goes around turns around, now its ur turn face the music.

  12. Linda just allowed herself to be a hunter who is now being hunted. I feel silence over this issue should have been her weapon. Let her be

  13. This is what happens when pook noise into other people’s affairs. Now she is reaping what see has down over the years.

  14. Do not judge people so that God will not judge you ,so be very carful about what say to other people around you

  15. Whether she slandered baby mama’s or not I think we should let her be and moreover no one has evidence that she even did it, no one has publicize her quote of slandering baby mama

  16. Even if Linda Ikeji has criticise single mum she can’t do it again because she her self is also one now… Enjoy your single mum hood.

  17. Anyways it her life, and she has the right to live it. Whether she gave birth out of wedlock or not shouldn’t be anyone business. As for slandering baby mamas, I don’t know about that

  18. She’s now twisting what she said earlier on, this will teach her a lesson to be careful of what to say to people because you never know what tommorow will bring for you

  19. No mater what happens life continue we should try to do the things that are necessary and to always always take responsibilities for our actions and inaction

  20. Only God knows if he does that or not but I don’t think she did it but if yes she did wrong by bashing baby mama.

  21. Linda did not plan to have a baby out of wedlock but that man gave hope of marriage only to run away when she became pregnant according to her story

  22. I’m actually now tired of this Linda’s issue. But just for the record, it’s none of my business. Honestly, I not that much of a fan to have followed every activity of hers, therefore I can’t say if she did slander baby mamas or not.

  23. She is such a hypocrite. Slandering baby mamas when she has become one. It serves her right. What goes around comes around

  24. It’s just that in my country today we have baby mama’s than married woman because the ladies are still slaying, no man will marry an irresponsible woman because she’s beautiful, they will just end up getting you pregnant and move on

  25. If now that she’s now a baby mama she feels it’s only baby mamas that she wants to help it’s her choice cuz they r now one category called baby mamas.

  26. People should just allow this woman to be. i mean is it a crime to be successful and a woman for that matter

  27. Linda Ikeja has may it clear that Jeremi is the father of her child but she will have nothing to do with him.

  28. If Linda did such it will definitely be revealed and if she didn’t it will still be revealed. Linda is not a child, she is an adult. So for every decision she makes she has to be responsible for it all. Be it good or bad decision

  29. This does not concern anybody here. They should go and settle their differences. We were not there when they started.

  30. Linda actually called out Anna that year o, not just Anna Banner if i can remember vividly..she even called out Davido’s baby mama ‘Momodu’s daughter”….but there is that saying that goes, u can’t predict life. People should just leave her alone, let her be biko

  31. Linda, its your turn to dance to the beat. Allow people to say their mind. I believed you know how it is wen you share other pples story.

  32. You see why is good to be careful of words been said sometimes we might be ignorant and it will keep back haunting someone,this should serve as a lesson

  33. if that is what she chooses to be doing is also good…… At least she is trying to affect some lives positively

  34. What did you guys expected from her? You want her to agree that she said it? Her passed his hunting her now. Working to the club

  35. i will just reserve my comment on this, it is her life, let her decide on her own, not on the crowd sake, life a good life and not a fake life please

  36. Linda should be left alone ooo, we all have our past. Even those that preach d gospel still don’t do as d preached

  37. How can she bash baby mamas when she is one herself. I for one dont support the idea of baby mamas ok why not be more careful or don’t plan to trap a guy with pregnancy?

  38. So many people cannot bring out a made up story. It is true Linda bashed baby mamas but now she is hunted by her words.

  39. Karma has will always serve any one,linda might not put up the message directly,but she encouraged the comments on her blog.

  40. I think she said it .but she would deny now dat she is now the latest Baby your tougue cos u dont know wat tomorrow holds for you.

  41. This wan wat dey call do as I say bt dnt do as I do… Let just call a spade a spade… Nw she is d wan wearing d shoe… Na deir business

  42. That’s what you get when you judge people and catlstigate their mistakes
    You end up being ridiculed cos you made exactly that same mis take
    Never say Never

  43. Real definition of judge not people or you will be the first to be judged. Teaching what she herself cannot do. She would have learnt her lessons by now.

  44. Nobody is perfect in life Linda has fall victim of such too and the I think she should help those she cares to help and move on with her life

  45. Whether she slanders them or not,she is now in that same shoe as those people now.all will be well

  46. there is no need for argument she said she is not a baby mama and look at her experience a man running away after impregnated her.

  47. Linda don’t denied slandering baby mama u don’t know what tomorrow will be and if is rumor defence your self

  48. That she is against baby mamas does not mean she is temptation free ,no one will ever understand what she went through before having the baby ,you know men can be tricky

  49. This should be a lesson to her and everyone that talks carelessly. You dont play with stones knowing fully well you’re living in a glass house.

