Leaked chat shows singer Queency Benna threatening man named Obi after she wasn’t paid the agreed amount following a tryst

Queency Benna’s claim that she was raped by a man named Alaska Obi appears to be a sex transaction gone wrong.

Last night, singer Queency Benna released a video, while threatening to go suicidal as she accused a doctor of raping her. Read Here

The singer also released some part of their chats to back up her claims and said she was waiting for a doctor’s report, while tagging the Nigerian police to intervene.

However, a full chat of the situation has resurfaced and it appears that they accused and the accuser agreed to meet up for sex but problem began when he paid her afterwards with fake transfer.

In the chat, she told the the “doctor that is inhuman enough to sleep with a woman in her own hotel room and left her stranded after an argument.”

However, she reached out to him to ask for her money but apparently the money was not sent to her. So she threatened to go on social media to call him out and she later carried out her threats.

See chat below.

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