Level of poverty in the country helps churches thrive – Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe who reacted to the controversy surrounding ‘rich pastors in Nigeria’, has disclosed that the level of poverty in the country has helped churches to thrive.

Level of poverty in the country helps churches thrive - Noble Igwe lailasnews

According to Noble Igwe, most Nigerians think that church will make life better for them. His tweet reads;

The level of poverty in the country helps the churches to thrive. Because they believe that church will make life better for them.

Level of poverty in the country helps churches thrive - Noble Igwe lailasnews 1

This is coming after Daddy Freeze condemned founder of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, for saying that he is dangerously wealthy. Speaking on the topic “Heralding the dominion era of the church,” the clergyman boasted of God’s blessings on him and that he has a clear conscience.

“I don’t share any booty from any government. I have a clear conscience; I am dangerously wealthy. I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth,” he said.

But the on-air personality said:

“I can’t wait to watch a video of this screeching sorry I meant preaching..??

“How can a man who claims he is from God brag like this? If people stopped giving him their money his bragging will end, but the problem is they can never stop giving him out of the little they have.

“How can you claim to be so dangerously rich teaching about a kind God in a country so dangerously poor? NIGERIA, ACCORDING TO THE WORLD POVERTY REPORT, IS THE POVERTY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD?”


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  1. I guess Oyedepo is only appreciating God’s blessing in his life and not what Daddy freeze is thinking

    • Please you people should be saying the truth,we have churches everywhere and yet Nigerian and followers are poor.

  2. Make church members no pay tithe then no bragging again. The poor ones feed the rich ones especially pastors

  3. truely “the poor are the nicest” according to falz, but while do we always thing about negativity when people makes comments

  4. U are absolutely correct. Some people ran into church to make dem rich and its dis church members dat makes their pastors dangerously rich. All in d name of paying tithe and giving offering.

  5. This is very true. Africans believe that religion is the answer to all problems. They believe that Every problem is spiritual.

  6. Your opinion
    Your choice
    Even the bishop said that opinions are natural entitlement and its without repentance.
    What you say is your business a blessed man is a blessed man..
    He is dominating already.

  7. my message to church goers,you shall know the truth and it shall set you free,that is for people that,really wants to know

  8. Comment*our government should be blamed for our bad economy and not pastors ..they don’t force money out of people.people give out willingly ..let this criticism of pastors stop

  9. Dis is really sad DAT nowadays people believe DAT churches re solution to their problem,where by d Churches are making their business

  10. My brother, God will supply all of our needs beyond our imagination, so you need to follow closely to get what He has promised

  11. All these people criticizing pastors cos of their wealth what’s their business? Where you there when he was suffering n praying for his church wellbeing? These pastors labours hard and secondly they have their own institutions, so hands off from their matters please except you want to attract Gods wrath on you.

  12. Yes you just nailed it there cos they are using every possible means to enrich themselves materially which is not supposed as a true servant of God

  13. You’re busy running a stupid criticism, while someone is making his money, there’s no way a church will grow as a result of poverty in d country

  14. Is good to boast about God’s wealth, show the world his mighty nature, ones you are in God you are rich, his richness gives peace and not sorrow, noise makers should keep on crying as the name of God and his mighty power is glorify.

  15. I pray God opens his eyes the way he himself is opening his mouth…what does he knows about the Bible ……..
    God Himself takes pleasure in the prosperity of His children because He wish we should prosper and be healthy….making his boast in Christ is right ✔️ and don’t need to be condemned by anyone….

  16. I don’t blame you people, you are only doing what has always been in existence, that is castigating the church, its not a new thing.

  17. One thing is certain, a real servant of God cannot lack. Even when all church members decide not to bring in anything into the church, God will still bless and enrich His servants.

