Leaked audio tapes: Return to PDP, Atiku tells Amaechi

The presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has reacted to the leaked audio tapes of Rotimi Amaechi on the state of the nation, and he described the move as courageous.

Atiku, in a statement yesterday by his Special Assistant on Public Communication, Phrank Shaibu, urged Amaechi to resign his appointment and return to the PDP.

Leaked audio tapes Return to PDP, Atiku tells Amaechi lailasnews 2
Leaked audio tapes Return to PDP, Atiku tells Amaechi

Atiku decried what he called the shabby treatment of Amaechi for speaking truth to power in a leaked audio tape which led to his “being made a ceremonial Director General of the president’s re-election campaign organization.

“We dare say that the cold war between the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Mr. Rotimi Amaechi as well as the statements credited to the latter in a leaked tape which led to the appointment of Tinubu to take charge of the campaigns are at the least a national embarrassment to the nation. Amaechi must now resign and return home to the PDP where he belongs.””

In the audio clips allegedly made out of an informal interaction Amaechi had with journalists covering his ministry, the minister was quoted to have said:

“Apart from Abuja, check anywhere else that has infrastructure…Lagos is a glorified village…the only difference between Lagos and other cities is that fact that our business is in Lagos and when our people are doing business they can always have food. If not, what do you have in Lagos?… “

Atiku said the sentiments expressed by Amaechi in the leaked audios were in tandem with those of the PDP and the Nigerian public to the effect that Nigerians were hungry and need a to be rescued from “a clueless All Progressives Congress administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

‘‘I have said it several times that the APC and the government it controls at the centre are clueless, confused and totally incapable of piloting the affairs of this nation. Is there any better evidence of this cluelessness than what Nigerians are witnessing now?

‘‘It does not matter how much the President tries to engage in damage control over what has led him to make Rotimi Amaechi take the back seat even as the Director General of his re-election campaign or the evil silence by the President and the APC over Amaechi’s shocking comments that reflect the thinking in the highest echelon of the Buhari administration, that the president’s incompetence was behind the slow pace of progress the nation was making.”


  1. All just because of this forth election, that why your guys are trying to blackmail each other

  2. Enough is enough is it because of this forth coming election that’s why you people are just picking quarrel. Na wa ooo

  3. politics is indeed a game
    this forthcoming election is really going to be something else
    praying for Gods intervention

  4. Even the leaders of our country are giving them self’s issues on how to rule the country can’t they leave the sit for the youth and see what we are capable of

  5. So the essence of the leaked tape is to blackmail Amaechi to come back to PDP. Well I don’t think it will succeed one bit.

  6. Atiku should have make his intention know rather than releasing fake audio tapes up and down. Nigeria politics

  7. Nice talk atiku but we need not to force somebody to join the party he don’t want when God say you will be the president of nigeria nobody will ever stop that

  8. Nigeria politicians are wierd…
    Atiku should not force him to join PDP before it will be used against him later on

  9. Nigerian politics is full of drama. I wonder why Atiku Is putting himself into this talk. So, they just released the audio so that Buhari can reject Amaechi and he will return to PDP. Nigerian politics is very dirty and filled with accusations. Amaechi shouldn’t allow all these to distract him.

  10. Thank God APC members is now telling the truth
    Thank God the tape was leaked so everyone will understand what’s really going

  11. We just have some few weeks to election, let Ameachi think twice, if rejoining PDP will fulfill his political ambition, then let him adhere to Atiku suggestion.

  12. PDP people should let peace region in this country face your own party and stay out of other people work we all know what is right and what is wrong all this for February election

  13. Because of February election you people will go to any length to make other look like a complete fools PDP face your own problem

  14. That’s true talk APC are really clueless I agreed with you they don’t have the capacity to lead and they are confused sets of people.

  15. Nigerian politics is gradually shifting from democracy to autocracy. Where’s now the freedom of association that we proclaim in Nigeria!?


  17. Seriously, it’s not proper as Rotimi Amaechi take a back seat even as the Director General of Buhari re-election campaign. I think he should resign as Atiku had said.

  18. politics palaVA now. amechi too should listen to atiki and return to his former party now. why is he running from pdp party.

  19. These old men that supposed to sit back, relax and be eating the fruit of their labour in harmony are the picking fights every now and then.
    We need a leader that we can hold accountable in this country.

