Lekki restaurant charges N90000 for “gold pleated” steak in Lagos (Photo)

Nigerian travel and business woman, Glory Osei has revealed the menu of a Lekki restaurant charging N90000 for gold plated steak.

Glory took to her social media platform to share the menu of Circa Non Pareil in Lekki, Lagos that charges N90000 for a gold plated steak meal in Lagos and the internet goes wild.

Lekki restaurant charges N90,000 for "gold pleated" steak in Lagos

She shared;

I love Lagos restaurants. They put the N90,000 and owned it with their chest.

Se reactions to the post below.

**Legend has it that people like me that keep flipping through the menu end up ordering for orange juice in glass.😂😂😂😂

*** I was at a job interview when my would be boss took me to lunch… small chops cost 7k. They called it one fancy name like that😭 I kept thinking what if I eat now and they deduct it from my salary!!

***They now put it close to the 19500 one so your eye will deceive you thinking it’s 9000. Plate washing straight

***Lol did I just see pork, fries, salad and edible FLOWERS 21500? Lewl how much is the pig gangan?😂

***Girl I ordered the gold plated thing one time thinking it was 9,000 then my bill came💀💀what a day that was

**Lmao After eating the ‘gold’, I hope one can pass it out and convert it to necklaces

**Went there not too long ago. Vowed never to go back. The classism is unreal. You can only drop off and park in their premises if you drive an exotic car. Their service and cocktails are thrash by the way.

One of her followers shared a picture claiming it is the N90,000 gold plated steak. See picture below.

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Lekki restaurant charges N90,000 for "gold pleated" steak in Lagos

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