  18. But that is their value. Every religious has value and rules. Which means his / her have the capacity to do so.

  19. I really don’t know what to say about this because don’t know how the level of poverty can make churches to thrive.

  20. His assessment is true to me because some of this pastors not all in general to say does that but some use the influence of poverty to enrich themselves. Preaching that through church you be rich and without giving and seed you can never be rich. You see they create fear in people and make money. Now people seems to run into church for safety and only solution for there miracle.

  21. The way some church pastors lives baffles me, whereas their church members are living poor, this has to change

  22. may God help us in this country
    Some pastors are thieves
    And it’s so painful most people don’t know this…
    Some will even rather die of hunger than them not paying what they’re asked to pay in church

  23. Please don’t just speak without understanding, the poverty in the nation is not caused by the church, stop putting any blames on churches, the power to succeed lies on the hand of every man, how you use it matters

  24. From day one of these controversy
    I’ve seen daddy freeze as more of a prophet than all these claimed men of God
    It’s the poverty that’s making them so dangerously rich and we stay dangerously poor

  25. Those members that are giving him money and other things he did force them to do so…. You will be surprised that most of those money and gift he receives does not even come from the member….. This man is blessed so live him to brag about it

  26. I think is because pastor oyadepo’post that why he is saying this ,,,anyway I no blame but God will blame you by saying that against his anointed ones.

  27. All those who lack understanding and not spiritually inclined will not comprehend what the Bishop meant. Too bad. We are dangerously wealthy and rich by Christ Jesus. GOD will supply all our need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Let me ask, Whose children are you?

  28. I hardly counterof God bcos they have judgement to settle with God. Bishop Oyedepo is rich because he prays for the poor to become rich. So giving to him isn’t a crime.

  29. Hmmmmmmm things of the spirit well I won’t condemn or react let God judge each and everyone according to his her deeds

  30. I think He should focus on the government and leave churches out of this. Most of the churches I know their pastors are working class they don’t depend on church offering

  31. Please you people should be saying the truth,we have churches everywhere and yet Nigerian and followers are poor.

  32. I don’t even know what to say . But no doubt , some churches have been turned into a buisness center

  33. Exactly Noble Igwe just said the truth. The highest rate of poverty makes churches more successful because everyone wants to be rich

  34. Can’t talk o, this one pass me as long as it concerns the anointed man of God, but u daddy freeze what is even ur problem, can’t u mind ur own business

  35. The people collecting the money also know deeply well that the contributors are suffering but personal interest won’t let them

  36. Churches has nothing to do with poverty in Nigeria. Poverty in Nigeria is as a result of bad government.

  37. I dont know dat you also we said that oo.. @mr igwe does people’s dat give him money are also hearing wat he said now i we advice them to stop giving him money oooo

  38. That is what you think that poverty makes church thrive, God almighty deserve our praises and worship so if you don’t believe in church because of ur sense of reasoning don’t condemn those that believe.

  39. Pastors doesnt force congregations to pay tithe o,but its on your own volition and choice to pay tithe anf offering

  40. Let us stop calling pastors and leave God to judge, our country is very bad every body is looking for were to eat, our problem is our bad government

  41. That’s church business, they are getting richer while most of members can’t even afford to eat 3 square meal a day,

  42. Stop misunderstanding Oyedepo. Some churches are for the money while others are not. He may be appreciating God’s goodness.

  43. Papa isn’t wrong here….what he said was true. Most people give out of d little dey Ave as a form of sacrifice to get bigger things…so papa isn’t bragging…he is stating fact

  44. Oyedepo is bragging in the Lord,i don’t understand why people misquoted him.we don’t think that churches could help us,we believe in God to give us his grace and favour.church is a building

  45. Me am not in any obligation to judge or conderming any church or pastors cos they and nt forcing pple to pay offering or tithe.

  46. Yes you make sence… Churches full every where n there,the real church that open because of God are not much,that’s y all fake fake pastor full every corner to deceive people n make money.

  47. He recognizes the fact that God is the source of his wealth and does not share any booty with givernment.

  48. friends God is the answer to every thing on earth and don’t forget too that life is spiritual. please it is God that give us power and ideals to make wealth

  49. He recognizes the fact that God is the source of his wealth and does not share any booty with givernment. We bless God for his life.