  20. If he was to be in presidency would he do better that’s the question he’s supposed to ask himself

  21. In all these, am not sure of hearing that Amaechi is complaining about his position on the campaign team. Media shà


  22. Why can’t they just own up and tell the truth instead of deceiving them self, we are waiting for him to return

  23. Wonderful
    Atiku & pdp game well played they just doing all this shit so amechi will join them

  24. This is so serious, really I don’t know what Tinubu and Amaechi tends to gain at the end of this war

  25. One man’s poison is another’s meat. What was Ameichi thinking that he will be king in APC… Atiku offer to him should be consider

  26. The most gullible people in our society. may God deliver us o. After devil please don’t fear woman, fear politicians

  27. Atiku you can not force Amechi to come and join PDP but whatever is happening to Amaechi now is what he deserve, you don’ point your finger at a good man and go free this is the begining of your crises

  28. This is political saga well I know they are trying to win him over because they know he his rugged

  29. Amaechi that’s the truth oo
    Just return to were you belong and that is PDP bcus PDP will be in power very soon

  30. Nemesis is catching up with them one after the other. More of this will be leaked before and after the election. Nigeria politics is a mess

  31. Ll this politicians are just a movie maker,,they like acting films n comedy,,,God punish all of unna

  32. We want a video not an audio, anyone could make an audio, pls stop this senseless blackmail, Atiku 2019 is my stand

  33. I don’t see reasons for Amaechi to return back to PDP, it won’t change anything. Both parties are filled with corrupt leaders.

  34. All these are political propergander, too know who will be on the winning side, today Tinubu, tomorrow Amaechi, very soon another story will come out. My ears are open

  35. He chose to go his own way… And he will surely reap the outcome. Nigerian politics is nothing but nonsense

  36. This people should just stop these nonsense. I just pray February 16 should just come so that we know if it’s APC or PDP we are to celebrate with

  37. There is no need for blackmailing him it’s a choice if he wants to join PDP or APC

  38. Atiku really have problem oo upon all this u area doing buhari is still the winner of 2019 election we shall all see

  39. “APC and the government it controls at the centre are clueless, confused and totally incapable of piloting the affairs of this nation”. Atiku, you are right sir.

  40. All these brouhaha are due to the coming election. why keeping the audio clips up till now if not for selfish interest. if it’s for the interest of the country why not before now.

  41. Preparations for the forthcoming election keeps heating up, BUHARI has no alternative.

  42. Well the choice is in Amaechi hand, if he feels he need to go back to PDP.. It’s OK.. If Atiku is not planning on using him

  43. I wish Amaechi all the best, we have our mouth to run any how. Atiku if you like carry him and if you dont like let him be, he is not affecting us.

  44. I disagree with atiku on Amaechi returning to PDP. If he could say this in his current party, he would do worse again. He’s a snake and should be treated as such

  45. So Mr Alike is saying all Mr Ameachi said is truth to power which means it’s true about all he said and no lies

  46. All these politicians are political prostitute, they will be going from one Party to the other…. Just because of the election coming, he has started saying all sort of rubbish

  47. Well I love Atiku speech, cause this APC party seems to be fighting both them selves and PDP. Politicians, such a funny set of beings.

  48. Its obvious that amachi might want a better government, but he had to run to apc to save himself. Atiku on the other hand is bringing himself low,doing that audio leak should be above him and his crew.

  49. Who dey settle down they leak this audio tape nah the new brand o .Everthing still point too PDP

  50. Election is at the corner, if all the politician likes they should be fight themselves ,is only one person that will still be in that position.

  51. Why on earth should amaechi return to PDP. Does that mean that PDP/Atiku will accept a well known corrupt politician back to PDP because he has issues with TINUBU. We are ruled by a bunch of clowns

  52. Atiku is looking for people on his side…. and amaechi should decide where he want to be… PDP or APC

  53. I know everything is about the forthcoming election and after the election they will resume as paddies

  54. You see, this man is very stupid so the reasons behind their leaking of one audio tape or the other is because they want Amaechi back in PDP. You are all a sorry case.

  55. All these are political strategies, the PDP are just trying to defame the ruling party to gain superiority, we Nigerian citizens are now wiser except few who are still wondering in the wilderness. We shall cast our votes for the best candidate who will take Nigeria to the promised land come next general elections, so you politicians can continue playing your dirty games while we decides.

  56. I laugh in swahili, so pdp will accept him back after all the betrayal. Have given up on Nigeria politics and politicians. They are all the same.