  50. Linda of all people, she knows how to criticize people now is her turn to be criticized. What goes around comes around

  51. That she chooses to assist single mom as opposed to those with husbands doesn’t mean she despises the baby mamas.

  52. This does not concern anybody here. They should go and settle their differences. We were not there when they started.

  53. Aunty Linda you can forget all you said but those whom you hurt can forget. It is your turn to be a baby mama now and you are pretending you never insulted anyone good your run aders still remember and they are ready to remind u

  54. It’s unfortunate though how the events turned out especially for a figure like Linda. I hope this scar doesn’t last forever

  55. it’s her life if she has chosen to help single mothers more than the married that should npot bother anyone at all…

  56. Linda ikeji, you don’t have to be upset because that is exactly what you used to do before. Can you see now that no one is perfect, perfection belongs to God alone

  57. Linda ikeji the saying goes what ever go up must go round and she Linda has no choice because she was once calling people with that name so whether she like it or not that name has finally come to stay..

  58. I think she just continue to bear because she can not change that name and she should be happy for that name because it is a sign that she is now a complete woman

  59. They just want to frustrate this Linda,assuming she slandered any baby mama they wold have brought it, Pls people leave these woman alone

  60. I really wished Linda would not talk too much about these issues. She is only making people dig deep to search her out and they might start finding out flaws.

  61. Linda ikeji should learn how to get a grip of herself. This constant rancour about baby mama need to stop like seriously. It’s not doing her any favors.

  62. All these backlash against Linda Ikeji is not necessarilnecessary. She wanted a baby, since husband wasn’t coming and Jeremi was a tool available to her and she used him. What’s this issues again? Abeg, free her to keep loving her son.

  63. Hahaha OK miss blogger telling other peoples story to make money now is your turn what goes around comes around

  64. Why is this coming up now, they should just let her be, why do people like to disturb other people’s joy

  65. I don’t get how people reason honestly for christsake its her job, yle you are there imposing judgement she’s getting more views. Can you just focus on making your own money than telling Linda this n that. As in ehn Nigerians try to reason

  66. It’s a funny world we live in. What you said about others is finally been repaid to you in full.. You can’t have your cake and eat it too

  67. Some social media users will just sit and cook story just to gain fame and cause attraction by lashing out at
    already made celebrities. This is a bad act which needs to be address urgently. I think there should be a law and penalty for anyone that pass wrong information about another person.

  68. Linda should just maintan silence on this issue because it might be true she did backlash baby mamas either directly or indirectly in the course of her blogging.She needs to be in the right frame of mind to bring up and nurture that child of hers

  69. Is like they don’t want that title anymore, looks like their sense of reasoning is coming back and it will make them stop having babies out of wedlock.

  70. One thing about Nigerians is when you talk the truth they always find away to manipulate things. Linda never insulted baby Mama’s

  71. Linda has said a lot of things in the past on her blog that she has forgotten. Now they brought everything back to her remembrance and she is denying it. She speaks against baby mamas and now she is a baby mama. Let us be careful of those we speak against because it may bounce back at us.

  72. Well,everyneeds to think before talking not everything you see that you must say.its a good thing that she wants to help the single mothers god bless her for that.

  73. You know the beautiful thing about our opinions?
    They always find a way to get back at us even when we have moved on and developed a whole new idea about the subject
    Just as in Linda’s case
    Be careful what you think and say

  74. Yes she did slander them then….I remember Ton to Dike then. Now is their turn to slander you. Alwys watch what you say.

  75. Linda Ikeji you just have to deal with this since you’re good in judging others weather they are wrong or right, this is just a lesson to all we need to always think carefully before we talk, if you are pointing at someone with your one finger your four fingers is also pointing at you so we all need to be careful about how we talk and behave especially in judging others.

  76. Too much of everything is bad. She might not have said it but she slammed someone else .Now its her turn

  77. You guys should leave Linda Ikeji alone even if she did what she’s been accused of I know by now she has realized her mistake

  78. Maybe she never knew she will be a baby mama soon ……and now that she is one she denies lashing babymamas

  79. How can a woman without husband help the ones with husband, I think this issue of women having children without being married is not good

  80. She is blogger and I don’t think she wouldn’t blogg things like baby mama issue coz days d trend

  81. Linda just allowed herself to be a hunter who is now being hunted. I feel silence over this issue should have been her weapon.

  82. I guess she didn’t know she would be one of them when she did what she did, what goes around, they say, comes around.

  83. Whether she slander them or not
    They are still Baby mamas and that’s what people will call are to face the fact.that is what you choose to be.

  84. Well she should stop trying to defend herself. This is all just a part of whatnshe has been gaining money from.

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