Least paid Dockworkers now earn N50,000 a month

President-General of Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, MWUN, Adewale Adeyanju has said that the least paid Dockworkers now earn N50,000 a month.

Adewale Adeyanju disclosed this while briefing a cross section of the Dockworkers at the Dockworkers’ Branch of the MWUN, on the Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA, reached between the Terminal Operators and the Union.
Least paid Dockworker now earns N50,000 a month lailasnews
Least paid Dockworker now earns N50,000 a month

The process leading to the CBA which took over six months, Adeyanju informed, was supervised by the Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA.

According to him:
“until now the dockworkers had no employers. When there were issues, the terminal operators would refer the workers to the Stevedoring contractors in attempts to avoid liabilities.
The Stevedoring contractors on the other hand, would refer the workers back to the terminal operators. When they got sacked or lost their job to redundancy, they had no terminal and other benefits.
But what this CBA has done is to make the terminal operators accept their responsibilities to the dockworkers. Today, the dockworkers have employers and are entitled to among others, terminal, redundancy, gratuity and hazard benefits as well as pension which is statutory.”
He noted that the CBA would go a long way to improving the living conditions of the dockworkers in all ports formations across the country.


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  1. If every worker earn at least 50000 thousand monthly it will go in a longer , instead of losing job by redundancy , the cba will help in improving the standard of living of the dockworkrrs

  2. Please there are millions of graduates out there on the street put them in consideration to minimise the unemployment crises in the country thanks

  3. That is great, it is a good move at least the poor workers will get some change, if our federal government will follow such idea towards minimum wage it will be ok.

  4. This is nice and i pray it goes to other workers on different sectors too,Nigerian economy is very poor while their is rapid increase in cost of product making i t hard for people to feed, even the 50k won’t feed a family well for 3weeks

  5. That is a good salary , it will help the workers a long way to solve some financial problems. Keep it up. Please employ more workers.

  6. This is welcome development
    At list this will help in reducing the rate of poverty in our country
    And if more staff is employed
    It will also reduce the rate of unemployment in our country

  7. Good to hear that, this type of news is what we suppose to be hearing in this country if workers are receiving at least #50,000 including teachers, there will be no problem at least it can go a long way

  8. That is what people needs to keep up their lives. Better packages from their jobs to help them and their families earn better living.

  9. It is a good one, at least the rate of unemployment in our area will be reduced. In fact it’s a good development

  10. This is a welcome development because that job is not an easy job and for it not to have any measure of security couple with low earnings makes it worse but now thank God it’s better for the dock workers.

  11. This is a welcome development. I keep wondering why government doesn’t want to grant civil servants the 30k minimum wage they requested for. The government should please increase the salary of all sectors. Dockworkers can now smile at the end of every month.

  12. That’s another means of employment created if they had no employers before. 50k is bigger the 30k minimum wage that almost resulted in a war

  13. That was a good move. The dockworkers would now have a sense of belonging. This would surely enhance their productivity.

  14. This us good for the worker and has well for the image of the country
    This are things we should talk about and focus more on, improvement in the country’s affairs and all

  15. Every profession is essential to make a country grow to its peak.. Let them feel wanted even if its increment of pay that’ll make that happen

  16. Atleast this is better than the employment the government promised and didn’t fulfil. They should just try to get more employers so that they rate of unemployment will reduce

  17. This is the type of development we want to hear now at least those workers can be assured of 50,000 a month which can help to reduce crime rate in the society

  18. Sometimes we have the job but the pay sucks and that is even if it’s payed on time. This are the kind of company we look forward to in Nigeria

  19. Thats nice of himm.atleast they can be able to touch pther peoples life’s..and he should work on employing more

  20. If our government too can follow such protocol about minimum wage, it would have been better because many people are dying because of hunger.

  21. That a good improvement ,and I believed this is just the beginning with this amount people will love to put more efforts to their job

  22. It is really a welcome development. This will help to improve their living standard. Also they will have something to lay hand on if there is any hazard in the office. Those retiring will be happy bc they will have what they will fall back to.

  23. This is amazing. The least paid workers earn #50,000, while in Nigeria the least workers earn #18,000 and even less in some states. May God save us in this country

  24. If what he said is true that is good den because dere is allot of peoples looking for job to do in this country, and it we be a nice one if u employed allot of them

  25. Try to employ more hands in order to help reduce unemployment in the country. The pay is good and i t will go a long way in helping

  26. I think that’s a good one but I think many people can still benefit as the high rate of unemployment is too much in Nigeria

  27. Good work and good Development, it will be good if they can still employed more people and this will reduce the rate of unemployment in this nation.

  28. Really nice development… 50k earning for every worker is super dope… Employment will also reduce unemployment in Nigeria and this is far better than Nigeria government who can be said to be promise and fail set of people

  29. This is a good development and now the workers can concentrate and do the needful rightfully and also try to employed more people in no time to enable them work effective.

  30. Comment*If every worker earn at least 50,000 thousand monthly then people can also feed their familys this is a good development

  31. Good development..
    Considering the sorry state of d country, this ll go a lng way in improving these people’s standards of living.

  32. That’s appealing an more encouraging to the dockworkers. At least that will boost their strength and create the sense that at the end of their job as retiree, there would to lie back on(pension).

  33. Progress, if more people will be engaged it will reduce unemployment. And corruption will reduce because idle mind is a devil’s workshop

  34. Nigerian economy is very poor while their is rapid increase in cost of product making i t hard for people to feed, now the workers can concentrate and do the needful rightfully .

  35. This is a good development.. let other sectors emulate such. This will go a long way to promote hard work and honesty while the dispatch their duties.

  36. This is good news,let Nigeria dockworker progress with the salary, but hungry is in this job,I hope they pay them more,this is good news

  37. That’s great work, the company need to pay there workers salaries to avoid worker’s resigning, moreso that would reduce the numbers or unemployment in our country

  38. This is a good development, I’m sure it will make the workers more effective on jobs..I wish they employ more workers to reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

  39. This is good development….they should pay same to civil servant….minimum salary instead of 18k..30k is too small compared to 50k to these maritime workers.

  40. Kudos to marin office for great work, it a good development for the workers, at least the will now concentrate on their job than before

  41. This is a great news and motivating factor they have given to the workers now. They now have job security to work now. This is more encouraging and is a lesson that employers must never shy away from accepting the responsibilities of the welfare of there employees. Kudos to CBA.

  42. That’s a good one oo
    At least the pay is OK
    Just pray they do as they have said..
    Cuz Nigerians can talk and not perform just like how government

  43. Thisxisxa good develpment. At least their standard of living is increased and rate of unemployment will be reduced

  44. This is another good plan to curb or reduce unemployment in the country,in doing that Atleast more peoples will be employed and they have something to live on.

  45. This is a good development, i wish this development could be apply to our civil servants and every sectors in Nigeria has the same entitlement.

  46. This is a step forward in reducing unemployment among youths and also encouraging hard work. I commend the government for this laudable action.

  47. That’s a good one
    The CBA has actually given these workers life and hope too
    And made their employers recognize and do what us needed

  48. This is quite cool……it’s a bigger percentage compared to the FG Proposed minimum wages …thumbs up to the managements

  49. This package is very attractive for the least pay Dockworkers to earn 50000 is quite interesting and encouraging. If the government can improve the civil servants package too and even implement what they crave for is would be a welcome development.

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