  57. Good name they say is better than riches…
    Amaechi if I where you I will do every thing to save my name

  58. Both parties are same cause they have no guild when one member is not happy with the other he just move to the other

  59. Whether u return or not…u already said the country is hopeless so no one want a hopeless leader

  60. All these issues that you guys are putting yourself through because of the forthcoming election.It is well with you

  61. I see no reason why he should return to the PDP that means going back to his vomit. We need fresh blood and not recycling.

  62. The way Nigerian politicians see politics is just different from what politics is. How can people move from one party to another and back to where they left from and the masses accepts and votes them into office again? That is why we are not moving forward, they are so self centered that they are only concerned in what favours or benefits them. I don’t know why Atiku will want him back to his party. That shows you how they run the country like their personal business. We are in trouble.

  63. In politics people makes there personal choice, I he should left alone to decide. Making such statements does not mean he What to leave APC as party maybe he wants some changes in future dealings.

  64. Politicians are now comedians… haba…who will lead who ..thus one defect today that one defect tommorow

  65. But who is better than who we are not judging from quality speach anymore what we need is reflection of words that will change Nigeria

  66. All of you are one. Stop deciving innocent Nigerians. Let him go back Na and continue from were he stopped

  67. The truth will always be bitter. If Amaechi is no longer relevant in APC, then, he should have a rethink.

  68. He is encourage to come back to PDP and he is seen loyal servant now. If he bring up PDP fault too next time, no one should call him a traitor.

  69. If amechi should join pdp he will still make the same statement, my own advice is that he should resign and go sit in his house.

  70. Of cos you’ll everyone will keep finding faults in his opponent.. After election we’ll know who laughs last.

  71. That is politics for you, all wat does politician know is there self and family, dey dont care for the people’s that put them to that post again

  72. So now you are begging Amaechi to return to PDP. Let him be, it’s not like you need him to succeed in your party.

  73. I think returning to pdp or staying at apc should be all about choices. Rotimi Amaechi has his own right to pick the party he would like to be . Atiku can decide for him

  74. They should not allow someone like amechi in that party again… If the do. They are reducing there chance

  75. This guys have started again. They only understand themselves and the masses are the one’s killing ourselves over them.

  76. Amaechi alone is the king of drama, why call him back to PDP. The fact that he revels lots about APC doesn’t mean he wants to come back

  77. We are used to this. It only happens during election. Amechi should return to PDP if that is his home

  78. If he like to remain in apc good for him if he doesn’t still good for him for All we ask for is a peace Nigeria and a peaceful election.

  79. Plz all we need is a good leader not all this blablabla going on… Pdp and apc are still the same party… Biko.. Let us have sense.

  80. Election election election, this is the time we here so many things that are going wrong and when one is in power no one will remember all those wrong things to put them right.

  81. Oga Atiku, sll these talks is just to run down your opponent and the ruling party. There is nothing you will say that will make me vote for you. All this talk is political propaganda.

  82. I don’t know why I have this feeling that this election will be a messy one. The way politicians are trying to outwit and ruin other politicians and their parties are frightening. May God help us in this Nigeria that we are in

  83. I don’t know why I have this feeling that this election will be a messy one. The way politicians are trying to outwit and ruin other politicians and their parties are frightening. May God help us in this Nigeria that we are in.

  84. All we are praying for is for God to give us good leaders see the way they are blackmailing each other I wish there is a way to drive away all these oldies and let the youth be given a chance to rule Nigeria

  85. Amaechi…
    Its time to come back home where you belong
    Come back to PDP……

    But the coward would not be able to….
    .he will be so disgraced

  86. This is just to spoil the president and his cabinet members. Election is fast approaching and Atiku is looking for supporters, and he can’t get supporters with this cheap talk.

  87. Its not too late to retrace his step

    Its time to come back home where you belong
    Come back to PDP……

    But the coward would not be able to….
    .he will be so disgraced

  88. No matter what the politicians are saying, We shall cast our votes for the best candidate who will take Nigeria to the promised land come next general elections 2019.

  89. Truth has been told and whether Amaechi is removed as the director of buhari’s campaign, it changes nothing.

  90. politices is a dirty business … we all know PDP are using every way to beat APC THIS IS REALLY ridiculous

  91. It is now clear to us the reason why your party man Omokri released this fake audio, you want Amaechi to resign and join you, even if he heeds to your advice and join you, this will not in anyway affect the reelection of PMB

  92. If that is the truth, what is he still doing in APC, all these politicians cannot be trusted.

  93. Politician and their problems of tarnishing each others name and tenure abeg we have heard you

  94. One after the other they’ll be exposing theirselves. Anaechi is no more the campaign chairman of PMB it has been given to Tinubu