  50. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, daddy freeze is saying his own while mine is God can bless anyone and I want to encourage our churches to always pray for the needy

  51. Well that’s your own opinion,.. Also consider the role the church have played in keeping this country before you start criticizing…

  52. A lot of things are not suppose to happen but I think its not bad to say nice things about yourself

  53. They government should try and look into the high rate of poverty in the country. Is too bad please

  54. He is not suppose to say that, speaking against the church is a sin, and the repercution is unbeliveable

  55. the poor are the nicest” according to falz, but while do we always thing about negativity when people makes comments

  56. You have your opinion which may be right in some sense. The other truth is that we are typically religious in nature.

  57. You don’t judge like that…
    Every body has different ambition in life
    U can never be a geniue man of God and be poor..

  58. Why can’t daddy freeze tackle the corrupt politicians, or is he scared? Chasing pastors from pillar to post

  59. Someone said Christianity left Israel as family, reaches America as a religion and turned to business in Africa especially Nigeria

  60. I don’t believe the church Thrive because of the poverty in Nigeria. There are countries where God is served yet not poverty stricken

  61. God has been good to this country, it is the bad leaders we have that make things worst for the citizens.

  62. Whatever the real case, God should be considered in all these as the directives were from HIM just that the human factor has come to play.Based on these, tithes are wrongly used by churches

  63. I think he is saying the truth, everybody now want to own a church because of thier own selfish interest.

  64. True! Everyone wants a miracle where they sit at home and money falls from the sky into their hands which is why instead of investing the little they have, the sow seeds instead.

  65. I don’t really have any problem with the amount of wealth a church has, rather my problem is that they also join in neglect to the poor and destitutes around us

  66. When the poor that pays the tithes and offering needs money to pay their children school fees.they won’t be given a dime….and is not good. some sort of help supose to come from the pastor at certain point …may God open their eyes ..there are rich pastors in Nigeria .

  67. Its true to some extent…how can a rich preaching about prosperity that has been majorly contributed by his poor congregation

  68. People should always try to mind their business on social media platforms, criticizing a man richly blessed by God isn’t nice at all

  69. we have churches everywhere and yet Nigerian and followers are poor. Has a member church what’s their benfit

  70. Am not supporting anyone, I think it’s just a misunderstanding statement n misinterpretation until we get to listen to full msg of oyedepo we ll get to understand very well. And my view is dis the ⛪ body of Christ is to help each other,comfort each other n fellowship with one another but dis days ⛪ don’t do so it’s now being turned into biz dat was y Jesus Christ destroyed the temple dat was turned into a market place n he rebuilt it.

  71. If a preacher is rich, people complain. Does it mean God can’t bless His people. God is faithful and still blesses

  72. I think Noble Igwe and Daddy Freeze should seek to know what Bishop David Oyedepo knows that gives him such boldness before they can truly criticize it.

  73. Though I believe that there are true men of God, there are also people that see pastoring as a way of making money. It doesn’t mean that we should withhold out tithes and offerings from God because of this as it is a commandment that God made

  74. Yes you are right, most of these churches now take advantage of the poor situation of the country to make money from tithes and sowing of seed in return for prayer to their financial problems

  75. I am passing this one by, I don’t talk I’ll about any church or pastor…only God can truly know his servants

  76. Honestly some people need to come back to their senses, read bible and know exactly how serving of God should be.

  77. You’re on point, my brother. No matter how poor a man is, he must offer by way of offering to the church where they think their problems could be solved.

  78. You are right people run to church to get rich but ends up making the rich richer and becomes poorer themselves.

  79. People run from one church to the other in search of quick solutions to poverty, giving all they have to these churches with and without faith.

  80. Please you people should be saying the truth,we have churches everywhere and yet Nigerian and followers are poor and bad

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