  95. The political world in Nigeria is filled with comedy especially when elections are close, there will surely be alot of cross carpeting. February is near sha

  96. All of them are the same but I pity those people that will carry this election on there head but at the end of the day they will come out with nothing and so many will loose there life’s. So be wise and think twice before you do any thing

  97. All this politician will not kill us but be wise in what ever thing you do to avoid life lose or regretting it all

  98. To be truthful the president is slow and I thought ameachi is one of the best things in APC so unfortunately he talks like this

  99. Is this how atiku intends ruling this country with all lies and deceit n blackmail? It’s clear those audio tapes are his hand work. What abpity

  100. Nigerian politics are full of confused politicians. They don’t know their left from their right.

  101. This pranks you people are playing should stop o . nigerians are watching your every moves because we are already used to it

  102. Atiku his been matured here
    I don’t even know why amaechi will be saying such a thing on tape
    Abeg he should resign and go back and join PDP

  103. Nigeria politicians are so spoilted,dat don’t value the poor masess, what s d need listening to them

  104. Is it for him to return to where he belongs before it is too late for him, because by the time APC pounce on him he will smell his yansh..

  105. All these argument abut who is capable and who is not is just because of this forth coming election please God protect your children so that all this politicians drama of releasing fake videos,audio tapes and fake news will stop so we can see the capabilities of the elected once in this 2019.

  106. Is it a must for our leaders to insult each other whereas this is not what we need in this country. Let move this nation forward

  107. All these are political propproperganderrgander, too know who will be on the winning side, today Tinubu, tomorrow Amaechi, very soon another story will come out. My ears are open to the story all around.

  108. APC is on its way to destruction, I don’t support Amaechi coming back to PDP, he should stick to APC

  109. This is politics, everyone are fighting for his or her own party. I can see that even people working with buhari knows is not really capable enough to rule this nation. I will love it if ameachi could go back to pdp, apc na doom.

  110. He should return to the clueless PDP that placed us in this mess
    You try
    Well done Sir.
    The reason we are here is PDP
    And we owe APC a one time belief of doubt which I. Believe buhari will be military again this second term to take down all those that has brought us down and revive this country

  111. Nigerians are still amateur when it comes to political correctness but Amechi should not he force to Join PDP. Let him do that at his own free will…..

  112. Lol politics is a dirty game, the more u higher the level the greater the risk…. This coming election is going to be something else ooo.. I pray 4 Jehovah’s direction

  113. Our politicians will not kill us with the way they are complicating issues,I always pray for peaceful election..

  114. Why is he complicating issues? Why did he even talk to a journalist at this time, he should just admit where he is PDP or APC and stop complicating issues.

  115. We have weird politicians in this country oo. Just because of this forth coming election all these have started happening

  116. Politics is not a children game..
    If you no reach you no reach.. Lord save us in this coming election..

  117. This terrible
    They should put stop to all this trash
    They should plan how Nigeria will move forward

  118. What difference does it make. Anyways win election first and see the plenty people that will come to PDP.

  119. Politicians and politics here and there, how many days to election now. may God help all of You.

  120. All this are results of their secret speech. Now they are looking for ways to cover up. So funny

  121. All our politicians are all same you guys think you people are deceiving us, we just watching you guys like a movie

  122. Politicians on ground
    And all this thing is being expose because of the fouth coming election
    Hhmmmm God will help us

  123. If amechi leaves Apc. The govt of APC will use EFCC to fraustrate his life. All this politicans knows what they are doing.

  124. So if amaechi decides to return to PDP he will be accepted? We all know that Apc isn’t able to take the nation where we want it to be,PDP too can’t do that if they continue going back and front,we need young and vibrant youth in PDP if PDP really wants to achieve their aim not people like amaechi and co

  125. Go back to PDP…hahahahaahahah…Nigeria politics…they behav like football clubs according to one comedian like that…it is well with Nigeria..

  126. Alike have decided to make good use of the opportunity and make amaechi return to PDP.. It is left for him to choose wisely

  127. Ameachi is a product of the PDP
    So as he changed his mind against his own brother (jonathan),
    Then who stands on d way
    PDP all d way

  128. Nigerian politicians, enemies today and friends tomorrow, i pity the poor people that are killing themselves on top of political issues in Nigeria.

  129. This are all political propaganda..God you know the right and good person that will impact the nation positively.. Bring such a person oh God into presidency 2019.

  130. I can’t wait for this election to come and go. strange things are happening everyday. Politicians are blackmailing each other Every Day all in the name of politics

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